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Things we WILL miss from the topic - China edition

12 April 2017 - 07:34 PM

tsk tsk, so much negativity here on Cross-X. What'll you guys miss?


*The Hauntology affs


*The really good heg/primacy debates


*The Taiwan aff (hear me out I thought it was a well done case)


*The Cyber aff


*The politics debates


*Liberalism Ks


*Ezra and Mason from LASA (love those guys, they taught me a ton and I'mma miss them. Here's hoping they win Kentucky!)

China - AQuackDebater (A) vs. CynicClinic (N)

07 April 2017 - 07:30 AM

Yee starting new rounds when you haven't even finished old ones ha. This time I have a plan text. Limit is 1600/1000. Word count for the 1AC is like 1530 or something. I apologize for the semi-messy cut of the cards. Highlighted is what's read.

China - AQuackDebater (A) vs. Nonegfiat (N)

11 March 2017 - 01:48 PM

2500/1600. 1AC is 2301

CX is a go.

Good luck, may the best debater win!

Bauddy on Trump

11 March 2017 - 12:40 PM

A question I've been mulling over, maybe Kyler or someone could help me - what would Jean Baudrillard say about a ) the election of Donald Trump, and b ) the role that media oversaturation has played in it? Just curious. 

Best of Texas

13 February 2017 - 06:25 PM

Saw this in Kansas, figured why not.



Best team: LASA MS
Squad: LASA or SMarks
Coach: John Mast. Every year John Mast.
Neg: Greenhill KS
Prettiest speaker: Dude I dunno
Fastest: Mason Marriot-Voss/Ritik Goyal
Most annoying: Probably me
Best 1A: Alex Sodders
Best 2A: Dash Puentes
Best 1N: Haaris (sp?) Saddiqi
Best 2N: Ezra Serrins
Most likely to do well next year: LASA MV
Judge: Philip DiPiazza
Underrated team: Reagan SS/Highland Park CM
Best K debater: Elan Wilson or Alex Sodders
PTX debater: Ezra Serrins
T debater: I dunno
Most likely NDT champ: LASA MS
Nicest debater: Benny Cupo
Best Evidence: LASA
Best argument: Heg Good/Chinese Politics 
Worst argument: Japan DA/Consult CounterJaPlan

Best K: Anti-Blackness/SettCol
Best Policy Aff: LASA MV's Taiwan Grand Bargain aff

Best K Aff: Westwood's Daiyou Islands/Hendrickson PW's Afro-Orientalism. Honorable mention is Benny Cupo's eugenics aff. 
Best excuse for losing: "Judge work on the flow"
Best tournament for hanging out: UT or Churchill
Best human being (debater): Benny Cupo

Best human being (coach): John Mast/Noah Recker
ANd to any of my fellow LDers
Best LDer: Richard Cook
Fastest LDer: I mean possibly me or Savaan Nanavati
Best case: Nuclear Colonialism for OctNov
Worst case: Salmon for OctNov
Most annoying: Lol me again
Most underrated: Neslon Okunlola or Brennan Young
Best next year: Will Coltzer