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Red Pedagogy AC - Roast Me

28 December 2016 - 02:15 PM

Any criticisms/advice would be really appreciated, not a huge SettCol debater, and when I do run it I just use anarcha-indigenism. Thanks a ton in advance!


Note: This is a really rough draft, some of the cards will be slightly cut down, namely the bataille evidence.

Hegemonic Knowledge Production RotB

27 December 2016 - 10:08 PM

So on the LD free speech on college campus topic, I'm looking to write a red pedagogy aff. I have all the link evidence, impacts, etc., but I can't really seem to find any good evidence for hegemonic knowledge production. Does anyone have any evidence I could use for something like "RotB is to deconstruct hegemonic knowledge production?" I can trade for it. All the stuff I've found so far is Fem-K specific, doesn't really work for SettCol. It'd also be great if I could get some evidence on how adressing modes of knowledge prod. precedes policy. Thanks a ton in advance!

How was your holiday? Reply here

26 December 2016 - 10:11 PM

I really liked the idea of having something like this every weekend, so let continue it. How was y'all's holiday weekend? Christmas, Hannukah, whatever you celebrate, how was it?

My Christmas was good. Got drivers ed, and all the debate related stuff I wanted, namely a new podium, good wireless mouse, and a backpack that actually fit my laptop. Saw my extended family, which was nice too. How about you guys?

Edit: Jesus, sorry for the triple post. I've designated this one as the one to reply to until I figure out how to delet the other two. Terribly sorry.

Nietzsche Aff for new LD topic (Free speech on college campuses)

26 December 2016 - 12:36 PM

So I'm writing a Nietzsche aff for the new LD topic, it's "Resolved: In the US, public colleges and universities ought not restrict any constitutionally protected free speech." I've got most of the shell done, but as I was reading through it earlier I realized my link debate was total trash. I'm looking for at least one of the following (both would be preferable):
- Attempts to restrict free speech are just an extension of the will to truth and only ever breed ressentiment through the aversion to suffering caused by certain forms of language etc.

- The modern university/academy is predicated upon promoting post-socratic pedagogies/mentalities of the dionysian and appollonian worlds blah blah then I can read Saurette 96


I'm willing to trade for it, I have a ton of backfiles on most things, But I'd really appreciate it if someone could either hit me up with some good evidence or point me to some articles or books to help me out, I can't recall any places where Nietzsche or Der Derian wrote much about free speech/language. Thanks a ton!


Note: I guess I have to change my signature now... 

What is "speaking evil" in the context of Baudrillard?

23 December 2016 - 09:38 AM

So earlier in the year a friend of mine ran Baudrillard on me with the Speak Evil alt.
I didn't know what the alt was.
He didn't know what the alt was.
Our judge didn't know what the alt was.
Does anyone know what this alt is?