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#934654 Thoughts on a forum revamp

Posted by AQuackDebater on Yesterday, 03:32 PM

Once a beta has been released, I will consider this further.


As for other concerns, such as trolls (as exhibited so kindly above) - XenForo has some fantastic anti-troll features that allow discouragement (trolling the troll, so to speak), thread ban, catagorical bans, and shadowbanning, as well as forum-wide bans, in addition to spam sensors that will help alleviate the trolling issues. 



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#934592 Thoughts on a forum revamp

Posted by AQuackDebater on 15 January 2017 - 08:27 PM

I will definitely keep that in mind! I will first extend a conversation to Nick, and then I'll begin to tap other community members such as yourself. 

Sounds good, looking forward to it. And I'd like to take a moment to thank you, as well as Nick and everyone else who's looking to the future. It's really great to see this community changing and evolving, at the risk of sounding cliche. While cross-x was great, it's best days are behind it, and I'm glad we as a community can move on and function. I look forward to seeing how this new debate forum fares! 

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#934590 Thoughts on a forum revamp

Posted by AQuackDebater on 15 January 2017 - 08:13 PM

I'm totally down to help out with this in any way I can, as a pretty competitive LDer I may be of use in that section of the site, or just spreading the word. Feel free to hit me up. But yeah honestly this forum is dying, and like a phoenix it deserves to be reborn

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#934588 Thoughts on a forum revamp

Posted by AQuackDebater on 15 January 2017 - 08:05 PM

Honestly looking at the exodusfiles site, and having recently dealt with Nick, I ca say that he's pretty killer at running things and setting them up, and I'd love to see a collab between you two

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#934569 China vDebate: khoadp (a) vs vmanAA738 (n)

Posted by AQuackDebater on 15 January 2017 - 03:34 PM

Aight so here's how it goes, since my understanding is that Vman is your coach, Khoa, I'm probably going to aim most of my critiques at you. Sorry if I get a bit scathing here or there, I just try to be honest.


Starting off on the aff, I'm fairly certain for the grid scenario the two impact cards you read, cyberterror -> nuclear response and cyberterror -> nuclear meltdown, were from the Zero Days aff from last year, I may be wrong but I think I remember those two. The problem was that that aff was complete trash. Get better evidence. Other than that, the 1AC structure was really good,just overall I think the evidence quality could be upped a bit, especially in the impact section.


I like the aff case. A lot actually. But I personally feel that even if this aff isn't straight up untopical, it's borderline at best. Khoa,  I think that you definitely need to spend more time on the T debate, both out of round blocking it out, and in round, as basically T could've been a voter for me. Also, just as a general rule don't go really hard the reasonable topicality debate, this is something I feel like the neg could've easily beaten you on. A 15 second analytic about how a) reasonibility creates infinite regression and a race to the bottom for exploiting sketchiness tolerance from the judge, and b ) the whole point of t is to establish the brightline so reasonability is completely contrary to the whole point of the T debate would have screwed you over. Go all in on the counter interp or we meet debate. With that being said I feel like considering how the T debate went Vinay was right to kick out of it.


I'm gonna be honest, I thought the CP wasn't all that great. I'm not a big fan of multi-plank CPs, as far as they go this one was okay. Work on it.


And now onto the condo debate. Khoa, you gotta make condo a more fleshed out arg in the 2ac. Don't just give me like three sentences I want really in depth standards I want an impact to it. If you plan to go hardcore for condo that's fine but right from the start you have to make me care. I'm one of the few debaters/judges I've ever met who actually enjoys really in-depth theory debates, but I think this one was just really messy. And for the love of god don't just go for condo in the 2ar it is not a winning strat. Extend your case talk about the (kind of trashy) oil da do something for christs sake, Vinay spent half as much time on the condo flow as you did if that and he said twice as much. Your LBL was pretty non-responsive. It never really went past "they-said-we-said" debate which doesn't tell me why what you said was right. I think Vinay definitely made some mistakes on the condo flow as well but ultimately I buy what he says simply because he told me why I buy it.


Fear of Death K, eh. Got kicked out of by the neg. But on the aff, I think you kind of misconstrued it. You don't really get to weigh your impacts against the K in this case, because the K is an indict of those same impacts. I would have gone for the perf con arg, talk about how his DA's link into the K as well. If he tries tosay mutually exclusive worlds theory is good, just talk about how a) that creates infinite double binds on the aff, super abusive, and b ) it's just a really stupid thing of him to say with K debates because he claims to be critiquing death impacts but then reads a metric fuck ton of death impacts which basically means he has to at the very least concede one of them as illegitimate.



Ultimately, I voted neg on the Oil DA and the lack of good impact analysis on the aff. Not much to say there, I think the 2NR basically gave my RFDs for that.

Any specific questions, feel free to ask.

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#934419 Author suggestions for k affs on next years topic?

Posted by AQuackDebater on 12 January 2017 - 08:33 AM

I like Giroux and Friere a lot. I also think that if you wanted to go in that direction, Tuck and Yang have some really good stuff on the relationship between colonialism and the academy, PM me if you want some, I'm running a Red Pedagogy aff on the LD topic. 

+1 for the Cap args, I think there's some really good links (because cap totally doesn't link to everything right). There's a bunch of stuff out there from giroux and herod about how cap has seeped into education and corrupted our epistemologies, and I hit this really good cap K at churchill about how the academy has become the new cornerstone of production. 

I also think there's some really good ground for ableism on this topic, although I don't pretend to be super well versed in the literature for that K. However, as someone who's been in and out of special needs education most of my life, and being the son of a former special needs educator, I don't think it would be very hard to prove that US special needs programs are really , really shit. I'm definitely gonna be trying that out, as I recently discovered identity politics and I wanna try my hand at it in CX next year.

Other than that, I'm planning on reading back up on foucault and agamben, because b i o p o l i t i c a l  p e d a g o g i e s  h a v e  c o r r u p t e d  t h e  a c a d e m y

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#934177 LIVE webcam debate set for Wed 7pm PST

Posted by AQuackDebater on 04 January 2017 - 10:25 AM

so now you're running like a scared little bitch AGAIN???????












Forgive me if I find your memes a bit stale, my grandmother's in the hospital at the moment and so I really couldn't care less about you stupid debate at this time. Not all of us are huge disappointments to our family like yourself, some of us have obligations.


And I'm not backing out dumbass I'm rescheduling like I said give me the time and the place and we'll go.

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#934092 LIVE webcam debate set for Wed 7pm PST

Posted by AQuackDebater on 02 January 2017 - 01:31 PM

I'll be one of the three people i ya'll want. That makes 2 I believe. PM me the details whenever.

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#934029 happy new year everyone

Posted by AQuackDebater on 01 January 2017 - 01:10 AM

For my new years resolution, I seek to affirm a hauntological deconstruction of my fears and take on the modality of the electron, always already-entangled, of multiple times and places at once, sitting in the perfect darkness and letting myself be haunted by my spectres, coexisting with them and affirming the ambiguity and anxiety of our existence.


How about you guys?

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#934027 happy new year everyone

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 10:38 PM

Happy new years Cross X!

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#934025 What Improvements Could Be Made to Cross-x.com?

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 07:20 PM

I don't check cross-x that often - although, in the past week, i've had to deal with reports and delete posts quite a bit for obvious reasons. I second everything The X Factor said on this note - the mods are in a bit of a bind here. 


The forums used to be browsed by a lot of people. Many of the purposes cross-x used to have - tournament invites, getting cites, talking smack privately, coaching position advertising, etc - have been supplanted by facebook, tabroom, and the wikis. Since these things made up much of the reason for the high traffic on cross-x in the early and mid 2ks, there are far fewer people on cross-x. This, consequently, means that there is less ad revenue, it's no longer all that profitable, and so there is less incentive for the owners to care - esp given that the supermod is unpaid and has no incentive to check cross-x. Plus, the rise in trolling gives cross-x a pretty bad name - it kind of becomes a joke at debate camps, and much of the college debate community still jokes about the forum. These things, of course, end up feeding back upon one another: more trolling means less people come to cross-x and that it gets a bad name in the community, which, consequently, means that there are fewer active leaders on cross-x, and so the trolling gets checked on less (and, hence, it becomes pretty easy for a troll's stale misogynistic memes to become the most recent post on the majority of forums). I know of many high school coaches that explicitly ban their students from posting on this board - it's time to make cross-x a more credible place for people to talk about debate. 


The board needs to be revamped to reflect that many of the regional forums are no longer necessary. Debate help should be expanded, boards to talk about recorded debates need to be expanded (we should have threads that do indebth studies on single debates - imho one of the most useful things one can do to improve on debate is to discuss "what if" questions while watching other debates), and there should be more active forums for specific arguments on each topic. I got a lot out of this forum during my first two or three years of debating - getting posters to give me indebth answers to my questions about debate gave me the stimulation that I needed to become more successful at debate, as someone without a coach my first year of debate. I know a lot of debaters who have had similar experiences with cross-x - some who have gone on to be TOC champions, even - but it doesn't seem like cross-x is getting that level of traffic anymore, due to trolls and an overall decline in the quality of commentary (which, again, feedback on one another). 


Cross-x should become more of an open-source, communal, online workshop - although, there should be unfixed definitions of teacher/student (I personally made a lot of gains as a debater by helping others, and I think that the older varsity debaters judging VDebates and responding to novice Q threads are probably learning a lot themselves). The "Red Pedagogy AC" thread that's going on right now is an example of what I'd like to see more of - people helping each other make their arguments the best they can be. It's a good thing for people to be exposed to different ideas - this is the case in talking about debate arguments, in analysing debates, or just even in asking simple questions about debate - which is why having more people on the board to talk about this stuff would be productive for both those asking questions and those responding to them. There aren't many "right answers" in debate, and having a board that catalogues how different people think about the same issue should be really helpful for someone in both shaping their own viewpoints, learning how to effectively adapt to judges, and getting into the mindset of thinking through how an argument will be played out when prepping it. This is why I think that cross-x is a great way to expose yourself to viewpoints other than your team's, your region's, or your coach's - and why coaches shouldn't tell their debaters to come on here. 

hey thats me

If I owned cross-x, I would attempt to reach out to qualified community members and pay them to do AMA-style question answering. This might cost some money, but it would easily be paid for by the ad revenue that camps pay, which would probably increase if we got more traffic. I think that this would be a good way to attempt to bring in more of the community and create a different name for cross-x, which, in turn, would bring in more people to talk about arguments, files, help, etc. 


Evazon also needs a revamping. Authors need to be paid, but that's the bare minimum revamp that needs to happen. It's time to forego Phil Kerpin's free marketeering idea to force the authors to sell as independent contractors. Evazon should operate like a journal of files - an editorial board should be paid to evaluate whether a file is of a sufficient quality to be sold, and a price should be set by someone other than the author (and then the author can choose to accept or reject the price, still getting 60% of the files bought). That way, we can do away with the sheer number of files that are functionally copy-paste jobs done by 17 year olds. Let's put quality above everything else so that Evazon can get some credibility - I think it'd get more users if that were to happen. 


FWIW, I don't wish to bemoan the olden days of cross-x (to be clear, I started here around the tail end of the peak of cross-x). There were still trolls, and there was a lot more smack talking and people mocking eachother. I think there are actually more threads where people are being helpful towards novices and people who need help than there were in the past - but a lot fewer people around to provide that commentary. 

All joking aside, I completely agree with Liam about all of this. Cross X definitely needs a revamp, or if not, then a replacement. I haven't been on these forums for long but I've already seen a lot of community here, old debaters and new, and I've learned a lot just from my few posts here, I can't imagine what this site was like in it's prime. I feel like we could learn a lot, incidentally, from the debate subs on reddit, in that on there I see a lot of the same great things I see on cross x, but with the added benefit of function.

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#934011 happy new year everyone

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 04:50 PM

I couldn't agree with Nonegfiat more, this community really is a great place for debaters to learn and grow, and I wish you all a happy new year. May your ToC bids come easy and may none of your judges be lay. Cheers everyone!

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#934000 What Improvements Could Be Made to Cross-x.com?

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 04:40 PM

Honestly, I haven't seen him around since a few days ago. Don't wanna speak too soon, though.

You had to fucking say it Nick...

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#933974 What Improvements Could Be Made to Cross-x.com?

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 01:50 PM

Give us a new supermod for dealing with trolls.

Chaos for SuperMod 2K17


Honestly a working version of Evazon would be great, especially considering that without it buying files is a mess 

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#933973 How's your weekend been? 12/30-1/1 (SPECIAL NEW YEAR'S EDITION)

Posted by AQuackDebater on 31 December 2016 - 01:46 PM

my district meet is january 24. I have an easy district and I consider myself to be a fairly decent debater as well. I made it last year, and I'm definitely better than then. Still plenty of room for improvement though. My goal is to break at TFA and UIL. My strategies are pretty generic all around for UIL and on the neg for TFA, but I think they'll still win rounds. We will see. 

good luck dude. if I know anyone who deserves it its you. 

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