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#943764 ODT Postings: Round 1

Posted by AQuackDebater on 19 April 2018 - 12:09 PM

Then where is our small school starter pack?

High key I'm gonna redo that over the summer - I have some ideas for a comprehensive project.

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#943760 ODT Postings: Round 1

Posted by AQuackDebater on 19 April 2018 - 10:46 AM

Guys I'd just ignore this dude, like you're all very clearly talented debaters that come from a lot of different backgrounds, Snowball is from a small school that's on the NSDA circuit, and then there are a lot of people here who are very clearly TOC Debaters from large programs. You're all also good at what you do. This dude just wants to get a rise out of you let him leave. 

While I agree in principle, I also think if homie wants to go around pining for an ass whipping, he can have it. Also I am def small school deb8r lul.

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#943758 Daily Card

Posted by AQuackDebater on 19 April 2018 - 10:43 AM

I'm going to bring this project to an end. It's been a lot of fun and I hope it's been useful, but it's also hard to maintain and I think a lot of people are finished with their seasons.

RIP Daily Card. <3 u ryan




RIP to the GOAT


End of a legend


We hardly knew ye

Ehhhh possibly. I certainly have a lot of free time these days...

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#943687 ODT R1: Jw4167 v AQuackDebater

Posted by AQuackDebater on 18 April 2018 - 07:00 AM

Ok i debate in a small circuit where judges wont even listen to cap ks so these are going to be very basic questions

Sure! No worries, happy to help this be a learning experience. :) 


Floating PIK?



Explain the thesis of the K?

We say you contribute to the logic of whiteness and civil society, which is violent and imposes gratuitous violence onto Blackness.



so like can you explain the links?

I mean we have quite a few but in essence we say that the 1AC is predicated on a logic of assimilating blackness into civil society. Your idea of "helping" Black bodies is just helping them play the white game, so to speak. Couple different warrants for this.


can society get better?

What does "better" mean? What is "society?" Will civil society in its current form ever get better for Blackness? Probably not. Civil society is built on the exclusion and subjugation of Blackness.


explain Zirkel and Johnson 16’

Blackness is viewed as an incurable aberration in schooling. Violence stems from paranoia – insecurity is bred into students and administrators, born of the fear of a strong black identity – they’re too loud, can’t be educated. 



what is the alt and is it based of the performance of the 1ac?

our alt is to engage in wake work - focusing on an analysis of Blackness in the wake of the slave ship and allowing for Black self-care and hope. We act from the position of the hold, focusing on places of fugitivity and subterfuge dunno what you mean by "based on the performance of the 1AC" - elaborate? 


How does the world change in the world of the alt?

We are allowing for the deconstruction of Black positionality and white civil society. it's not so much about "change" in the traditional sense as much as "remake" the world.

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#943682 ODT Postings: Round 1

Posted by AQuackDebater on 18 April 2018 - 06:25 AM

Yoooo if that’s the case can I cop a debate after Patrick? :P


You assume there will be anything left when I'm done.
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#943659 ODT Postings: Round 1

Posted by AQuackDebater on 17 April 2018 - 08:12 PM

I would own you in a round.

Aight after I thrash some kids in the ODT lets go. You and me. We can probably find a judge we agree on.

Ur really gonna go there? Have you seen the stuff people in this pool have done in vdebates?

I was probably browsing this site before your debate career began dude.

you have no neg fiat who doesnt know how to extend theory

Literally an ADA champion

you have the sfr peter who in my opinion is not qualified to judge a round, and like a bunch of other people.

Peter is probably one of the more qualified people on this site.

There's also you who probably isnt even that good.

High key I was in 2 bid rounds as a sophomore and I got 5th speaker and cleared at my state tournament as a junior. I don't like saying this much but I'm pretty good.
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#943637 ODT Postings: Round 1

Posted by AQuackDebater on 17 April 2018 - 07:27 PM

This is such bullshit. I said I wanted to judge so why would you assign multiple judge who’s also competing (THIS ROUND) without even assigning me?

Obviously this is just cross x people trying to make it so their friends win.

1 - Who is this mythical "cross x people" you speak of that's literally everyone in this pool

2 - Nick probably is trying to keep judges free until later rounds

3 - Most of the judges who are assigned this round (if not all) are more qualified and more active on the site than you.

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#943593 lfpnub v Arrow1124 / GracchusBabeuf

Posted by AQuackDebater on 17 April 2018 - 09:36 AM

I'll judge. I'm on the judge list anyways. Good to see you here Lucas my man

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#943281 Healthcare- Nonegfiat (aff) vs TheSnowball

Posted by AQuackDebater on 05 April 2018 - 03:42 PM

So I sit for Ben, which i did not think I was gonna do my first time reading through these docs by any means but after looking at my flows for like 2 days religiously I kinda have to do.


General comments - 


1 - Race to the bottom. Both of you tried super hard to outmaneuver each other which makes this really annoying to judge - just debate the fucking debate because I promise you you will get crushed on a 5-0 I'll put $100 flat right now pay pal venmo pick one lol


2 - Not gonna talk about general strat much aside from that this block goes for way too much and the 2AC needs more lbl instead of this cloud clash shit.


I think this round had a lot of technical issues on the theory debate which made it a pain in the ass to evaluate but I'm gonna have to do it somehow. I think that the only reason Ben really gets my ballot is because I have to give it to him, because Ryan concedes a lot of reasons why I should be erring aff on these procedural questions. Ryan I'm sorry but you cannot concede consistently that you are engaging in some procedural level of abuse and then be surprised when I buy the err aff args, which I definitely do. the 2AR literally says the 1NC strat was hella unfair which realistically while I think big 1NC's arent abusive, is definitely conceded and forces me to give the aff the leeway they ask for. I think a lot of this 2AR is newin terms of responses but I think as far as Ben's framing of his offense its mostly just weighing and impacting out the 1NC shell. I think Ryan, you come out most behind on this part of the flow, starting on the T debate then moving to the PICs shell. I think that both of you really need to work hard as hell on these top level framing questions on the theory debate - competing interps or reasonability (this would have substantially changed how i voted had either of you done work here, I kinda default to reasonability based on this 1AR T overview plus the 2AR analysis which I think is somewhat new but tangentially related to the 1AR enough that I'll allow it based on this conceded "aff wiggle room" argument), fairness or education first? I end up connecting a lot of dots that you both kind of hint at me connecting but never actually work on.


So, the PICs shell breaks down for me like this


Aff - PICs bad - 


1 - DA Balooning


2 - Steals offense


3 - Stasis point (what you call strat skew)


Neg - PICs good


1 - innovation


2 - test the aff


there's a bunch of other shit but I think its all extrapolated and impacting out to these 2 args.


SO you both agree engagement is good, but for different reasons


Aff says that equitable engagement is key to fairness


Neg says substantive engagement key to education.


So I really hate that neither of you two did any top level weighing on fairness vs education as cheesy as that sounds, because it would have been super easy for me to vote on these questions if they'd been resolved. I think the aff in the end is definitely winning these procedural questions of PICs skewing their ability to engage in the first place, and insofar as that restricts my ability to evaluate the flow, I'm forced to vote aff here.


I think Ryan makes some smart defense on the shell but you don't ever aggressively impact out why your model of debate is good - just that maybe it isn't super bad. This is troubling for me when the 1AR and 2AR literally call you out on how making this memey PIC the 2NR is exactly why your model of debate is bad. The only offense Ryan really has for me that actually is engaging with the internal links to the shell is this stealing the aff good arg which I think is kind of implicitly answered in this 1AR extension enough that I give Ben this 2AR analysis which he thrashes on.


Overall, the round comes down to "how do I do the least work?" Insofar as neither of you really engage each other on the level of the shell, I'm forced to answer who gives me the best way to frame offense, and it's Ben with this 1AR/2AR reasonability/skewed flow argument, which while I'm not happy about is technically conceded enough for me to give it to him.


28-28. Not a bad round in a technical sense, just some disappointing strategic choices. Feel free to grill me on this, definitely gonna be a controversial RFD.


Edit: I guess I'll talk about the 1NC strat - I agree holistically with Vinay's comments on the round in terms of the good and bad strat choices, but i think the biggest mistake for me was really going for the PIC. a 2NR all in on T would have been much smarter. The perfcons arg above would have been real, pick a smaller 1NC next time ryan. 

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#942794 Education vdebate Masterdebater3000 (aff) vs TheTrashDebater (neg)

Posted by AQuackDebater on 15 March 2018 - 06:55 PM

I’ve been told that the 1NC has overstepped a few boundaries and has made people annoyed, offended and uncomfortable. I sincerely apologize to everyone who this has affected. If it’s fine with everyone I’d like to remove the reps K from the 1NC. I deeply apologize once again and I hope y’all know I didn’t mean to be malicious, rude or offensive or trivialize the suffering of those differently abled. If anyone involved would like the round to stop I would happily concede to Masterdebater3000. I hope this event doesn’t make anyone perceive me as a malicious person and I once again offer my fullest apologies.

EDIT: I know removing the reps arg from the doc doesn’t change what I did, but I want to just avoid the discussion on it because it was an unethical thing for me to present


Pissed that you read this. Proud of you for owning up to it and apologizing. Takes a lot to swallow your pride.

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#942486 answer to "fun is an impact!" standard on framework?

Posted by AQuackDebater on 25 February 2018 - 04:23 PM

As the dude who made this card popular on this site I'll let you in on a secret - it's really dumb. The arg is just about cultivating creativity and then a bunch of warrants about creativity (the idea of making things playable) being k2 v2l or some shit. The whole arg is contingent on it being confusing until the 2NR. Just internal link turn it with political experimentation.
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#941720 Daily Card

Posted by AQuackDebater on 08 January 2018 - 07:00 AM

hold up i have this actually

David A. Frank, s Professor of Rhetoric, University of Oregon, “The Pedagogy and Politics of Solipsism”, CAD, https://scholarsbank...e=1&isAllowed=y 


I do not question Snider’s intentions...was receptive to my arguments. 

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#941719 Daily Card

Posted by AQuackDebater on 08 January 2018 - 06:55 AM

I️ think that ur right, but what I️ meant was that is there a card that’s a Da saying that considering debate as a game is bad

hold up i have this actually

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#941682 Daily Card

Posted by AQuackDebater on 06 January 2018 - 01:08 PM

By post futurism I am referring specifically to the works of Bifo and such who say that the future has ended and we live in semiocap machine. So it basically a cap k link to a semiocap k aff. It's a poetics aff.

If you really want some fire link evidence (these are aight it's just what I had on me at a moments notice), Benjamin Noys put out a book in 2014 called "Malign Velocities: Accelerationism and Capitalism." He spends a good while roasting Bifo. Here's a sneak peak:


"The few scattered anti-accelerationist critiques of our present moment often seem to leave untouched the libidinal core of accelerationism. These alternatives seem tepid, or even reactionary – take Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi’s invocation of a politics of exhaustion that would ‘become the beginning of a slow movement toward a “wu wei” civilization, based on withdrawal, and frugal expectations for life and consumption’. This postmodern Taoism hardly enchants, and its expectation of sacrifice and escape seems to mock those paying for the current financial crisis. ‘Frugal expectations’ are what many of us already have, and such promises can hardly compete with offers of acceleration and excess. For this reason it is not surprising that accelerationism gains adherents uncomfortable with such re-treads of the usual political moralisms."

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#941616 What does a fully prepped out K Aff file look like

Posted by AQuackDebater on 03 January 2018 - 10:56 AM

I don't think that we are able to say that because the K is like Baudi saying that speed is bad, but we spread the k 

Ya but like "speed" in this context just means speed in the sense of the acceleration of liberalism, not literal speed

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