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In Topic: Thoughts on a forum revamp

Yesterday, 03:32 PM

Once a beta has been released, I will consider this further.


As for other concerns, such as trolls (as exhibited so kindly above) - XenForo has some fantastic anti-troll features that allow discouragement (trolling the troll, so to speak), thread ban, catagorical bans, and shadowbanning, as well as forum-wide bans, in addition to spam sensors that will help alleviate the trolling issues. 



In Topic: Thoughts on a forum revamp

Yesterday, 01:15 PM

I feel that there should be a system where you send your argument (such as an aff) and you can get professional feedback on that argument

Yeah! Like an argument review system, separate from like the general help me/advice section


Maybe also some kind of online tournament system. We have a rudimentary sort of thing on Cross-X itself, but not a forum based only on that. We could have a sort of area where you can sign up for the tournament and participate in vDebates, or, as the Manhood101 freaks want, LIVE debates.

Like a full on tourney style thing? with like prelims and elims? Sounds awesome

In Topic: China vDebate: PailAmbrose (A) vs. NativeWarlock (N)

Yesterday, 01:13 PM

Yo i'll judge too if that's alright? Paradigms are on my profile, TL;DR version is you do you. I'll understand mostly whatever you read except for the absolute weirdest PoMo stuff.

In Topic: Old School Theory

Yesterday, 01:05 PM

A book with no neg fiat? Yes please.


So perming disads. I've never actually tried this in a round because it sounds like such BS nowadays, but basically it's a way to test the intrinsicness of disads, the same way counterplans are meant to test the instrinsicness of advantages. So instead of "permutation-- do both", you could say something like "permutation-- the disad is not germane. We can have TPP and do the plan"


In my mind its a way to separate disads that are just causal side-effects of the plan from disads that are actual, true disadvantages to the mandated action of the plan. The only brightline I can think of for this is link specificity. For example, my partner and I read AIIB. If the neg reads a dollar heg DA, that's very different from a Japan relations disad. Our relationship with Japan is large and multifaceted, so there's definitely a way we can and realistically would join the AIIB without making Japan think we don't care about them, so when it comes to the discussion of whether or not the plan is a good idea, the disad is not a reason to reject the plan b/c it's not intrinsic. Dollar heg however, could be different. There might not be a way that we can join the AIIB and avoid helping the yuan against the dollar. 

So basically it's just a very odd way of saying "The link debate is trash." Do I have it right? And I'll upload the books asap

In Topic: Thoughts on a forum revamp

15 January 2017 - 08:27 PM

I will definitely keep that in mind! I will first extend a conversation to Nick, and then I'll begin to tap other community members such as yourself. 

Sounds good, looking forward to it. And I'd like to take a moment to thank you, as well as Nick and everyone else who's looking to the future. It's really great to see this community changing and evolving, at the risk of sounding cliche. While cross-x was great, it's best days are behind it, and I'm glad we as a community can move on and function. I look forward to seeing how this new debate forum fares!