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Cap file dropping next week! 

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15 September 2017 - 06:14 AM

His partner, DKP, is a fifth year senior.



Nice. good luck!

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15 September 2017 - 06:12 AM

I think this is a bit of a misconception. Wipeout is not a K, it's a rather specific and also rather dumb impact turn. I think Patrick covered the most intuitive answers. I'll also point out, having read the evidence, that it says nowhere that aliens actually exist, just that some guy thought we were gonna find microbes 3 years ago.

I mean the Drake equation is a bit more nuanced than that, but yeah basically the ev says "probability wise, there should be a lot of aliens in the universe.

There's obviously going to be a link if the plan prevents extinction, and the reason to prefer is the impact. You've literally said the plan would be actively preventing this great thing, which is human extinction. There's no need to have an alt, because the status quo will solve by killing us all. This more like a disadvantage that links to the impact than it is a K.
It's an impact turn, yeah. Same as like dedev, spark, or heg bad.

The answers to Wipeout are really just that the premises it takes are dumb, not that the plan doesn't link.

Yeah like I  said, just say they're wrong and fuck aliens anyways.


Also read Bostrom and be like "humans are really great and should not die."

This is actually a big misconception of what the Bostrom 12 ev (which is the one almost everyone reads) says - it's a huge thing in LD, i read it in every util aff i write. Bostrom is saying that in order to resolve moral uncertainty, we should prioritize existential risks so as to preserve future value - extinction is basically a meta-constraint on any framework of ethics. He doesn't say humans are particularly good, just that any moral framework requires people to be alive to understand moral value - its a meta-ethics argument. I wouldn't go for Bostrom against wipeout, because a - they'll inevitably have indicts, b - its not super responsive, and c - Bostrom is still assuming a human-centred moral paradigm, which wipeout doesn't.

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15 September 2017 - 06:04 AM

ahahaha that's fantastic. tell him his CoD skills need sum fuckin work. also tell him his kritik is literally garbage. also tell sara i said hi and she's till cool as fuck. are you on varsity?

wil do. and i'm VLD lol. I did CX for like 2 years then I didnt have a good partner so I started doing LD.

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14 September 2017 - 11:43 AM

The legendary comrade himself

AYYYYYYYYYYYYY AJ goes to my school. I'm comrade squid-hat.