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In Topic: Any good evidence you can give away?

Yesterday, 06:46 PM

Yo I'm like super chill with my evidence because it's all mine (read: not my team's) so expect a big ass data dump from me soon. 


The antonio evidence is basically saying fiat bad, because hit creates the illusion that we have real power, which we don't, because we're just high schoolers. This breeds ressentiment, which is the Nietzschean idea of omni-hatred because life doesn't line up like you want. (honestly not that good, Antonio's paper was actually talking about when we actually think we have that power, i.e: when I give the 2AC and actually think I'm Paul Ryan but I'm not).

In Topic: Best of Texas

Yesterday, 06:38 PM

Hey ya'll I'm new to this circuit and theres a few teams that I'm curious about for those of you who have encountered them. If ya'll could just give me some general thoughts on these teams and their debaters, I'll set my prepping priorities up: lasa, hendrickson, and westwood


Benny has it right. LASA MS and MV, specifically, are their best teams. Dash and Elan (PW) from Hendrickson are probably best K debaters in the state right now. Westwood's kids aren't bad, they just don't have any fantastic teams this year. What school are you at, if I may ask?

In Topic: 2017 UIL State

17 February 2017 - 02:45 PM

fair. MS is an issue. I've heard mixed reviews of MV tho

i mean sahill and cameron (MV) have their bids so they're pretty spoopy

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16 February 2017 - 06:13 PM

Unfortunately, me. Since I'm being forced to go, I'm going to aim for late elimination rounds I guess.

Just, you know, late elims at state. nbd right benny?

In Topic: 2017 UIL State

16 February 2017 - 06:13 PM

Dude my LD district isn't till april so here's hoping.