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In Topic: ODT R1: Jw4167 v AQuackDebater

Today, 08:13 AM

High key - my school got threatened with a shooting on the day of our walkout and I have work tonight. I can get CX up today later but I'll need till tomorrow for the block.

In Topic: Using Machine Learning to automate card cutting/tagging?

Yesterday, 12:43 PM


In Topic: ODT Postings: Round 1

Yesterday, 12:09 PM

Then where is our small school starter pack?

High key I'm gonna redo that over the summer - I have some ideas for a comprehensive project.

In Topic: ODT Postings: Round 1

Yesterday, 10:46 AM

Guys I'd just ignore this dude, like you're all very clearly talented debaters that come from a lot of different backgrounds, Snowball is from a small school that's on the NSDA circuit, and then there are a lot of people here who are very clearly TOC Debaters from large programs. You're all also good at what you do. This dude just wants to get a rise out of you let him leave. 

While I agree in principle, I also think if homie wants to go around pining for an ass whipping, he can have it. Also I am def small school deb8r lul.

In Topic: lfpnub v Arrow1124 / GracchusBabeuf

Yesterday, 10:45 AM

Yeah I'm gonna have to report this as a forfeit if Arrow doesnt respond by tonight