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Why we're doing side assignment wrong

tournaments tabulation side assignment side constraints

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#1 coach_hanes


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Posted 16 May 2018 - 11:01 PM

I did a bit of math on it, and holy smokes, we're making it way harder to pair prelims than it has to be.



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#2 TheSnowball


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 12:14 AM

This is pretty cool. I was trying to think of some objections to it like the need for bye's, schools not hitting themselves, avoiding repeat match-ups, maintaining power-matching or side-based win bias, but I think all of those are solved by increased flexibility a lot better than the traditional model. It seems like this is more focused on reining in the extremes than trying to keep a perfect balance between every single round. Have you considered translating it into a tabbing software tool? It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult.

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This cross-ex is taking too long.

Kafka 25 (Franz, Novelist, Translated by David Wyllie, "The Trial", 1925) //Snowball

K. was informed by telephone that there would be a small hearing concerning his case the following Sunday. He was made aware that these cross examinations would follow one another regularly, perhaps not every week but quite frequently. On the one hand it was in everyone’s interest to bring proceedings quickly to their conclusion, but on the other hand every aspect of the examinations had to be carried out thoroughly without lasting too long because of the associated stress. For these reasons, it had been decided to hold a series of brief examinations following on one after another. Sunday had been chosen as the day for the hearings so that K. would not be disturbed in his professional work. It was assumed that he would be in agreement with this, but if he wished for another date then, as far as possible, he would be accommodated. Cross-examinations could even be held in the night, for instance, but K. would probably not be fresh enough at that time. Anyway, as long as K. made no objection, the hearing would be left on Sundays. It was a matter of course that he would have to appear without fail, there was probably no need to point this out to him. He would be given the number of the building where he was to present himself, which was in a street in a suburb well away from the city centre which K. had never been to before.

#3 coach_hanes


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 02:50 PM

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. I put my thoughts to your questions below.


Byes -- yeah, I'd just pull the bye team first before starting any part of side assignment or pairing; otherwise it shouldn't be an issue. Maybe the only limitation is that a team with a +2 or -2 aff differential (aff - neg) shouldn't get a bye. They should debate to even their schedule out.


Schools not hitting themselves / avoiding repeat match-ups -- those same restrictions should be maintained, of course.


Power-matching -- my method would actually make it easier to do power-matching as it increases the flexibility in pairing. Two 3-0s that are both due aff could hit.


Side bias -- it's less dramatic than people think. It's maybe a couple of percentage points of advantage. Is it enough to worry that one team has 4 affs and 3 negs and another team has 3 affs and 4 negs? Probably not.


Software -- I do plan to use this method in our league tournaments, yes, in our little Excel sheet. The real question is whether the big tab software packages pick it up!

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