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Found 28 results

  1. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  2. I have a 10/10 Chomsky K that I got at VBI. My roommate ran something extremely similar (I added a few more cards in this version) and never lost on it. Trading for the following: 1. Up to date politics DA's 2. Good Answers to Cap 3. Ableism PM if you want information on the K.
  3. Keagan


    Hey so if anyone wants to trade evidence or files I would be glad to trade. I have been gathering and trading many files and probably have what you are looking for. PM me what files you have and what you want to trade if interested. thanks!
  4. Home written Silvian Rhizomeatics Kritik. a UNIQUE post-structuralist/deleuzian take on curtailing surveillance. Premise: Surviellance good because its a rhizome, state curtails that --> Microfascism. (controls all internal links to all impacts) IM LOOKING FOR: Agabem backfiles, foucault backfiles, meta-ethic backfiles, Spanos backfiles, anything UNIQUE like a butterfly K or the lego K, etc. No open ev stuff. ill know. Just PM me
  5. willing to trade for a good and new ptx file. pm for details
  6. Looking for a pretty comprehensive Schopenhauer K. Have plenty to trade - PM me.
  7. Ok, I have a full aff case that I am retiring, its a turn on the NDCA NAFTA case, fully cut with lots of extra ev all found by me and homecut, I really need some original case to run at state and a couple of other tourneys. So if anyone wants to trade a good Aff case or ev, or even have an idea for as case I'm up for trade. NOTE: The case has been run in about 22 rounds and never been beat.
  8. I will trade heavily for a politics link file. Anything that's mostly highlighted and preferably home cut. Depending on how comprehensive the file is, I will trade heavily - from our team's AT: K masterfile to theory file to whatever really. PM me for trades.
  9. I am new to LD for this upcoming season and was wondering if anyone had any files for the September- October novice topic that they would be willing to trade. The Resolution is... Resolved: Civil Disobedience in a democracy is morally justified. This topic has been used in the past and I am willing to trade files for anything people have on this topic. I debate policy also so I have an abundance of policy files (including K) to trade. Thanks Everyone
  10. looking for a new ptx file which is new and decent. i have a bunch of frontlines and disads that could be used. pm for details.
  11. DisBoiuLIfe


    Hey, I'm looking for affs, CP's, or DA's, I'm not really into running fancy K's (*gasp*), but I do have a pretty big collection of weird K's, (Tao, Astropol, Buddhism , etc.) PM me if you are willing to trade.
  12. What are cards that I can use to debate specific alts for any variation of afropess. Like fugitivity, wilderson, etc. If you list an author and tell me to cut his/her's, I probably won't have any idea what that is. If you want to, I'll trade you for it.
  13. I have the Scufi Evidence that I'm would like to trade for someone else's camp files
  14. Looking for comprehensive levinas and Halberstam backfiles. have pretty much anything when it comes to critical theory Ks. PM me fam
  15. Hey I am looking for some files on communism and communist economy and have no clue how to work this site but have a lot of Ks I wouldn't mind giving if you helped me out.
  16. I have both an aff and neg for the living wage topic, but i wanted to expand my views and case size. PM me for the trade.
  17. Hello, Ive been debating for a year in the Oregon/ a little Washington circuit. A lot of the people who win the Washington bid tourney's run Util stuff, so I'm planning on joining the party. I was wondering if people had some solid Util justification, evidence, and tips on how to respond to the common Util refutations. I don't have much of value to give back to you, I'm sorry, I'm kinda new in the progressive theme. Anyways, pm me or post it here, thank you and have a nice day.
  18. My partner and I have been hitting a lot of NAD Bank and just overall Mexico cases. We were wondering if anyone had some DA's or Counterplans that are effective against them. We have a few but need some more to stay competitive. We are willing to do a trade for some of the stuff we have written.
  19. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  20. Does anybody have performance bad cards or blocks? I am willing to trade.
  21. Our CX Team has ben looking for an Ivory Tower K. The idea is saying that academic elitism with no real policy solution is bad. If anyone has an Ivory Tower K or Elitism K please direct Message me or email me at CXthulhu@gmail.com. Our team is certainly willing to trade you evidence in exchange for the K. Please help us.
  22. I'm looking for cards that support the thesis that forcing government policies to address structural issues spills-over and causes government rethink or an argument along the lines of "the only way to solve structural violence is to force it to become visible in the political sphere". Hypothetically critical pedagogy cards making the same argument would work. Willing to trade heavily
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