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Found 13 results

  1. Soooooo are there ANY videos out there of the TOC finals this year or are the days of streaming national circuit debates over? I would at least like to know how the round went down if anyone actually watched it
  2. -Alta Silver and Black is coming at Alta High-school with CX LD and PF in open division (exclusively)! They're are bids too! er, CX LD and PF are quarters. Anyone coming? (this is the only bid tourney in the state of Utah too haha) <- *edit* (nervous laugh haha) looks like I was mistaken, Binghams also a qualifier. (Sorry about that Bingham, love your school!)
  3. Anyone know where I can find the Team List for the 2015 Glenbrooks tournament? Am I able to access it from Joy of Tournaments?
  4. I was wondering if there was any interest in attempting to change a couple MSHSAA bylaws that make it very difficult for MO debaters to compete on Nat Circuit and to qualify for TOC. From the /r/Debate wiki: Forensics in Missouri is governed by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). MSHSAA places limits on the amount of competition students may participate in. Specifically, students in Missouri may attend a maximum of eleven separate competitions during the school year (By-Law 4.3.1) and schools may only attend one competition this is more than 250 miles away from Missouri (By-Law 4.3.4(d)). Schools can attend any competition within 250 miles of Missouri. For reference, this 250-mile restriction would allow travel to states that border Missouri. Additionally, schools may only attend one competition in the month of April, which is also subject to the aforementioned restrictions (By-Law 4.3.2(b)). These restrictions severely limit the ability of Missouri students to be competitive on a national level. The most egregious limitation is that with regards to the Tournament of Champions (TOC). To participate in the TOC, a competitor must acquire two bids by placing high enough at a specific list of tournaments. There are no bid tournaments in Missouri, so the near prohibition on out-of-state competition effectively eliminates the ability of Missouri students to bid to the TOC. Moreover, both the TOC and Missouri State Championship Tournament take place in the moth of April. So if a Missouri student does find a way to bid to the TOC, they would have to choose between the TOC or State as per By-Law 4.3.2(. MSHSAA seems to have carved out exceptions for the NSDA National Tournament and the NCFL Grand National Tournament. Teams may participate in tournaments from the Friday before Memorial Day until the second Friday in October provided that they have qualified to such tournament(s) through means approved by MSHSAA. The NCFL GNT always begins on the Friday before Memorial Day. This seems rather unfair to me. Does anyone want to try to petition MSHSAA and at least try to get them to life these restrictions?
  5. Mitch13

    TOC watching

    Just wondering where I could get a live stream from some TOC rounds.
  6. Still hunting for a Policy or LD bid? The Westside Warrior Invitational offers one of the most cost effective options for paving your way to the TOC. Our new head coach, Mikayla Baker, has spearheaded several improvements to the tournament including scheduling, new concessions, etc. Register now to request free housing with Westside students. LD and Policy bids are at the finals level. Tournament is January 9th-11th. The invite can be found here: http://www.joyoftournaments.com/ne/westside/info.asp?p=1 Or you can reach out to me! Interested in judging? Contact me!
  7. Hi, If y’all have spring semester and TOC coaching/judging needs hit me up. I debated 3 years policy and 1 year Congress at Unionville High School, PA and 3 semesters of college policy at NYU. As a coach, my debaters have qualled to the TOC and broken at Lex, Dowling, GBX, GDS and Bronx. My debaters also got top two speakers at this years Blake Tournament, have broken at NCFL nationals and semi'd at Glennbrooks. I don't use cross-x as much as I used to so email me at Ananthvp1@gmail.com if you are interested. I have coaching experience in both LD and Policy.
  8. how hard is it to TOC qual? how much work is needed? Is it doable? anybody have a complete list of all the teams that have qualified this year?
  9. hi everyone who are your bets to do really well this year? normally things like the Greenhill RR indicate this, but idk who has been invited to that so far. who do you all think can win the TOC? I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts!
  10. So I'm moving into my JV year and I've been hearing a whole lot of talk about Blake SW and Peninsula TW? Obviously they must be good at what they do, but what makes them so special? How did they get so good? I believe Peninsula TW are juniors this year so how did they go to the TOC as JV? Also does anyone know how well those teams did their novice/JV year and what camps they went to?
  11. Hopefully this thread will be a tad less catastrophic than the Oregon drama going on, but hey - it's late in the year, the TOC's gonna finish off our hs careers (except peninsula and julia's), so let's have some fun lol Senior you will miss most: Ryan Powell Best judge: GOLDBERG REP IT Best coach: Scott Wheeler Best squad/school: Peninsula Best team: Peninsula TW Best novice team: idk lol Best aff team: Peninsula TW Best neg team: SVDP HM Best 1a: Adam Martin Best 2a: Raam Tambe Best 1n: Julia Hunter Best 2n: Jerry Wang Best kritik debater: Adam Martin Best straight-up policy debater: Ryan Powell Best negative position: Indeterminacy/LIGOTTEM Best aff: Veteran Health Most untopical aff: Preciado Funniest offcase argument you heard: Terror DA Funniest/worst Judge RFD: "They dropped the perm in the block along with several impact turns, yet you give a 1 minute 1ar on vague alts bad...quickest 30 I've ever given in my life". Most persuasive speaker: Raam Tambe/Max Li/Christine Most helpful person: June/Tony/Eric n Nate Most hardworking debater: Raam Tambe Fastest debater: something between Michael Gray/Julia Hunter/Ryan Powell Best debater overall: Julia Hunter The best team next year: Peninsula TW Squad to watch out for next year: Whatever team Julia is on Funniest debater: June Most fun debater to judge/watch: Ryan Powell Most improved debater: Julia Hunter Most improved team: Peninsula TW Most Underrated team: Notre Dame CP hands down...I know a lot of people give Peninsula and SVDP mad cred, which I totally agree with, but ma boy Ryan has been quietly holding it down for the past three years june is dec (:
  12. heyyo im looking for a private coach! i dont exactly need one for policy debate per say - but LD. (keep in mind tho, the LD that i do is literally one person policy) i love the K, and performance, and literally anything critical - so if you are down with the K and/or have substantial experience with the K, that would be superb i would really like to get out there on the circuit next year, and ill probably be travelling independently so i can have more opportunities for #datbid (my school only goes to like 2 bid tournaments a year) im fairly successful for my first year on the circuit, having a relatively good record @ St Marx (rly hard tournament for LD), and breaking @ UT and making it to doubles so like im willing to do whatever work needed i just need someone familiar with the circuit/progressive db8/kritikal argumentation (which i understand that this is a policy forum and the likelihood of someone familiar with nat circuit LD is low but one can hope!) id probably start needing one at the beginning of the upcoming school year (per my parents' words) you dont necessarily have to be local, like i probably wont ask you to travel (unless i get that #dank #toc #bid) i just need someone to help like in the instance of if im at a big tournament some weekend and need prep-outs via text or whatever (if you dont live in texas), and like casing help and whatever, u know like what private coaches do b4 anyone gets weirded out that its LD or w/e, everything thats in policy is in LD (at least, circuit LD) (aka if youre a college policy debater then u would still be perfectly fine coaching me) (this is proven from experience) if yr interested or can at least direct me in the way of someone that would be PLZ comment and ill PM you !!!!!!!
  13. CXsire

    Coach Wanted!

    Hello all, I'm a debater at a magnet high school in Chicago. We have historically had success, but no longer have any coaches. This, of course, makes bidding to the TOC and such more difficult when competing against incredibly well-resourced schools with large coaching staffs. My partner and I work incredibly hard and are looking to be nationally competitive, and thus we are looking for a coach for us as a pair. Our funds are very limited, so ideally the coaching would be largely pro-bono or, if you live in the Midwest or can travel to tournaments, payed via generous judging compensation. We are primarily flex debaters; I love and often go for kritikal arguments, but we are likely to read a policy aff this upcoming year. If you're interested or know of anyone who would be, please message or email me. Thank you!
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