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Found 52 results

  1. So I know OSPEC is a pretty shitty thing to run but a team in my circuit is running something way too specific
  2. jj7687

    wifi theory

    how do I run a wifi theory properly? I hear it can help you win rounds easily. I have a copy and im not sure what to to say in cross examination. WiFi Theory.docx

    FW Against a K

    I've been told that the best 2AC FW to read is "evaluate the consequences of the plan against the institutional adoption/enactment of the competitive alternative." Is this the best aff framework? What is the best wording of this FW? How exactly does this framework make sure that they have no access to K tricks, ensure fairness, or education? Or Reciprocity?
  4. ZidaoWang

    Going for 50 State Fiat Bad

    A couple of questions: 1. How do I answer "states check the word 'federal' in the resolution"? My C/I has been to read 1 state and then read spillover, but I've been having a bit of trouble on this argument. 2. How do I answer "Fed vs States is good on edu topic" I've been saying to read the federalism disad, but any other tips could be helpful.
  5. Madelynn

    Aff Condo

    I am trying to make aff condo good blocks. Does anyone have suggestions for what standards I can use or have any blocks? Thanks!
  6. Jullianv1

    Theory on a K?

    I was wondering if running theory shells on kritiks in general seems like a plausible strat? I saw a novice round where this girl beat a k by arguing it was an "unfair" stance because she had no choice to fall under a capitalist paradigm/it was non-unique. I know ks dont need to be unique/anything can link into a k- but im wondering if its a possible aveneue if you're stuck. I think its especially intresting when people run "inherent ks" (i.e "The AFF links automatically per the reoslution)
  7. One of my debater buds told me it was severing out of the timeframe because they don't pass at the same time and also made the Alt and plan noncompetitive, but I wouldn't qualify him as a reliable source.
  8. ConsultVerminSupreme

    How to execute a good 2AR

    Hello there, I've been debating for 2 years now, but come from a team that has little to no coaching staff for policy (Our squad is mostly LD and Public Forum), so a lot of formalities and small execution tactics and styles are never explained really to us well. That being said, next year will be my first year taking on the role of the 2AR - Note, I run kritikal race affs every round What makes a good 2AR? How should the structure of a 2AR look like? Case on top? Bottom? Should I spend a lot of time on framework vs case (assuming fw is read) Just general things really Any advice or general execution tips at all would be greatly appreciated. I understand, a lot of it depends on the round itself. Thanks
  9. Akhil


    Does anyone have a LSPEC block I will trade it for a very good sunset CP file or Courts CP or ableism K. Thanks
  10. queenofdisaster

    Running/Responding to K's?

    Lately, my team has been doing practice rounds to prep my partner and I for an upcoming tournament. All the varsity debaters on my team, however, don't debate in the same style that the people I hit usually do. One major difference is that 1) They run k's, and 2) They spread (irrelevant, but it helps describe what kind of people I hit.) So, most of the things I've been dropping to are K's. So how does one effectively respond to a K? How does one have offense to a K? I haven't run a K yet, but I know the parts to it; I would really like to run one (that isn't cap) at a circuit where the majority of the judges can comprehend K's (not UIL). Can someone also explain what "the story of the link" means? Also, theory. I could use some help with the gist of theory, too. Thank you in advance!
  11. I know how to run theory, i just don't know how to pace it out. I want to get through it fast in the 2ac but not under develop it. What do i do? (if ur cool you will put in 2ac blocks
  12. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Perming Counteradvocacy bad

    EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  13. philingphamous

    Mavericking For Texas Tfa State

    Long story short, my partner failed his french class with a 0 because he didn't do any work and now he's not eligible for Texas TFA state competition. I'm considering to maverick there and I'm wondering if there are any tricks and tips on mavericking. I'm also wondering if mavericking is an option or not for Texas TFA state because it didn't specify on the website.
  14. MarekIntan

    High-level stuff: How do I find it?

    As a high school debater, I'm finding news articles less and less satisfactory, especially when it comes to making economic arguments, especially about generalizations about capital flows, banks, and the like. The literature base on high-level economic theory (at least the free stuff) seems pretty hard to find online, and I never seem to know what I'm looking for. When it comes to philosophy, things get even worse.Where do you people even FIND the ramblings of these people? I have no idea. I have a sneaking suspicion that for once in my life, going to the library might be easier than looking it up online...
  15. ewilson373

    Black Framework

    If anyone has a good black framework file, I will trade a really good afropess file or two
  16. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Perming Counteradvocacy bad

    EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  17. AmandaC

    wiki disclosure/ disclosure k

    is disclosure k a legitimate argument// do people still run it also how far in advance of a tournament are you expected to upload aff cites
  18. So I just learned about counter warrants. How exactly do I make such an argument into a shell?
  19. So, I'm a lone wolf doing LD on the national circuit, and I heard that the best ways to succeed are to a) get really good at theory and b)specialize in something. So I'm just wondering, how do I figure out what I specialize in? And do any of you know any good resources for learning the nuances of theory/T debate?
  20. One of my debater buds told me it was severing out of the timeframe because they don't pass at the same time and also made the Alt and plan noncompetitive, but I wouldn't qualify him as a reliable source.
  21. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Queercripping alternative

    So at a local scrimmage, we lost to a Queer Theory K and their alternative was to queercrip the 1AC to death, I don't think it was articulated well enough for me to understand it, so our responses were pretty generic - what is this alternative? What does it do, mean..etc. I don't have the card, it was on paper. Any help is appreciated.
  22. I can't seem to find a successful argument to refute this. help?
  23. Who's planning on going to XDI this year? Also, to people who have gone to Xylum before, how was your experience while you were attending the camp? Xylum has a reputation for being very critical-heavy, is this true, or does the camp diversify its argumentative variety?
  24. I do LD . Our school is having an internal practice tournament, and our coach distributed a "skep triggers bad" shell to all the participants. I had an op metaethical with a skep trigger (contractarianism checks motivational internalism, otherwise no universal morality), and I want to be able to beat back the shell, which people will no doubt run. I've attached the shell. How would I counter the shell? Could someone give me a counter-interp, or at least point me in the right direction? Skep Spikes theory.docx
  25. MichaelCeraKnockOff

    3NR Theory

    Does anyone have 3NR theory? and I mean a 1NC shell and extensions into the 2NR. Willing to trade pretty heavily. PM for details