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Found 53 results

  1. So I run neg against a local team and they always run the perm - methodological pluralism. The specific tag is "Perm – methodological pluralism combines multiple schools of thought to reclaim IR as emancipatory praxis and avoid endless political violence." How do you answer this? Can you say they sever out of advocating for their own plan text? I specifically ran cap and security k against this team, both times losing on this perm. Anything will help!!
  2. StormA03

    Flowing Theory

    So I've been watching and (trying) flowing college rounds and I'm having a hard time flowing theory. I can get tags and stuff down without a problem, but when they get to Condo my flow just disappears. I usually can't get all of the standards down and I don't know where to put the theory on the flow, whether it be on the CP, K flow or on a separate piece of paper. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. ConsultVerminSupreme

    How to execute a good 2AR

    Hello there, I've been debating for 2 years now, but come from a team that has little to no coaching staff for policy (Our squad is mostly LD and Public Forum), so a lot of formalities and small execution tactics and styles are never explained really to us well. That being said, next year will be my first year taking on the role of the 2AR - Note, I run kritikal race affs every round What makes a good 2AR? How should the structure of a 2AR look like? Case on top? Bottom? Should I spend a lot of time on framework vs case (assuming fw is read) Just general things really Any advice or general execution tips at all would be greatly appreciated. I understand, a lot of it depends on the round itself. Thanks
  4. So I just learned about counter warrants. How exactly do I make such an argument into a shell?

    FW Against a K

    I've been told that the best 2AC FW to read is "evaluate the consequences of the plan against the institutional adoption/enactment of the competitive alternative." Is this the best aff framework? What is the best wording of this FW? How exactly does this framework make sure that they have no access to K tricks, ensure fairness, or education? Or Reciprocity?
  6. amalbpie

    Legit Theory Arguments

    What are some legit and winnable theory arguments/impacts that are convincing?
  7. So I know OSPEC is a pretty shitty thing to run but a team in my circuit is running something way too specific
  8. Jullianv1

    i need disclosure cards

    does anyone have the Torvalds/Linux or antonio* cards on disclosure- or anyhting else
  9. cqferrier

    Complexity Theory.....

    So I was the UT Austin debate a while back and faced something called COMPLEXITY THEORY we won almost everything except this complexity theory argument,therefore we lost the round. The basis of this theory is saying that impacts can't be predicted therefore,since our impacts weren't happening now, the judge should not evaluate our impacts. I was wondering if someone could find complexity theory and post a download link, and also tell me how to answer it THANKS!
  10. MichaelCeraKnockOff

    3NR Theory

    Does anyone have 3NR theory? and I mean a 1NC shell and extensions into the 2NR. Willing to trade pretty heavily. PM for details
  11. ewilson373

    Black Framework

    If anyone has a good black framework file, I will trade a really good afropess file or two
  12. braininthavat

    Theory spike / Framework in policy?

    I'm an LDer doing policy for the first time. how unecssary are theory spikes and util frameworks in policy?
  13. HurderofBuffalos

    Mao K

    Hey everyone, So a while ago, we lost a round against the "Chairman Mao K" by Milpitas DP Here's the round report from my wiki, we were aff 1AC- Kritikal Middle Passage 1NC- FW/ T/Race Binary K/ Chairman Mao K/ Batman K/ Case 2NR- FW Chairman Mao K Can someone explain what the Mao K even says, I was confused in round, and we apparently misunderstood the K and made it worse for us. Judges said the Mao K was a major solvency deficit to the aff
  14. jswegthefuture

    condo - 1ar time allocation

    there are hundreds of condo threads, but not a whole ton regarding how a 1ar - extending condo - ought allocate its time obviously it's partially contingent on the round - i've heard of twenty second 1ar's blossoming into five min 2ar's, one minute, hail mary five mins - but what do y'all think is a general rule of thumb? it seems difficult to develop sufficient off/defense in a one min 1ar, but there are obviously benefits to not revealing your hand to the 2nr
  15. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Perming Counteradvocacy bad

    EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  16. Who's planning on going to XDI this year? Also, to people who have gone to Xylum before, how was your experience while you were attending the camp? Xylum has a reputation for being very critical-heavy, is this true, or does the camp diversify its argumentative variety?
  17. I do LD . Our school is having an internal practice tournament, and our coach distributed a "skep triggers bad" shell to all the participants. I had an op metaethical with a skep trigger (contractarianism checks motivational internalism, otherwise no universal morality), and I want to be able to beat back the shell, which people will no doubt run. I've attached the shell. How would I counter the shell? Could someone give me a counter-interp, or at least point me in the right direction? Skep Spikes theory.docx
  18. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Perming Counteradvocacy bad

    EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  19. AmandaC

    wiki disclosure/ disclosure k

    is disclosure k a legitimate argument// do people still run it also how far in advance of a tournament are you expected to upload aff cites
  20. I am noticing forums on CrossX in theory talking about perf con. What is the difference, if there is one, on con and perf con?
  21. One of my debater buds told me it was severing out of the timeframe because they don't pass at the same time and also made the Alt and plan noncompetitive, but I wouldn't qualify him as a reliable source.
  22. So, I'm a lone wolf doing LD on the national circuit, and I heard that the best ways to succeed are to a) get really good at theory and b)specialize in something. So I'm just wondering, how do I figure out what I specialize in? And do any of you know any good resources for learning the nuances of theory/T debate?
  23. r1t1k

    Kritikal Aff

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to answer to theory by the negative when reading a kritikal aff. The only thing I can really think of is fairness, regarding the ability of the aff to access the kritik. Any ideas help!
  24. MarekIntan

    High-level stuff: How do I find it?

    As a high school debater, I'm finding news articles less and less satisfactory, especially when it comes to making economic arguments, especially about generalizations about capital flows, banks, and the like. The literature base on high-level economic theory (at least the free stuff) seems pretty hard to find online, and I never seem to know what I'm looking for. When it comes to philosophy, things get even worse.Where do you people even FIND the ramblings of these people? I have no idea. I have a sneaking suspicion that for once in my life, going to the library might be easier than looking it up online...
  25. goodatthis

    Theory Spikes Help

    I have a pretty abusive aff (polls), and I haven't lost a single round with it so far in novice but I'm going varsity soon at a tournament and I figured I need to prepare for theory being read against it. I have a drop args on T/theory spike already (see below) and I was wondering what I can do to pre-empt theory. I quite literally learned theory yesterday (I knew the basics before that, but I actually legitamately learned it yesterday). First piece of theory I've ever written: Drop the arg on theory and T because the timeskew in the 1AR makes it impossible for me to cover both theory/T and substance, its key to fairness since substance is the only way for me to win this debate. It’s unreciprocal and unfair if the neg can win the round by mooting my only advocacy with theory/T or on any of their advocacies. Even if I’m being unfair, the fact that I can’t fully cover in the 1AR the multiple independent places the neg could have for you to vote outweighs any advantage I may or may not have. I do LD by the way.