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Found 17 results

  1. I'm writing an aff and the main argument that's run against it is T-its, Now we've defined " its" as association with a federal agency, but now my partner and I don't know how to argue our interpretation is better. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Recently I hit an IRS case and they only gave us a paper copy which they took back after the round was over, I flowed it but I was wondering if there is a brief or file online that has the case so I could take a closer look for my team's frontline against it.
  3. hey, does anyone have a copy of the infiltration kritik? or even just what lit i should read to write one? i would really really appreciate it!!
  4. Im on a pretty conservative circuit in indiana where we don't really get away with k affs. Are there any policy affs that there aren't really answers to?
  5. https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/05/camden-obama-police-brutality-black-lives-matter/ : "We should ask if ... much-lauded reforms further entrench and legitimize these same criminal justice institutions...". a Foucault kritik by any other name works as sweet. curriculum vitae: http://las.depaul.edu/departments/international-studies/faculty/Pages/brendan-mcquade.aspx
  6. What do you all think? In my personal opinion it's Islamic Charitable Giving. Nile North runs it, but I'll post the 1AC if anyone wants it.
  7. danhep

    Black Fem Help

    I cut a bunch of cards for intersectionality/black feminism (Crenshaw, Broeck, hooks, etc.), and I'm not sure what is necessary for the K. Is feminist intersectionality and black fem 2 different Ks? What card should I use as an alt for Black Fem?
  8. Recently I hit an IRS case and they only gave us a paper copy which they took back after the round was over, I flowed it but I was wondering if there is a brief or file online that has the case so I could take a closer look for my team's frontline against it.
  9. I'm writing a cap K and need a queer theory link (It's a common LD aff for this topic) and came across the card below (Excuse the formatting). What exactly is it saying? What's the warrant for how capitalist goals are furthered? While concentrating on decentering identity, queer theory succeeds in promoting the goals of global cap that work against the formation of communities or provide the means to destroy those that already exist.Kirsch 6 Max Kirsch (PhD from Florida Atlantic University). “Queer Theory, Late Capitalism and Internalized Homophobia.” Journal of Homosexuality - Harrington Park Press - Vol. 52 - No. ½. 2006. pp. 19-45. Jameson has proposed that the concept of alienation in late capitalism has been replaced with fragmentation (1991, p.14). Fragmentation highlights the it also becomes more abstract: What we must now ask ourselves is whether it is precisely this semi-autonomy of the cultural sphere that has been destroyed by the logic of late capitalism. Yet to argue that culture is today no longer endowed with the relative autonomy is once enjoyed as one level among others in earlier moments of capitalism (let alone in precapitalist societies) is not necessarily to imply its disappearance or extinction. Quite the contrary; we must go on to affirm that the autonomous sphere of culture throughout the social realm, to the point at which everything in our social life–from economic value and state power to practices and to the very structure of the psyche itself–can be said to have become ‘cultural’ in some original and yet untheorized sense. This proposition is, however, substantially quite consistent with the previous diagnosis of a society of the image or simulacrum and a transformation of the “real” into so many pseudoevents. (Jameson, 1991, p. 48) The fragmentation of social life repeats itself in the proposal that sexuality and gender are separate and autonomous from bureaucratic state organization. If, as in Jameson’s terms, differences can be equated, then this should not pose a problem for the mobilization of resistance to inequality. However, as postmodernist and poststructuralist writers assume a position that this equation is impossible and undesirable, then the dominant modes of power will prevail without analysis or opposition. The danger, of course, is that while we concentrate on decentering identity, we succeed in promoting the very goals of global capitalism that work against the formation of communities or provide the means to destroy those that already exist, and with them, any hope for political action. For those who are not included in traditional sources of community building–in particular, kinship based groupings–the building of an “affectional community . . . must be as much a part of our political movement as are campaigns for civil rights” (Weeks, 1985, p. 176). This building of communities requires identification. If we cannot recognize traits that form the bases of our relationships with others, how then can communities be built? The preoccupation of Lyotard and Foucault, as examples, with the overwhelming power of “master narratives,” posits a conclusion that emphasizes individual resistance and that ironically, ends up reinforcing the “narrative” itself.
  10. Hey there, So, I'm having trouble understanding Nevada Union's Levinas affirmative, or Levinas in general. I can't seem to grasp what exactly Levinas argues, and how that functions in the context of the 1AC. What does Levinas say (un)intelligibility is? What is the absolute other/otherness in the context of his work? What is his view on ontology? It's cites are under "1AC - Unintelligibility -- La Costa" http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Fenner-HillWeld+Aff Explanations contextualized towards this particular affirmative and surveillance would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time
  11. Hey, I'm a simple college student who misses debate. I did quite a bit of LD, PF, and CX. Nostalgia kicks in after a year and now I'm judging debate tournaments periodically. My last year of debate camp had us study the topic (something to the effect of): "Resolved: Privacy ought to be prioritized over governmental surveillance." However, seeing as I had to leave debate, I ended up deleting all of my cards, blocks, etc. Anyways, I've been given a research paper that I can write on either drone surveillance or cell/internet surveillance, and was wondering if I could use a couple of files. I highly appreciate the help!
  12. Do you think its one of the NSA affs, or the TSA affs? Or is it something else entirely? I feel like this is definitely the best (and maybe only) generic DA this year, but it feels like there's a major stretch for the link in some debates.
  13. This year I think it'd be cool to run a counterfactual aff (saying like "The USFg should have curtailed some program") I know some topic ideas, but can anyone help me out with the kind of theory args you'd need to be super prepared to go against?
  14. Hello! I was recently reading over a Kato K and thought it was really good. A varsity member of my team (I'm a novice) said the following: "Kato only talks about nuclear reps. A better thing to do is just read security because it's more widely applicable and has better links and impacts". So I downloaded the three security Ks on openev and I'm kind of understanding it... but I for sure don't understand it enough to run it. I think its basically critiquing the way that the aff portrays life and surveillance, and makes life numbers and data and basically quantities rather than actual life. Could someone please explain it in depth with relatively simple language? Thanks a lot and great weekend!
  15. [Excuse my spelling in advance, I'm really tired] Ok, so I'm a rising sophomore LDer and fell in love with the K. I've seen a lot of Psychoanalys/Lacan Ks on open ev and was trying to read through them. To be honest, I have no damn clue what they're saying. Can someone give me the gist on how Psychanalysis works (what they criticize, link, impact, alt, maybe if you're cool a file). Thanks in advance.
  16. What is the best articulation of the terrorism aff for the domestic surveillance topic? Can someone give me some level of evidence for terrorism, and impacts?
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