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Found 2 results

  1. Okay. So here in my state, there's a team with a nigh-impenetrable AFF through normal means. It's a very solid, very specific case. But it reverses a SCOTUS ruling to achieve its goal: banning corporal punishment in schools. So, my partner and I have compiled the bones of a NEG to attack that, specifically their actor. All we need is something... spicy. A K or something to add on to it. We don't know what, though, and could use some help. Something to do with corporal punishment AFFs maybe, instead of something to do with the SCOTUS, but keeping in mind that we are also banning corporal punishment in schools, just using a different actor? They don't have a very solid definition of "corporal punishment" though, so maybe a card to help with definitional debate? Say it has to focus on race/gender or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  2. what are the best 2AC args/cards answering this T arg? for anyone that's not familiar - the interp/violation says aff's can't spec federal courts because the judiciary can't legally regulate education (only executive agencies and congress) - most neg ev on this usually cites US Code 20 if anyone knows of a card that says SCOTUS can regulate education, hmu pls!
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