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Found 11 results

  1. Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.
  2. Hello, I just started policy debate and the problem is my spreading is really bad. I came here from another country and started learning english at around 7 so I still carry an accent and when I spread it sounds really unclear. But a second problem is also that I keep getting stumped on words, I get what they mean and I can read it perfectly in my head but when its time to spread the cards I keep pausing and stuttering :[ This is preventing me from reading more cards and bringing in more arguments in my speeches, any tips to help me fix this? Thank you.
  3. I do this drill a lot, but I'm not sure exactly how it's meant to be done. Are you supposed to strain your lips/mouth/tongue to build strength, or pronounce every syllable in order to make clearness a habit? Should you open your mouth wide or keep your lips tight? Should you do it until your mouth is exhausted, or just long enough to loosen your mouth and then spend more time on other drills? What have y'all found to be the most effective method? Thanks!
  4. Hi, my friends and I are doing some debate work over the summer and we found out about an arg another team from our district plans to run this season. These pussys are too stupid to learn how to spread, so next year they're gonna make a 'speed bad' kritik. My team and I know about the benefits of spreading (it improves memory, helps you think faster etc) but I've had a hard time finding any articles or studies to back me up. I don't need any completed evidence, but can someone point me to some sources that show the benefits of spreading? My coach told me about some studies last year but I forgot to ask for them. Thanks! --Manny
  5. Okay, so I've been debating for quite a while and just recently, I both got on cross-x and the national circuit big-stick tournaments. I recently learned how to give a 1AR correctly (the 2AC + comparison - fluff; basically) and I've run into a large problem when reading: the 2NC, the 2AR, and especially the 2NR. I've lost many debates this season because I simply fail to contextualize arguments. My strategy is usually one-off case in the 2NC, which I either choose or the 1NR argument in the 2NR. I utilize a blocked out file with every answer imaginable which I then throw into a speech, separated into the Perm debate, link debate, impact debate, etc. This strategy used to work very well for me, before judges started wanting contextualization and refusing to flow things unless they fell down the flow with analysis. I read off a computer primarily, using my flows as an extra, and only read off of them for end-of-speech stuff (Ex. "They say TVA, I answered that above, it's impossible...") but I don't really use them for line-by-line. My blocks consisted of "blocky" overviews which I explained (sort of) later. The fact is, that this simply doesn't work in the 2NR. My question is, how do you as a negative debater, utilize the relationship between the flows and the computer, the line-by-line and pre-written blocks, to effectively give a speech in the 2NC and the 2NR. I know this varies greatly in terms of strategy and style, that's why I'm asking for a general understanding. Note: I already looked through the forums, not really sure where I could find this answered. Another Note: If you have any suggestions for practice speeches/ LBL drills as well, that would be cool.
  6. How do you transition into learning to spread and what are the best Drills? Thank you!
  7. JaumsVernin

    Speed Test?

    I heard of a website that allows you to upload a file, then it tests your reading speed. Links?
  8. I'm going to my first national tournament soon and my partner and I don't spread at all. Is there anybody that debate on a national level and does not spread on here? Do you have any advice? The main problem that I see is that people will have like a 40 page speech doc with a bunch contentions etc. How are you able to answer?(If you don't spread)
  9. Hey guys, I'm wondering if you guys had any tips on spreading faster. I understand that there are a couple of methods of practicing spreading like putting a pen in your mouth, putting "a" or "watermelon" in between each word, and reading backwards. Personally, I've only been able to spread 1794 words in 8 mins without using double breathing. Is it best to learn how to double breathe? I'm asking because I've watched a couple of TOC rounds and it seems like everyone who makes it there double breathes.
  10. I sound like im dying when im spreading please help! Are there any drills I can do to help with breathing and clarity? How do I fix this?
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