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Found 2 results

  1. I was wondering how you all deal with missing camp after it's done.
  2. ** Please do not read or respond if you are not a LEGIT policy debater. Hello---- I am a National Circuit debater and have been doing policy since middle school. I had a successful freshmen year. I made it to quarters several times and won a lot. Sophomore year was rough... I wasn't winning as much, but neither was anyone else on my team. But now I am a junior. My teammates are starting to break to semis. But me? Not so much. I have been to 3 nat circuit tourneys and my best record was 3-3. I am having several problems now: 1) I have dedicated my life to debate and I am starting to wonder if I am smart enough to excel at this level. It is waring on me mentally. I am starting to feel worthless to my team and coaches. It is affecting my every day life and happiness. 2) I feel like my team if forgetting about me. It is like they don't care or take me seriously. 3) I am losing hope. 4) Everyone on my team is going to Glenbrooks besides my partner and I. (entry limitations)... this is really making me depressed. So here is what I need: 1) Advice. 2) How can I win against really good teams? Tricks? 3) Is it worth it? 4) How do I keep faith in the system of debate when I get garbage judges who don't know what flowing is? I don't really know who to reach out to so I figured the Cross-X community might be a good start... Thanks. Any KIND input is appreciated.
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