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Found 88 results

  1. Title says it all, if I do decide to go to a school that has college policy (I have a few on my list, and I like them all for reasons other than having debate), will it be a rather large transition? Is it a lot of work, so much that it would detract from my schoolwork? (and if anyone is wondering, the main schools with debate I'm looking at are Cornell and Binghamton)
  2. So, I know there are like seriously limited number of ocean policy topic videos/livestreams out there. Can y'all post any that you know of? This is what I've got: Broad Run KL vs Edgemont KX Niles West DG vs. Bellarmine AP CKMcClatchy PH vs. Peninsula TW (UMich Camp)Tony and Nick vs. Matt and Manu Chaminade CPS CK vs Peninsula TW
  3. I've spent a lot of time trying to show why my plan would pass- but is that something i can fiat? Can the aff just fiat that 1.) Domestic gov would approve the plan or 2.)China would allow the policy actions?
  4. Recently I hit an IRS case and they only gave us a paper copy which they took back after the round was over, I flowed it but I was wondering if there is a brief or file online that has the case so I could take a closer look for my team's frontline against it.
  5. Hey everyone, I know I've posted a topic on this before, but I'm still a bit confused. Regardless if they run it or not (don't tell me they stopped running it) I am a bit confused as to what the piratical pedagogy affirmative advocates. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Jiang-Raees+Aff ^These are the cites, I've beat the case on framework earlier this year, but I want to just prp out a neg strat. - what is the ac talking about (give me a basic summary) - what are they advocating for - were pirates oppressed? Why? Why is piratical pedagogy good?
  6. Does anyone have any cards that say Ocean Policy (this years resolution) is bad/irrelevant/not important? I run a race aff which talks about disidentifying from the resolution, and we use analytics to say that the resolution is irrelevant but cards would be better..... Message for trade requests! Thx
  7. Does anyone know if there will be any obscure, or if you are breaking a new aff at the Round up?
  8. Hey The debate team I am on, is going out of state to Springfield in a couple of weeks for the Parkview tournament in Missouri. There will be competitors in LD, PF, CX, and Congress from my school! I was wondering if anyone had any information on what the Missouri circuit was like for those events? What types of arguments are popular for each of those events? Is spreading popular? Is there anything different about those events on the Missouri circuit? Thank you all so much
  9. LNHS- Stockard/Rogers Venier/West Smith/Rogers Taylor/Carabello Please add your teams and anyone else you knows, just trying to get a feel for the scheduling.
  10. raincan


    I've been hearing things through the grapevine about a code-switching critique. From what I can understand, it's using a combination of black vernacular and standard English to make the activity more appealing to minorities. Can anyone explain it a bit more or find a file on it?
  11. Hello, my name is Nick Lepp, and I am currently a sophomore debater at James Madison University. I am looking to be hired as a coach for a policy team at the CFL National Tournament in Chicago this year. By the end of this year, I will have debated for the past 6 years, making it to octafinals of the CFL tournament my senior year of high school, octafinals of the CEDA National Debate Tournament my freshman year of college, and qualified for the NDT both years that I have been in college. I will already be at the tournament as a judge for another school, so you won't have to worry about getting me a hotel room or transportation. If you're at all interested, feel free to email me at NJL1994@gmail.com and we can negotiate payment. Thanks! Nick
  12. So me and my partner need some practice before our next tournament, to perfect neg strats as well as our 1AC. So we would like to have an online policy tournament against other teams in the same predicament, or those who are just bored and need/want something to do. I would prefer if it is just first year debaters, as I am one of those people. I would really prefer if we did the debates over a call, not video just audio; I feel like you would gain a lot more experience by doing this, as opposed to posting 1AC's in a thread, so voice calls on skype I believe would serve as a sufficient, free resource to do debates. (If there is anything better let me know!) and really novice year is all about experience so this would be a chance to debate a more broad amount of people and just learn what the national circuit will be more like next year. Finally, we need teams and judges! and if we do not get enough teams to form a tournament (min of 8) then we can just have some practice rounds.
  13. Hey all, I'm starting a V Debate Tourney, pm me if you're in.
  14. Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.
  15. I've been trying to decide on what debate camp to go to this summer. I'm looking for a camp that will help me improve technically as well as expand my knowledge on ks and the lit base that goes along with them. I want a camp that is more k intensive. My partner went to Wake last year for the K lab and said that it was good. However, I've also looked into UTNIF and UMich. Although those are my main choices, if you think that there are better ones, please recommend them. Additionally, it would also be very helpful if people who actually went to these camps could give me information on the style and structure of these camps. As for more information: I started policy debate this year, I'm a sophomore, my partner and I have won several varsity tournaments, and we qualed to nats. Thanks
  16. I'm planning to continue policy debate in college (this is assuming they'll even let me to go to tournaments...), but I'm wondering whether anyone has any experiences/advice to share. I'll probably be studying bio (not exactly the most friendly major for debate), but I'm hoping I'll have enough time for both. Also, if anyone knows anything about policy at either Cornell or Dartmouth, that'd be nice. It won't affect which one I choose, but I know almost nothing about debate at either school - the information I've found so far isn't too helpful.
  17. Can someone explain the Levinas affirmative to me? Much appreciated.
  18. Hey everyone, I'm a 3 year debater and i had an aff case (on ocean clean up). But now, it seems that everyone can beat it. I was wondering if anyone has a good aff case that can help me make it or set it up. The thing is, i don't want to run a aff case that is on debate coaches. I want a brand new case that isn't there already. Or the other option is that if anyone is interested in making a new case with that would be great as well. If you guys want to from a group on making a new aff case or if you are interested then please contact me. If someone can help me, please do, you can email me at iram_gonzalez514@yahoo.com
  19. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  20. So, I qualified for NSDA nats this summer, but since it is very policy and I'm very critical, I've run into some implications. I haven't read a policy aff since the beginning of novice year because I began reading soft left affs towards the end and now I'm reading more radical affs i.e. necropolitics, faciality, and a combination thereof. Not only have I forgotten how to give a 2ar on anything that isn't deleuze, but we don't have any neg files outside of 1-off K strats. So I guess what I'm saying is: 1. I'm in need of strats against policy affs, I've got tons of K backfiles, and affs from this year and next cut. Pm me for details. 2. How do you do neg prep for policy affs? For instance, I've heard that you should prep two T interps that directly contradict each other so that one will always link to an aff and you can decide which to read based on the aff. 3. What are the judges at nats most receptive to? 4. How do you figure out how to debate stocks again?
  21. Hey all, when can we do an online tourney? I will start a bracket, PM me if you want to register. - Jake
  22. What is a good neg strat against a nano aff? I heard something about heidaggar?
  23. I am trying to figure out if people win with an alternative along the lines of "Vote affirmative to show you support the K, therefore solving it in the real world." If you've won with a K with a similar alternative, please tell me what K it was and what the alternative text stated.
  24. Specifically, a card that shows will it WILL pass. And, maybe a card that shows why it will NOT pass, or why it would be undesirable for the BIT (in its current form) to pass. Thanks!
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