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Found 20 results

  1. Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate if everyone could give me an explanation of how to answer Capitalism Good Turns. For example, Cap Solves War, Inequality, Poverty, Space, Racism, Warming. all with cards as to why citing aggregate data or whatever else. They also say that the examples of capitalism our cards mention are all pure capitalism, but the US has nuances and regulations of capitalism. How do you defend against those cap turns and other cap arguments? I feel like when I run cap, its a lost cause. Any tech arguments? Sincerely appreciate anything anyone can offer.
  2. Hey, So I'm likely going to move to Utah (Salt Lake City area) and I'm wondering who the best teams are up there. Also, wondering who the good extemp people are up there if anyone knows. So like if you could do it per the numerical list that would be great: 1. I'm from the Oklahoma circuit and we don't do "Varsity" and "JV" we just have 6A and Novice. Is it any different up in Utah? 2. How Kritikal is the circuit from 1-10? 3. Who are the top three teams and what are they running? 4. What are the top three schools and how are the good? 5. Overall, how much competition is there on the circuit in terms of policy and DEX (or USX) is there? Thanks, -NNDG
  3. Hi member of the debate community! Please help me, my school very suddenly decided to cancel policy debate and I desperately need any form of debate getting back. We are constantly one of the most successful teams at our school, and the most successful within policy debate. Here are their arguments for ending policy 1. There is not enough money (this is only a small issue): We have offered to fund raise or pay out of pocket every bit of money they need. 2. Our success makes other students feel bad: This argument is simply ridiculous 3. There is not enough competition in our district: The number of teams in our district is only growing with plenty in our state. We also compete in a couple national circuit tournaments and plenty in the states surrounding us. If driving this far is an issue our parents have offered to drive as far as they need to. 4. Our coach is leaving: Our coach found a new coach who would work for free, and we have had five others offer. Including the most successful debater in our schools history. They expect us to switch to PF, LD, or a schools new congress team beginning next year, while there are many benefits of those forms of debates, we really would prefer not to switch with only a year or two left in our debate careers. Especially when we are relatively successful in policy and have dedicated so much time to finally be competitive teams. Our school decided this months ago, but told us last week. They have decided we do not work hard and do not deserve our success (I truly wish I was making this up), when all we do is work as hard as we can to become the best we possible can at policy. Please, any help you can possibly give or any suggestions you have, please send help!
  4. So im on the waitlist for the Golden Desert Debate Invitational and if i get off of the waiting list i have to supply my own judge. So I was wondering whether anyone in the Nevada area would be interested in judging policy debate at the invitational. If so, please contact me at haran.kushal@gmail.com and we can discuss the price over email.
  5. -Alta Silver and Black is coming at Alta High-school with CX LD and PF in open division (exclusively)! They're are bids too! er, CX LD and PF are quarters. Anyone coming? (this is the only bid tourney in the state of Utah too haha) <- *edit* (nervous laugh haha) looks like I was mistaken, Binghams also a qualifier. (Sorry about that Bingham, love your school!)
  6. im a rising junior looking to go to debate camp this summer and was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions. i run policy affs but lots of ks on the neg and i think i might want to try running a k aff for the 2015-16 season. i need a camp that starts around july 11-13 at earliest. additionally does anyone know if wake earliest bird is the only 1 week intensive out there thanks a lot!!
  7. I saw that a bunch of people were making "Sh*t X say to Y" videos out there on youtube so I decided to make one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpvMgams58U For more debate lulz be sure to follow: http://fuckyeahpolicydebate.tumblr.com
  8. The UMKC Summer Debate Institute has opened registration for the 2014 summer sessions. UMKC has had a college debate team since the 1950s. The summer institute uses the exceptional resources of the UMKC campus to give students a cost effective option, with programs that emphasize preparing debaters for the rigors of the regular season- including teaching them to be self sufficient researchers, scouts, and executors of argument. UMKC will be offering two programs for policy debate in 2014: the two week and four week sessions. The four week lab runs from June 28-July 26, and the two week lab runs from July 12- July 26. We have rates for residents, and for commuters (very cost effective if you live in the Kansas City area). The four week program is run by the Assistant Director of Debate @ UMKC- Malcolm Gordon- and Juan Garcia- former UMKC debater and current Assistant coach at Wayzata High School. Malcolm Gordon was a 4 time elimination round participant at the prestigious National Debate Tournament, including a 2nd place finish in 2007. He was also top speaker at major national tournaments including Kentucky and the Cross Examination Debate Association national championship tournament. He was 10th speaker at the NDT as a junior and 5th speaker as a senior. Juan Garcia is a 3-time NDT qualifier, including an elimination round appearance in 2012, and qualified to the TOC as a successful high school debater. He has appeared in the outrounds of nearly every major national tournament in college, and currently coaches for Wayzata high school where he has helped coach teams to TOC qualification. The four week lab will focus on maintaining a small student-staff ratio, and train students in a full 'mid-season experience.' This includes emphasis on: how to scout, how to create new affirmative and negative strategies from scratch, how to prepare strategies for a tournament, how to fill out preference sheets, and how to approach competitive elimination round debate on the regional and national levels. The two week program will focus on execution- students will do some research, but will also receive an evidence packet upon arrival at the camp. Check out the website for specific staff descriptions. Highlights of staff accomplishments include: the coach of the only unified college national champions, winning the CEDA championship and NDT in 2013, debaters who have competed in elimination rounds at major national college tournaments, debaters recognized as a top 16 team in their careers, and multiple coaches of TOC qualifying teams. Check out www.umkcsdi.com for more information on rates, staff, and program expectations. We also offer limited financial assistance and group discounts. Email umkcsdi@gmail.com for more information.
  9. Hey, if youre interested in judging and you're available on April 25-26 then please reply to this thread or pm me Heres a link to the tabroom invite: https://www.tabroom.com/index/tourn/index.mhtml?tourn_id=3501
  10. Hey oh! I'm currently prepping for our local circuit's first tournament. Trying to cut a Bio-D DA. Any super lay cards that don't lead to extinction that someone with the IQ of 81 could understand? Thanks! EDIT: I fixed the grammar mistake. S/O to Hannahkiin CAPITALISM IS NOT COOL and Rigbert for giving some good feedback. EDIT #2: ILY Cappy
  11. This Summer I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a debate camp in East Texas. I attended many lectures over critical arguments, but one stood out above the rest. The coach was talking about critical theory/framework that the affirmative team could run for "ks bad" and the such. An argument I liked a lot was that critical arguments bad for education/destroys debate. The coach wrote an author on the board and told everyone in the lecture that he had many good articles that said basically there was a direct correlation between critical arguments increasing and students quitting debate. I, for the life of me cannot find the word.doc that contained this authors name. Does anyone know any good authors for theory arguments such as this? Any help would be much appreciated!
  12. Hey, my debate teacher made us do some card cutting and gather some evidence for next year's ocean topic. While I was looking for evidence, I came across an article about seafloor drilling. Then I thought, "You know, if it's done right, you can make an affirmative case for oceanic exploration about seafloor drilling." Here's the link to the article I was talking about. It has evidence to build an affirmative case out of as well as some negative evidence in case your opponent argues that case when you're on negative. You'll have to do the extra research on your own. Link: https://www.whoi.edu/oceanus/feature/the-promise-and-perils-of-seafloor-mining
  13. Sometimes it feels as if there is too much evidence the other side reads and nuanced positions they take, and it gets too hard to read through all of it, indict the parts we can indict, and not just resort to prewritten blocks. For example, a 1ar can extend 2ac arguments on a disad without really addressing answers to that argument, or without comparing warrants and evidence quality, etc., or we debate case, but don't answer the aff's answer to case answers, etc. How can we process more information using less prep time? I'm looking for things like flowing methods that capture the nuance of the other side's argument but also don't waste time writing stuff down, or ways to write down answers to argument that allow for sufficient articulation but don't take a long to time to prepare, or drills.
  14. Hey, if youre interested in judging and you're available on April 25-26 then please reply to this thread or pm me Heres a link to the tabroom invite: https://www.tabroom....l?tourn_id=3501 (Sorry about double posting but im really desperate)
  15. was curious: saw this d.a. floating around the wiki and had heard 'bout it a bit, but had never really searched for the actual full text of the cards til now for example, the generic link ev - moens 15 - on gbn's wiki: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Glenbrook+North/Trufanov-Jacobs+Neg that, their other link ev, and some google searches seem to indicate that foreign surveillance - or at least the usgov surveilling other foreign nations to circumvent specific domestic restrictions - is what comprises the five eyes intel sharing. if that is the case, i don't quite understand why restrictions on domestic surveillance would restrict foreign-intel capabilities (unless the link is predicated off curtailing int'l communications involving u.s. persons) and i missing something? im sure i am, cuz gbn's op and i don't normally do the policy side of things
  16. Hey, i am tring to find some articles on the web that say how space based solar satelites are not yet feasible. I did find an article that says SPS would lose half the energy it beams down but it is from 2009.. is this still ok? What are some key words i could google, or are there any articles/ cards anyone could share with me? Thank you!
  17. Hello everyone! I have a debate meet in a few days and I do not understand the topic for policy debate at all. Please someone help me and my partner!!!
  18. Hi everybody, We're launching the Portland Urban Debate League this coming school year! We're looking for schools, coaches, judges, and volunteers for PUDL tournaments. If you're over 21, I'd like to invite you to our first meet-and-greet on June 30th at Lagunitas. Just message me for the details! And if you'd like to help out PUDL in any way next year, please message me. I am looking forward to meeting you. Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might want to participate! Russell Secretary, PUDL
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