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Found 9 results

  1. I know there are quite a few threads about philosophy in CX but none of them really answered the question I had. I'm just now starting to get into reading philosophy and I know that most Kritiks are based off of philosophy and what not. However, is there any other place in a debate where you can use philosophy? If so, which philosophers are the most useful? Within the context of a debate
  2. I want to get more into the K realm over the summer and need some books to read to catch me up on the basic lit that I need to know to understand the critical side more. I just need to get in touch with some all around basics and the premises of most major critiques, especially Agamben/Biopower/Fearism. So what is the basic literature that I need to read over the summer?
  3. Hey everyone, So a while ago, we lost a round against the "Chairman Mao K" by Milpitas DP Here's the round report from my wiki, we were aff 1AC- Kritikal Middle Passage 1NC- FW/ T/Race Binary K/ Chairman Mao K/ Batman K/ Case 2NR- FW Chairman Mao K Can someone explain what the Mao K even says, I was confused in round, and we apparently misunderstood the K and made it worse for us. Judges said the Mao K was a major solvency deficit to the aff
  4. NickDB8


    Alright, To start, I'm a novice. One of my varsity members gave me a Heidegger file, and I have no idea. I've gathered bits and pieces, "everything has importance because it exists," "commodification is wrong,". But I'm still confused. Can anyone get me an EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE guide to Heidegger? Other questions: What exactly is the alt for this, and how does it work? In a world where we don't reduce things for our own usage, would we still be living primitively? -Is commodification not required to get to where we are today? Thanks a ton.
  5. I want to write a new NC for LD JanFeb (living wage), because I've gotten tired of NCs that are basically just unemployment, inflation, poverty turns, etc. I want to have this NC framework heavy, in which the contention level offense isn't mostly the same as all the other NC offense. Any ideas? (just wanted to let you know, I'm a novice, so I'd prefer not to run Nietzsche or something that novice judges or opponents likely wouldn't take too kindly to)
  6. As someone who enjoys reading K lit, the wordplay and references entertained me. NIETZSCHE SOCRATES AND VOLTAIRE VS SUN TZU LAO TZU AND CONFUCIUS
  7. This professor has a ton of videos online explaining philosophical concepts/methods: https://www.youtube.com/user/PhilosophicalTechne/videos - including this introduction to Michel Foucault: https://youtu.be/Ua4wrcS9u3A.
  8. As a high school debater, I'm finding news articles less and less satisfactory, especially when it comes to making economic arguments, especially about generalizations about capital flows, banks, and the like. The literature base on high-level economic theory (at least the free stuff) seems pretty hard to find online, and I never seem to know what I'm looking for. When it comes to philosophy, things get even worse.Where do you people even FIND the ramblings of these people? I have no idea. I have a sneaking suspicion that for once in my life, going to the library might be easier than looking it up online...
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