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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Everyone! If you've seen much of my content you might know that I am the owner and Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are an online camp that aims to replace the pedagogical function of the traditional camp structure by utilizing online education strategies. We function the same as a regular normal camp in theory - there are lectures, practice speeches, and tons of 1-on-1 instruction (but more on that later). While we can't quite recreate the special feeling of a summer immersed in debate surrounded by peers, we also know that access to a traditional camp is often far outside the means of most debaters. Because we can sidestep the fixed costs of housing etc. the Digital Debate Camp is priced at a modest $400. When I was in high school my family couldn't come close to affording a top camp without significant financial aid, and because we heavily privilege accessibility, we maintain an aggressive aid program with an enormous success rate. We don't think we can eclipse the formal camp structure, but we have a lot to offer. Our camp is quite long - we run from June 1st to August 1st. Second, we offer more 1-on-1 instruction than any other camp I know. Our instructors offer dozens of office hours a piece each week, ensuring someone will always be available when you are for practice speeches, argument development, file critique, or whatever else you may want out of an instructor. We instruct LD, PF, and Policy debate. We are also specially attuned to novice debate, from middle school on up. You can find out more at our new, updated website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com If you have any questions, I'd love to take them here, or you can contact me directly through our website. Note to mods: I've paid to advertise on the site every time I've been prompted. The website owner can feel free to take advertising fees for this summer from my residual evazon balance.
  2. Just wondering what others are thinking of running for febs topic
  3. iamanoob

    Nietzsche K

    How would I go about building a Nietzsche K for the Public Forum February topic? Any cards would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So, I will probably (still not for sure) have to switch to LD or PF next year, after two years of policy. I am thinking I would do PF because I live in an extremely traditional circuit (policy is pretty much in the middle, but PF and LD are super traditional) and I'm not sure I'd enjoy traditional LD as much. Does anyone have tips on how to use what I've learned from policy to help me in PF? I have had some experience with Ks, not really high theory though, but I'm not sure if there is a way to use that? Also, I was planning on attending camp this year, three weeks at Michigan University, what are the best PF camps? I was looking at them and the majority are 1-3 weeks, so I would prefer two or three weeks. Also, what lab would I sign up for? Advanced or beginner- since I plan on spending lots of time before camp learning the basics. Thanks!
  5. Hello. I am a first year debater, despite the fact that I skipped a year of debate due to scheduling problems and will be a senior next year. I would like to get all my bases covered before the next NFL season comes around. Have any possible formats, ideas, or advice. Also, would it be logical to make a case based off of 1984 and apply it as a theory case? Further more, what are the different case types? Thanks for the help.
  6. Check out Christian Chessman's new article on frameworks for the upcoming PF topic here: https://championbriefs.com/blog/frameworks_sports?fb_action_ids=10204856305231503&fb_action_types=og.likes IMO he is correct on all accounts, both in his evaluation of the strongest pro/con arguments on the topic and in the strategic utility of framework debates for public forum.
  7. Resolved: Minimum wage laws benefit the United States economy The NCFL always has interesting topics, and this one is no different. I think the core subject of the resolution – the minimum wage – is timely, interesting, and academically rich as a subject for debate. The literature surrounding the minimum wage will be educational for most debaters, and may resonate with the personal situations many debaters find themselves in. Understanding both the common arguments and economic nuances of this debate will equip debaters with the tools to participate broadly in public discussions of the minimum wage. Defining Minimum Wage What is the minimum wage? Three important considerations when defining it: It's a floor. The minimum wage is the base payment per hour that employers can pay employees. It's important to note that this rate is a floor, not a ceiling – employers can voluntarily choose to pay employees more than the minimum wage, but cannot pay less than it. It's statutorily set. The minimum wage is determined by a series of local, state, and federal laws which set an hourly rate. The present federal minimum wage is $7.25, though many states choose to set a higher base minimum wage. The highest set wage matters. In practical terms, states may not set a minimum wage lower than the federal wage since companies which paid such a lower wage would still be subject to prosecution for violating federal laws, if not state laws. In that same vein, when states set a minimum wage which is higher than the federal minimum, companies operating in areas governed by those state laws have to pay the higher amount. For example, the minimum wage in the state I live in – Florida – is $7.93 per hour. If a company operating in Florida paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, they would be fine in federal terms but could be sued for violating state laws. As such, companies must pay the highest minimum wage legally set for the areas in which they operate. Continue reading
  8. Hi, this is the director and producer of the film We Affirm! We Affirm is a new and upcoming documentary about the world of high school debate. We created this film with the intention to educate those not in the debate community about what exactly it is that we do and why we are so passionate about it. We also want this to be a film for debaters by debaters, which is where you guys come in! We want to be able to have debaters from all across the nation and globe to a part of this film. One of the biggest aspects of this film is focusing on the voice of debaters and letting them share how debate has affected their lives. If you would like to be a part of this, then just create a video and send it to weaffirmdoc@gmail.com . The video does not have to be anything fancy and can really just be shot on your webcam. All you need to do is say your name and where you are from and then answer the following questions: Why did you join debate? After joining, why have you chosen to stick around? How has debate impacted or changed your life? We look forward to working with all of you and hope to hear back from you all soon! If you would like to learn more about us you can check out our Indie Go Go page, too. igg.me/at/we-affirm-debate-documentary
  9. Does anyone have back or masterfiles for the reparations topic? Pm me
  10. Kenneth Waltz revolutionized the way international relations scholars approach conflict in international relations theory with his 1959 book "Man, the State, and War". Waltz claimed that theories fell into one of three explanations; government-level explanations, individual-level explanations, and system-level explanations. He noted that explanations of war were more or less persuasive depending on the actor in focus (or "unit of analysis"). Focusing on different actors at different levels could obscure or highlight different problems related to war theorizing. The "units of analysis" concept has utility outside of conflict theory. The debate over minimum wage is overwhelmingly discussed in terms of its impact on individual people. Proponents of the minimum wage tend to argue that it will help individual people escape poverty, that peoples' spending will spur growth, and people will not lose jobs from the minimum wage. Opponents of the minimum wage tend to frame their impact articulation in similar terms – people will lose jobs, people will spend less, people's job quality will decrease. As with war theory, focusing exclusively on individuals as the unit of analysis has analytical limitations. This article will begin with a different starting point and a different unit of analysis – the business. While businesses are discussed in the minimum wage literature, they are usually a secondary afterthought relevant to the extent they impact people; more/fewer people are employed by businesses, people will leave/stay at their business, and the like. Instead of treating the business as an afterthought, this article will foreground the business and outline a framework that amounts to "business impacts first". Continue Reading
  11. Just wondering what others are thinking of running for febs topic
  12. Be sure to download our April Public Forum Brief for more analysis, tons of evidence, and more tools to help make you a Champion! https://championbriefs.com/store/apr2014pf Each of our Public Forum briefs include topic analyses by the Champions of 2013 NFL Nationals, NCFL Nationals, and the Tournament of Champions! Topic Analysis by Christian Chessman Introduction The April 2014 topic for Public Forum Debate deals with a perennial problem that faces the developing countries generally and the people of India specifically – the apparent tradeoff between economic development and environmental protection. Because industrial and post-industrial countries have already damaged the global environment severely during their development phases, modern developing countries face an unprecedented dilemma. These countries face a choice between the cheap, readily available forms of economic development that hurt the environment, and an impending ecological catastrophe in the form of global warming, biosphere collapse and species extinction, and toxic aerosolized and pollution. The best policy choice depends in part on determining who the policy is being designed to serve. The April 2014 topic takes a particular approach in restricting debaters to analyzing the impact of development and environmental degradation on the people of India specifically. On face, this disproportionately limits negative arguments because the effects of degradation are global in nature, while development is a primarily local phenomenon. Negatives can no longer point to many of the documented effects of global warming in other countries when weighing impacts. A topic without this restrictive wording affords the negative the ability to point to the 19,000 Japanese people killed by global warming induced super-tsunamis last year – but the April 2014 topic restricts the relevance of such impacts. As this example demonstrates, debaters that win rounds on this topic will make their impacts as specific to India as possible. Read more at: https://championbriefs.com/blog/april2014ta About Christian Chessman: Christian Chessman is an Honors graduate of the University of Florida, receiving his degree in Political Science, Magna Cum Laude. As a debater for Suncoast High School, Christian won eleven bids to the Tournament of Champions, cleared at NFL Nationals, and took fifth place at the International Public Policy Forum two years running. At the University of Florida, Christian competed successfully in almost every form of competitive speaking event. In Policy Debate, Christian won seven individual speaker awards, and was the tournament champion at the Appalachian State Invitational (2010) and the Georgia State University Invitational (2011), the finalist at the Towson National Debate Tournament (2012), and the fifth place team at the American Debate Association National Tournament (2012). In collegiate Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Christian was the 2011 Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association (FIFA) Champion. In collegiate Extemporaneous Speaking, Christian was a 2011 FIFA Finalist. In parliamentary debate, Christian was the 2013 tournament champion at the James Madison Cup, beating international teams to win a prize of $10,000 for his school. Christian has also won fourteen individual attorney awards at American Mock Trial Association tournaments, and qualified to nationals every year he attended college. Christian is currently a private debate coach while waiting for decisions from law schools.
  13. I've been looking a lot into kritiks and was curious how they would do in PF. I know for sure that I want to run a Patriarch or Fem IR K and Freire one on a different case. I've already found previously made Ks for each one, but I'm not exactly sure to cut them and make them effective for PF.
  14. Logan High Schoo (Utah) l is looking to hire judges in for the Berkeley tournament in CX, LD and PF. Pay per round negotiable. Let me know if you are interested. Can just message me on here. Thanks!
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