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Found 8 results

  1. Hey homies, I recently upgraded to Word 2016 on Windows 10 and reinstalled Verbatim, but for some reason the debate template is not working any more?? Whenever I try to click within the window, the entire word doc freezes up and I have to close it and open it up again in order to get it to work. Regular word works perfectly, without an issue. Is this a known issue or is there anything else I can do to make it work again? I'm considering returning to Word 2013 if this issue persists.
  2. Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.
  3. Which one do you prefer. Why? I honestly prefer paperless.
  4. I have been trying to install the Whitman (Verbatim) template on a Windows XP/Word 07 laptop, and have been having some technical difficulties. It would be so awesome if you guys could help. 1) The template is not my default. I have set up the template in the right folder, but when I open a new word doc, it does not open in the template. Is that supposed to happen? 2)the biggest problem I have been having is that when I open Debate.doc, some of the more basic macros work fine, but if I try send to speech or open virtual tub, I get an error message saying: "Compile error in hidden module", and then it opens a debugger. Have any of you had these problems before, or could you maybe direct me to a video of the installation process (I have read the installation instructions several times and do not see any mention of this) Thanks so much! Edit: fixed the problem with the template not always opening. the non-formatting macros still don't seem to be working.
  5. I'm a novice LDer (not that it matters that much for this question) and for the current topic (living wage) I realized the importance of blocks- lots of them. I have AT files for pretty much every stock issue novices run (luckily for me, not a whole lot), so about 10 files each for aff and neg, plus about 5 framework answers files. Normally, I'll just print them out, but as I've been growing the amount of files I have and as I'm constantly changing my prep, cases, blocks, etc, it takes too long to print out and I find myself printing stuff out constantly. And even when I use an expando, I find it hard to keep organized inround. I'd rather use my prep writing answers than sorting through papers. So what I'm trying to ask is has anyone tried doing paperless debate with an iPad? I have an iPad 2 with a keyboard case, so it feels a little like a computer. What I really need is an app that can allow me to easily transition from file to file, without having to sort through folders or have wait times in between each transition. Or an app that allows me to view multiple docs at once. Dropbox is actually pretty good, like it has a sidebar for the documents, and you can quickly switch between them, but I was wondering if there is something better out there. I've been using Word to edit my stuff, btw. Edit: does anyone know of any other programs besides verbatim for computers that will count the number of words in cards?
  6. Hello, Does anyone know if there is a way to debate paperless on Linux, specifically Ubuntu? I tried making my own templates but that didn't work out so well, and I've been debating on paper for a while now, and using my laptop for evidence. Are there any alternatives to Verbatim for LibreOffice or Google Drive? Thank you!
  7. Here is a link to the launch page; http://launch.debatestrat.com Enter your email to follow the progress!
  8. The new verbatim that's compatible with Word 2016. The toolbar is now an Add-In and I can't attach verbatim to pre-existing docs (ie. backfiles, others' speech docs, etc.) I can make my own document with the verbatim template and it'll work just fine. But neither an Add-In tab nor an option to verbatimize a document exists. I've tried Tools>Templates and Add-Ins>and attaching the template but that doesn't work. I'm just wanting the toolbar to show up. Does someone have any knowledge they would like to share? Would be greatly appreciated.
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