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Found 12 results

  1. If any novices would like, you can download my old textbook Debating Policies for free, or purchase my new textbook The "How to" of Debate. Just a quick question: I'm updating the How to (finishing this summer) and am wondering whether anyone would want a Kindle version?
  2. This is probably a really novice question, but what should one do if keyboard shortcuts don't work with verbatim?
  3. I've heard this tossed around a lot but what exactly is "skepticism"? Is it connected to externalism? Or how we gain knowledge? Is there a place that provides a really good beginners explanation to it? Who writes about it? How is it connected to determinism more specifically, or error theory? I'm really unclear with this so sorry for all these questions. Any help would be really appreciated
  4. I really can't remeber anything about plan/counterplans. Whats their general structure? The only things I remember are plan text and advantages for plans and netbenfits for counterplans but what else? Whats the purpose of each? How would I respond to either kind of case? To clarify, all their impacts are post-fiat, right? I really can't remember anything about this case structure, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. What's a relatively affordable, good laptop to buy for debate and why? When looking for a laptop for debate, what exactly should I be looking for? I know it needs a decent amount of battery life, but how much RAM, etc?
  6. Hi! I've been hearing about security ks a lot recently but, what are they actually? What's the general gist of the argument? Whats the alt? What authors should I read up on? Any help would be awesome
  7. Hi! I want to practice flowing more since im still a little subpar at it. Who are some fast spreaders to listen to? I'd preferably like more LD debaters to flow. I'd appreciate any help I can get
  8. I'm still sortof a novice, so what exactly did Kant say? What are good books to read to understand him/ cut cards from? Is he related to util or deont? How would a framework of his be justified? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. If any coaches would like, you can download my old textbook Debating Policies for free, or purchase my new textbook The "How to" of Debate. Just a quick question: I'm updating the How to (finishing this summer) and am wondering whether anyone would want a Kindle version for his or her team?
  10. I'm still very confused on how to answer a k, which is bad because where i'm from, I'll most likely have many ks read against me next year. Can someone please explain unique ways to respond to a k, or how i'd even respond to a k in the first place? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. grimreaper401


    Hi! I've sortof heard about other people running an anthro k in my circuit, but i'm not entirely clear on what it is. What is it exactly? Whats the usual alt? What does it mean to be "anthropocentric"? What authors should I read up on to learn more about/cut cards for an anthro k? What would be a good way to respond to an anthro k? Where can I cut good cards in response to an anthro k? Thanks!
  12. Can someone explain afro-optimism and just what's its general message? Is it the opposite of afro-pessismism? Any authors/books I should read to learn more on the literature? Is it relatively common? Sorry about all these questions, i'm still relatively new to ks. Any help would be appreciated
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