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Found 44 results

  1. MrMango22

    Give feedback on a card

    I recently made a card, I'd love to get feedback on it, such as about the tag, evidence, and also whether this argument is even a good idea. If you want to take a look at the card and want to figure out what the card is saying on your own, then read no further, because I'm now going to give a rundown of it. Also, I intend for it to go against k affs and certain policy affs, depending on if their plan mentions a particular group of people. The link to the card is at the bottom of this post. Thank in advance :)))) This card is basically a "representing/speaking for others bad" card. I'm aware that I would have to ensure that the opponent is speaking for others, and not about experiences similar to theirs, because then it wouldn't make sense running this card. Anyways, the card is about a painting of Emmitt Till, a black boy who was murdered during the Jim Crow Era, is in his casket, and has sparked backlash because the artist who created this painting is white. From this card, I can make two arguments. 1: Creating a world for the betterment of a certain oppressed group won't work because in order to create an oppression-free world for that group, the suffering of this group must have been endured by the creator, aka the aff proposing their plan/advocacy 2: The type of plan/advocacy applied to this card would create backlash by the community of the group that the aff is solving for. for example, if an aff plan were about blood quantum laws in the US, because these laws are about Canadian/American natives, if the aff aren't natives, then the native community would publicly protest against it, because the ones behind all this just aren't native so it isn't their place to advocate for the natives. It isn't really speculation or assumption that the natives would protest, it's more a prediction based off of the situation revolving the painting. This argument works because I can compare the painting of Emmitt Till to the aff proposal, and the backlash from the black community to backlash from (insert whatever group the aff wants to help). If there are any misunderstandings or confusion, I'd be happy to clear up anything. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16crUOllT2jgA_3uwjIOGv5fLKrPXkrltWAkyvJB9k_I/edit?usp=sharing Edit: I'm constantly editing the card to my liking, so if any older comments are made about something that has already been changed, it is most likely because I have changed the card.
  2. Hey everybody, so up here in Wisconsin the Desal Aff is huge- specifically Solar Desal, and just the implementation of Desal- is there a neg strat that works with those cases really well? Thanks!
  3. What's a good generic Neg strat against K Affs for the China resolution? As a mainly self taught policy debater, I have no idea what are good strats against affs like Pan, Queer China, etc.
  4. idontlikepie

    Help with answering Section 211 aff

    A couple of my novice teams had trouble answering an aff with the plan text: Thus the plan: The federal judiciary of the United States should declare Section 211 of the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for 1999 unconstitutional.The advantages were intellectual property and rule of law- full 1AC attached, I'm not sure how to answer it, anyone have any ideas or a pre-made case neg they're willing to trade? Nuclear Reactor Aff.docx
  5. - Looking for judges, but they are optional (We'll both debate if nobody can judge) - This is a (progressive) LD debate - Speech Word Counts (400wpm) - AC = 2400 - 1NC = 2800 - 1AR = 1600 - 2NR = 2400 - 2AR = 1200 - CX after AC and 1NC - I will post AC after my opponent replies
  6. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?
  7. Hey all I always struggle with answering perm double bind arguments from the aff in my 2nc. I usually say stuff like "rejecting frontierism in every instance is key" (because it's a frontier K). If anyone has any advise on what could be said or done differently that would help a bunch.
  8. meowmeow

    Frontier K Link

    Hey y'all. So i'm looking for a link for the Frontier K that says something along the lines of "trying to understand the unknown is just an excuse to further frontierism. I was trying to find a viable link for the ocean mapping affirmatives. I've looked in the back files for the space topic, and could not seem to find anything. If anybody has a card on this, that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!
  9. TheBigDA

    Ridiculous Affs & Ks help

    How do you make arguments against things such as the "Aquaman" k or things like "the whole world is a dream so the harms of the case will not happen."?
  10. kylerbuckner

    1NC Handcut K+CP+DA

    I have a handwritten 1NC Shell, it would just be in case you ever get in a pinch.. It has a K I handwrote, w/ updated cards. I'm not sure what to call it but it's combinations of Dodds and Zizek. I have a CP, DA The DA is critical and has an impact of racism and the cp solves for it. There are a few answers to perm on the cp and an alt impact for the DA in the file. Its a total of about 45 pages. Pm for more detailed descriptions. Open for really anything trading wise. Just trying to expand all of my files. ***Also have a good file of zizek evidence
  11. renaes

    Neg Strat

    Hey, I'm new to varsity, and I would appreciate any suggestions for neg strats against the following affs: - Biopower - Anti-blackness/ Black Insurgency - Racial Profiling Thank you!!
  12. jj7687


  13. sfrpeterm

    Effects and Extra T as an offcase

    How many of you independently run FX or Extra T in the 1NC, and if so, how do you phrase it? In the other T thread about T in the 2NR, I saw a few things about "they're still FX/Extra T", but can it be run as an independent argument? I've just had a few judges in my circuit saying they would have voted on extra T against some affs because they truly think they are, so I just need some blocks so I can make the argument well.
  14. chsdebater5

    Dedev as a Net Benefit

    I was interested in making a Deseg CP to answer Title 1/Econ affs with Dedev as the net benefit. What are your thoughts on that?
  15. queenofdisaster

    case negs

    hey all! other than using the good ol' handy dandy open evidence, how does one make a case neg? where do i start? what do i do? should i make case negs or case frontlines? thanks!!
  16. MonkeyAndTheT

    Doctrine of Double effect

    I have to go against someone tomorrow morning and their criterion is the Doctrine of Double Effect. Anyone have any info on this? Any key attacks on it? Their value is Justice. Please help!!!
  17. ConsultVerminSupreme

    OFRANEH Human Rights Aff

    Willing to trade heavily for neg file cites are here : http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Scanlon-Meckler+Aff Message for trades
  18. chsdebater5

    Dedev as a Net Benefit

    I was interested in making a Deseg CP to answer Title 1/Econ affs with Dedev as the net benefit. What are your thoughts on that?
  19. obamabanana

    NEG Cuban Embargo

    Does anyone have any neg cards for the Cuban embargo along the lines that the Cubans actually like their government or the Castros? Just anything talking about nationalism.
  20. chsdebater5

    Perf Con Good

    I was wondering if anyone had any cards or blocks saying perf cons are good? I wanted to have some fun against Funding equity affs by running Econ DA and Dedev.
  21. What's a good generic Neg strat against K Affs for the China resolution? As a mainly self taught policy debater, I have no idea what are good strats against affs like Pan, Queer China, etc.
  22. danhep

    Biopower Alt

    I'm planning on writing my first biopower K for the new LD topic (I do LD), and need some help with the alt. Most of the alts I've seen are incoherent postmodern vocabulary or some bullshit like "vote neg". Whats the best alt to run to a biopower K (I'm cool with floating PIKs too)
  23. kylerbuckner


    So, I hit some affs at a tournament this weekend that I am not sure what to run against, would someone mind sharing what they have run against these so that I can prep for state. The OTEC one is what I need the most help with because we screwed up that round. If anyone has files on these affs I would gladly trade some files I have, pm me if you do. MHK's 1. Warming w/ six scenarios, didn't save the 1AC but I remember denialism and slavery were two of them. (We did not hit them, our other team did, they ran Cap - Russia - Oceans T <I think they lost>) NOPP 1. Marine Science Leadership - k2 warming 2. Maritime Conflicts - Japan v China in South China Sea 3. Stem - Econ collapse (We ran Security w/ China other link, POX, & "it's non-military" T) (picked up on K) SSD 1. Natives 2. Framing (Util Bad) (We met framing and read T on increase, and T on substantial, and anthro K) OTEC 1. Warming 2. No war (We ran Security w/ apocalyptic rhetoric link, Anthro, and T on development) *Also, if anyone has a unique aff that is this year specific that they cannot use anymore because their season is over, if you want to trade I am willing.
  24. Tharealschoob

    World leader beach party CP

    So, I was thinking about using a security K as a net-benefit to a counter plan that was along the lines of gathering all the major world leaders together for a "beach party." The beach party would be figurative and essentially mean that we were creating the bonds of friendship in-betweeen these leaders. I cannot find a card however that says something along the lines of world leaders working with each other can solve any issue. Or something like that, idk. I would love some help, feedback and a card talking about how well world leaders can solve. Thanks
  25. Okay. So here in my state, there's a team with a nigh-impenetrable AFF through normal means. It's a very solid, very specific case. But it reverses a SCOTUS ruling to achieve its goal: banning corporal punishment in schools. So, my partner and I have compiled the bones of a NEG to attack that, specifically their actor. All we need is something... spicy. A K or something to add on to it. We don't know what, though, and could use some help. Something to do with corporal punishment AFFs maybe, instead of something to do with the SCOTUS, but keeping in mind that we are also banning corporal punishment in schools, just using a different actor? They don't have a very solid definition of "corporal punishment" though, so maybe a card to help with definitional debate? Say it has to focus on race/gender or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!