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Found 45 results

  1. Hey everybody, so up here in Wisconsin the Desal Aff is huge- specifically Solar Desal, and just the implementation of Desal- is there a neg strat that works with those cases really well? Thanks!
  2. A couple of my novice teams had trouble answering an aff with the plan text: Thus the plan: The federal judiciary of the United States should declare Section 211 of the Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for 1999 unconstitutional.The advantages were intellectual property and rule of law- full 1AC attached, I'm not sure how to answer it, anyone have any ideas or a pre-made case neg they're willing to trade? Nuclear Reactor Aff.docx
  3. renaes

    Neg Strat

    Hey, I'm new to varsity, and I would appreciate any suggestions for neg strats against the following affs: - Biopower - Anti-blackness/ Black Insurgency - Racial Profiling Thank you!!
  4. Willing to trade heavily for neg file cites are here : http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Scanlon-Meckler+Aff Message for trades
  5. I was interested in making a Deseg CP to answer Title 1/Econ affs with Dedev as the net benefit. What are your thoughts on that?
  6. Does anyone have any neg cards for the Cuban embargo along the lines that the Cubans actually like their government or the Castros? Just anything talking about nationalism.
  7. Okay. So here in my state, there's a team with a nigh-impenetrable AFF through normal means. It's a very solid, very specific case. But it reverses a SCOTUS ruling to achieve its goal: banning corporal punishment in schools. So, my partner and I have compiled the bones of a NEG to attack that, specifically their actor. All we need is something... spicy. A K or something to add on to it. We don't know what, though, and could use some help. Something to do with corporal punishment AFFs maybe, instead of something to do with the SCOTUS, but keeping in mind that we are also banning corporal punishment in schools, just using a different actor? They don't have a very solid definition of "corporal punishment" though, so maybe a card to help with definitional debate? Say it has to focus on race/gender or something? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading!
  8. I need to know more about this AFF and I'm willing to trade whatever anyone wants for a NEG file I don't have on this or how to defend against this AFF?
  9. Does anybody have a good BioRock Neg Front-line? Specifically solvency? They keep extending this Hilbertz et al card that says they can just regrow corals so it doesn't matter if they die for a short period of time because they just keep regrowing them. I need one that basically is biorock spec, not artifical reefs that says Bio rock does not grow back coral reefs- or it is too slow to solve for econ- or it doesn't work at all. Or if you have any good strats on this aff pm me. Will trade heavy. Thanks.
  10. Isbrar

    Advantage CP

    How do I stop the aff from perming an advantage cp. can they even perm or is there I card or something I can read
  11. Hello Cross-X forum friends, my partner and I have been debate nomads at our school for a bit, and this week we've been drafted to cover for our school's only policy debate team. We're not competing too seriously, of course, but we're looking not to make a fool out of ourselves or our school. The team we're filling in for and googling/lurking has taught us the basics of the order and a lot of the vocabulary - and we think we have a good grasp of that stuff, as we've observed a couple rounds of Policy before. We have no specific policy debate coach and our school wide coach tends to focus on LD debaters - basically we're coachless and mentor-less. Left out to dry. So, I've decided to come to what seems to be a pretty active cross-x forum to ask the noble denizens what case(s) I should run and a counterplan I can run in order to not make a mess of the debate round we're going to stand in for next weekend. Our school provided us with "squirrel killers" which appear to amount to scattered evidence and a lot of "on-case" negative cards. We've become familiar with Openevidence which seems to provide a multitude of cases we could run and a wide array of negative cards against given cases that we can use when it comes to debate day - but we have no idea which ones would be best for complete newbies like ourselves to run. In addition, I've run into a bunch of "K" cases and counterplans and such on Openevidence that I can't make heads or tails of. They reference a lot of specific philosophers I've never studied before and I can't exactly see how they win debates? I'd love explanations of "K" arguments I'd probably run into because I don't really understand how to debate against that. Having mostly debated parli in the past - it's usually data vs data but "K"'s seem out of my league. Any resources or guides for newbies would be appreciated. Basically - huge noob, what case/counterplan should I run? Thanks for helping me out, I'll tell you guys how it goes after the tournament if you're interested!
  12. I was reading over the Pirates Aff that is on Openev, and saw that it has several cards that 'perm the neg', What does this mean and when would I use them
  13. AmandaC

    Best ROBs

    hi I'm looking for a good ROB to run as neg on top of a epistemology k against a policy aff that isn't self-serving i.e. "ROB= team who challenges capitalism the best" reasons to prefer would be greatly appreciated too thx a lot
  14. I was wondering if anyone had any cards or blocks saying perf cons are good? I wanted to have some fun against Funding equity affs by running Econ DA and Dedev.
  15. Hey y'all. So i'm looking for a link for the Frontier K that says something along the lines of "trying to understand the unknown is just an excuse to further frontierism. I was trying to find a viable link for the ocean mapping affirmatives. I've looked in the back files for the space topic, and could not seem to find anything. If anybody has a card on this, that would be wonderful! Thanks so much!
  16. What is the riders da? I've heard it's one of the most hated arguments, like kind of on the same level as aspec. I've never seen it before. Can someone explain what is? I'm just curious EDIT: i figured it out. I see why it's hated so much. But is it really that different from agenda politics in terms of what it does? I guess agenda politics is a lot more debatable on the uq and link questions
  17. how would a debate play out if the 1ac stands up and says nothing? this happened last year during semis at a tournament in Chicago; the aff said nothing for their 1ac, the neg replied by saying nothing in their 1nc, the aff then read cards in their 2ac saying "silence good," and neg still stayed silent; the 1ar read more silence good cards and the rest of the speeches were silent. the neg won because they were more silent. in the situation above, would the best method of action for the aff be to turn their case and say silence bad? is that even possible? how would you be able to win aff on this strategy? my partner and i are considering this at a scrimmage, but we don't know how we would possibly win with this strategy or what to do if the same situation played out. if we stay silent for the entire debate the judge would vote neg on presumption, right? are there any cards/case files somebody could link me to? we are very interested in this. thanks!
  18. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?
  19. Where can I find a file and/or a wiki entry for a forced clash K? I've seen it before run against Riverwood AD this year, but I'm not sure who so I can't find the cites. If anyone knows where I can find it or has backfiles willing to share or trade for it would be greatly appreciated.
  20. What's a good generic Neg strat against K Affs for the China resolution? As a mainly self taught policy debater, I have no idea what are good strats against affs like Pan, Queer China, etc.
  21. How many of you independently run FX or Extra T in the 1NC, and if so, how do you phrase it? In the other T thread about T in the 2NR, I saw a few things about "they're still FX/Extra T", but can it be run as an independent argument? I've just had a few judges in my circuit saying they would have voted on extra T against some affs because they truly think they are, so I just need some blocks so I can make the argument well.
  22. I have a handwritten 1NC Shell, it would just be in case you ever get in a pinch.. It has a K I handwrote, w/ updated cards. I'm not sure what to call it but it's combinations of Dodds and Zizek. I have a CP, DA The DA is critical and has an impact of racism and the cp solves for it. There are a few answers to perm on the cp and an alt impact for the DA in the file. Its a total of about 45 pages. Pm for more detailed descriptions. Open for really anything trading wise. Just trying to expand all of my files. ***Also have a good file of zizek evidence
  23. Anyone have cards over the Malthus DA? Aff and neg appreciated, willing to trade some unique DAs (have a sea lanes DA just cut today).
  24. hey guys, I'm fairly new to policy but i've been doing some research and I stumbled across something that may work for a counter-plan to and offshore drilling for energy aff. Apparently there is an element called Thorium that could potentially power the United States for 1,000 years using just one deposit in Salmon, Idaho. here's the link, http://www.resourceinvestor.com/2009/02/04/is-this-the-dawning-of-the-age-of-thorium. This is just one of the articles i've found. Long story short (too late) do you think this could be a passable counter-plan?
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