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Found 1 result

  1. I'm considering writing a critical Affirmative for the Highschool topic, but i wanted to get some feedback from you all before i started. To give you an idea of what i had in mind, there would be a performance component (it would include the song Homeland and Hip Hop by Immortal Technique), and the aff mechanics would include two parts: First a critical interrogation of Economic Engagement history with Latin America (with rhetorical emphasis on the topic countries)--this would incorporate one of two primary focuses, either: A ) Coloniality/Criticisms of the Western Episteme as it applies to our Economic Engagement with the topic countries (authors include Mignolo, Maldonado-Torress, etc) or B ) Anti-Blackness/Violence towards the Black body. For clarification, i don't intend to make this a straight-up Wilderson Aff, but could include some Wilderson evidence I'd like to hear responses from you all that indicate which literature base you would like incorporated into the affirmative Second, there would be a social activism contention that then would take the above criticism and apply it to contemporary debate norms (norms such as the backlash towards critical/performative arguments, the application of the above criticisms towards things like minority participation, accessibility of debate pedagogy, the rush towards terminal impacts to score wins, etc.). This would include some classic authors for this style of argument such as Mumia Abu Jamal, Apple & Beane, Spanos, and others. Here's what i plan to have in the file regardless of the lit base that you all would like to be included: -Comprehensive Framework/Topicality Blocks: this will include your must-have 2AC args, as well as blocks to specific arguments (SSD, State good, Roleplaying, Dissent from norms, etc). -Answers to the go-to Kritiks to be read against this aff, specifically: Marx, Cap, Neolib (these three will be similar, the primary difference will be the particular evidence used for them), Nietzsche, Schmitt, Feminism (this will be somewhat generic. if there is widespread interest in particular fem K answers, then those can be included), Boggs/Cede the political, Deleuze (Specifically the K of identity/identifying with collectives), Give Back the Land, Anthro, and the Black-White Paradigm (should the aff be more of an anti-blackness focus). -Answers to CPs/PICs/PIKs--these will depend on the discourse and the particular advocacy of the aff (that is IF the aff has an advocacy, that's something i'd be willing to negotiate), but there will for sure be answers to: Atchison & Panetta/Open Forum CP, and institutional counterplans that try to solve the aff (i.e. USfg should end the war on drugs to Solve anti-blackness b/c the war on drugs legally and economically exploits Black individuals). there won't be many of these, but these are the types that people have read against me, so that's what i'm prioritizing) -Impact Framing: i'm going to place this under the Framework header in the file, but i wanted to make sure everyone knew i was including these. nothing fancy, simply criticisms of extinction/disaster scenarios (authors include Cuomo, Kato, and Goodnight) -Case: this will be predominately two things: A ) answers to impact turns (West Best, Heg good, red spread, realism good/true, etc) and B ) answers to indictments of the theories that the aff is based on (again, this depends on the direction that you all would like the aff to go). I do not currently have a deadline, but the sooner i get feedback, the sooner i will be able to get to work on the 1AC. Additionally, this affirmative, while critical, does not necessarily have to be a "performance" aff. That is also up for negotiation. As of right now, this is very much a work in progress that will rely on your feedback for completion. This means that it could take longer than the average file, but this also means that i can better write an aff FOR YOU, the people who will be buying it. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and for giving me feedback. Feel free to PM me or post in this thread with any questions you have or suggestions that you think of!
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