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Found 61 results

  1. ConsultVerminSupreme


    I've seen the name thrown around, Westminster particularly read it often(ish) last year. Can I get an explanation of the basic thesis - how is it contextualized to identity affs? policy affs? Thanks
  2. lamarjenkins

    Good K strats vs disease affs?

    Besides death or some generic/misapplied security cards I don't have a good strategy for affs with disease impacts, what do yall reccomend? i normally read things like security or other reps Ks, but also some Nietzsche, so preferably something kind of in that realm.
  3. If so, how does it link?
  4. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Answering Crip Poetics/Ableism Kritiks

    I usually read affs centered on identity politics, and am trying to prep answers to Crip Poetics/Ableism but am not sure what kinds of arguements are effective. The only concrete answer I have is 1 card that warrants a perm (doing the advocacy in the mindset of the alt), but it isn't the best of cards/args College Prep is one I've noticed, but there are definitely more teams reading this kritik/performance http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Harper-Sessions+Neg Cards would be good too, or just args
  5. diantonion

    K Lit to read?

    Hey y'all, I'm a semi-experienced policy debated from a fairly traditional/lay circuit and I have little experience with Kritiks. I'm looking to increase my knowledge of this form of argument, mainly just because I'm interested, but who knows when it could matter in a round. I understand how Kritiks work in terms of structure, but where I hit a wall is in terms of actually understanding what the heck is being talked about. So my question to you all is this: What is some k literature that I should read in order to familiarize myself with some of the more common kritikal arguments? I'll leave it up to all of you to decide what qualifies as "more common kritikal arguments."
  6. Hey all, when can we do an online tourney? I will start a bracket, PM me if you want to register. - Jake
  7. philiburgers

    Buddhism K

    Hello. Does anyone have a Buddhism file they would be willing to trade. I would like to supplement the research ive already done. Thank you. I have lots to trade.
  8. i'm only asking because i'm currently writing a paper that applies a transnational feminist analysis to Western feminist kritiks of violent masculinity in Islam/Muslim countries. some arguments you could expect would be: -links to western fem -links to feminism that isn't globally focused -links to representations of middle-east/asian stability impacts -various methods/alternatives that operate within a Transnational Feminist framework -IR theory debates (transnational feminist readings of militarism, realism, security politics, etc) -blocks for all the usual 2AC K biz that people read the length of the file would depend on community interest. just trying to make a quick buck off my schoolwork.
  9. Morganfreeman

    Mr. Robot k?

    So if any you have watched mr. robot you know it is about conglomerates and big corporations controlling everything and creating a bit of a false perception. Is there a specific author I can use to read for this type of k? It would be like a corporations k also if anybody has any cards hook me up.
  10. CarlaR

    Frontier K

    Hi all, Sorry to start a new forum to ask a question but can somebody pleaseee explain the frontier K to me?
  11. OneOffNoCase

    K Tricks

    So I've recently become the 2N and I've decided to be a K debater. I've learned the literature but on a more stylistic level I am wondering what are the best K tricks to pull and how to execute them properly.
  12. alwayinherent

    Card for Conscientization Bad?

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of at least one card or a set of linking cards regarding how conscienization, in the context of identity politics affs, is bad/ineffective/etc. Or, any advice on where I should look. I've heard that Tuck & Yang have some evidence that would be good but I've had a difficult time finding it. Any help on this would be great, thanks!!
  13. swagtasticdebater

    anthro k aff HAAAALP

    Hey guys, I want to make an anthro k aff with a deep ecology advocacy. The way that I'm framing it, I'm just going to advocate deep ecology, which is arguably really untopical. Which arguments (and kritiks) will I need to block out, and how do I respond to T(I really need help with how to respond to T)? If it helps, I'm saying that the epistemology of anthro is wrong, and that causes social and environmental crises, and that deep ecology, which at its most basic level is a shift in epistemology, will solve for all of these problems.
  14. The UMKC Summer Debate Institute has opened registration for the 2014 summer sessions. UMKC has had a college debate team since the 1950s. The summer institute uses the exceptional resources of the UMKC campus to give students a cost effective option, with programs that emphasize preparing debaters for the rigors of the regular season- including teaching them to be self sufficient researchers, scouts, and executors of argument. UMKC will be offering two programs for policy debate in 2014: the two week and four week sessions. The four week lab runs from June 28-July 26, and the two week lab runs from July 12- July 26. We have rates for residents, and for commuters (very cost effective if you live in the Kansas City area). The four week program is run by the Assistant Director of Debate @ UMKC- Malcolm Gordon- and Juan Garcia- former UMKC debater and current Assistant coach at Wayzata High School. Malcolm Gordon was a 4 time elimination round participant at the prestigious National Debate Tournament, including a 2nd place finish in 2007. He was also top speaker at major national tournaments including Kentucky and the Cross Examination Debate Association national championship tournament. He was 10th speaker at the NDT as a junior and 5th speaker as a senior. Juan Garcia is a 3-time NDT qualifier, including an elimination round appearance in 2012, and qualified to the TOC as a successful high school debater. He has appeared in the outrounds of nearly every major national tournament in college, and currently coaches for Wayzata high school where he has helped coach teams to TOC qualification. The four week lab will focus on maintaining a small student-staff ratio, and train students in a full 'mid-season experience.' This includes emphasis on: how to scout, how to create new affirmative and negative strategies from scratch, how to prepare strategies for a tournament, how to fill out preference sheets, and how to approach competitive elimination round debate on the regional and national levels. The two week program will focus on execution- students will do some research, but will also receive an evidence packet upon arrival at the camp. Check out the website for specific staff descriptions. Highlights of staff accomplishments include: the coach of the only unified college national champions, winning the CEDA championship and NDT in 2013, debaters who have competed in elimination rounds at major national college tournaments, debaters recognized as a top 16 team in their careers, and multiple coaches of TOC qualifying teams. Check out www.umkcsdi.com for more information on rates, staff, and program expectations. We also offer limited financial assistance and group discounts. Email umkcsdi@gmail.com for more information.
  15. DongerLord420

    Impact Calc

    How exactly would you argue that a K's impacts would outweigh extinction. An example would be like if its a DnG K and the impact is microfascism, how exactly would you win that this outweighs extinction. Assuming that you aren't using any K tricks that just moot the aff's impacts totally or put them in a solvency deficits.
  16. queenofdisaster

    Asian K lit + new topic education

    I might be posting this into the wrong category, but in a sense I guess it is novice stuff. Because of the recently chosen China topic, I was wondering if people could give me pointers as to what Asian K lit to read post-season. Also how does this topic work? Is it like the Latin America topic? Thank you in advance!
  17. donahuedm

    Good Lit for Absurdity K?

    I am interested in the Absurdity K and am looking to take the next step in comprehension and understanding. Other than Camus, does anyone know of good Absurdism lit?
  18. Howdy y'all... I was wondering if anyone had great cites or ev that answered 'realism inevitable' in the realm of human nature or ingrained into the logic of states, besides something general like Rivkin. General answers to realism/offensive realism are also welcome Like answering this card for example (below) Thanks in advance y'all! Realism inevitableThayer, 04 (Bradley Thayer has been a Fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and has taught at Dartmouth College and the University of Minnesota, Darwin and International Relations: On the Evolutionary Origins of War and Ethnic Conflict, University of Kentucky Press, 2004, pg. 75-76) The central issue here is what causes states to behave as offensive realists predict. Mearsheimer advances a powerful argument that anarchy is the fundamental cause of such behavior. The fact that there is no world government compels the leaders of states to take steps to ensure their security, such as striving to have a powerful military, aggressing when forced to do so, and forging and maintaining alliances. This is what neorealists call a self-help system: leaders of states arc forced to take these steps because nothing else can guarantee their security in the anarchic world of international relations. I argue that evolutionary theory also offers a fundamental cause for offensive realist behavior. Evolutionary theory explains why individuals are motivated to act as offensive realism expects, whether an individual is a captain of industry or a conquistador. My argument is that anarchy is even more important than most scholars of international relations recognize. The human environment of evolutionary adaptation was anarchic; our ancestors lived in a state of nature in which resources were poor and dangers from other humans and the environment were great—so great that it is truly remarkable that a mammal standing three feet high—without claws or strong teeth, not particularly strong or swift—survived and evolved to become what we consider human. Humans endured because natural selection gave them the right behaviors to last in those conditions. This environment produced the behaviors examined here: egoism, domination, and the in-group/out-group distinction. These specific traits are sufficient to explain why leaders will behave, in the proper circumstances, as offensive realists expect them to behave. That is, even if they must hurt other humans or risk injury to themselves, they will strive to maximize their power, defined as either control over others (for example, through wealth or leadership) or control over ecological circumstances (such as meeting their own and their family's or tribes need for food, shelter, or other resources).
  19. kylerbuckner


    If anyone has any pdf's of Baudrillard please help me out. I will trade files as well. Specifically The Perfect Crime, but I would like any of his books in reality. Thanks.
  20. donahuedm

    Good Lit for Absurdity K?

    I am interested in the Absurdity K and am looking to take the next step in comprehension and understanding. Other than Camus, does anyone know of good Absurdism lit?
  21. imasterdebatetobaudrillard

    Good alt for neolib?

    Suh dudes, I need a solid alt for the neolib k for this year's topic. Something that falls in line with a discourse first FW but isn't just "reject the aff" (which is what I've been running this season. i'd say we win on the K about 80% of the time, but we almost always kick the alt and go for the links as solvency deficits/inevitability claims/disads to their methodology). I've heard historical materialism or universalism are pretty solid?? @ my fellow k hacks, help
  22. I will trade heavily for either of these! Preferably with overviews and such, PM me!
  23. imasterdebatetobaudrillard

    Good alt for neolib?

    Suh dudes, I need a solid alt for the neolib k for this year's topic. Something that falls in line with a discourse first FW but isn't just "reject the aff" (which is what I've been running this season. i'd say we win on the K about 80% of the time, but we almost always kick the alt and go for the links as solvency deficits/inevitability claims/disads to their methodology). I've heard historical materialism or universalism are pretty solid?? @ my fellow k hacks, help
  24. PowershotWu

    K Lit

    So can anyone help me get started on reading K literature. Are there any books that I should start out with? (Hint: I'm trying to get a headstart on next year) I already have a copy of the History of Sexuality by foucault but some of it doesn't make much sense to me.
  25. ronniesportman

    Saviordom K

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody had a file or an example of this K. I am trying to get familiar with K's and lit so any examples and/or lit would be fantastic. Thanks, Raunak