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Found 21 results

  1. Does anyone have any cards or know where to find cards that "prove" that the psyche exists, or that the concept of the psyche isn't bullcrap? Thanks.
  2. If anyone wants to go neg against this, please post here. Also, anyone who wants to judge please post paradigms. If we have an even number of judges, and it comes out to be a tie, the neg wins on presumption. All of these views and no takers? I'm sad. DnG nomads V9.5.docx
  3. For the Buddhism K, I don't mean the economics shit on openev - I want the generic stuff with a link of desire. I have a lot of race/id pol stuff I cut that I'll trade. I'll take whatever is the easiest to understand and most applicable in LD for Psychoanalysis K.
  4. My round w/ Feldsy is still ongoing, i just wanted to get a round going w/ the updated version. Judges needed, ANY comments appreciated. - Thanks Payton
  5. Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.
  6. Does anyone know of any good materialism authors? - Thanks, Payton
  7. Anybody have any good articles/cards talking about biopower in US CJS/Courts - jury nullification specifically.
  8. I'll trade HEAVILY - I has Black Fem K, Fem Intersectionality K, Taoism K, DnG Ks, Death Cult K, OOO K, Queer Privacy K, Speed K, and a few others.
  9. danhep

    Black Fem Help

    I cut a bunch of cards for intersectionality/black feminism (Crenshaw, Broeck, hooks, etc.), and I'm not sure what is necessary for the K. Is feminist intersectionality and black fem 2 different Ks? What card should I use as an alt for Black Fem?
  10. Hi All, Two questions: 1. How do you respond to kritiks when you are running a kritikal aff? I can't use generic responses like framework or cedes the political anymore, so for kritiks not on openevidence, is a perm my only option? 2. How many teams at varsity tournaments create kritiks which are not on openevidence? (Like just a generic response -- many teams or few teams) How do you respond to kritiks when they are not on openevidence? Thanks, AmAsKh
  11. Hey there, So, I'm having trouble understanding Nevada Union's Levinas affirmative, or Levinas in general. I can't seem to grasp what exactly Levinas argues, and how that functions in the context of the 1AC. What does Levinas say (un)intelligibility is? What is the absolute other/otherness in the context of his work? What is his view on ontology? It's cites are under "1AC - Unintelligibility -- La Costa" http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Fenner-HillWeld+Aff Explanations contextualized towards this particular affirmative and surveillance would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time
  12. Hi All, Was planning to run a kritikal aff for my first time at my last debate tournament of the season. The kritikal aff is going to be like the Agamben/Foucault kritik, and I was wondering how kritikal affs like that respond to topicality. Are there any tricks to doing this? Thanks, AmAsKh
  13. danhep

    Biopower Alt

    I'm planning on writing my first biopower K for the new LD topic (I do LD), and need some help with the alt. Most of the alts I've seen are incoherent postmodern vocabulary or some bullshit like "vote neg". Whats the best alt to run to a biopower K (I'm cool with floating PIKs too)
  14. This is the improved version of the DnG aff I posted in the critiques section. Feldsy if you're still up to be neg, go for it. if he's not, i REALLY need someone to go neg against this. Anyone willing to judge please do so if the previous judges are unwilling to, also anyone judging could you please post paradigms. (I don't want the neg to lose because you hate framework, and I don't want to lose because i go for theory or something. P.S. i took down the edited version to keep myself from using the updated case as answers to the 1nc/block, here's the original 1ac, sorry about the confusion - Thanks, Payton
  15. I am about to enter my champ year and I have never written a K AFF before and I was wondering if anyone could explain the fundamentals of how to write a kritikal aff plan to me? I am thinking about basing my AFF for next year of the Managerialism K but I don't know how to write the AFF or how to write the plan text? If anyone has any examples of a K AFF, I would really appreciate seeing them.
  16. Okay, I'm a rising junior out of Texas I've qualled for both TFA and UIL state, and I'm really looking for a place that will get me to outrounds of state, ToC, etc. At this point I'm pretty much set to go to Northwestern anyway, but I wanna know what to expect. I've heard NHSI is pretty policy focused- exactly how policy focused. Also, I wanna know what they mean by field trips. Just a rundown of the Northwestern Camp experience would be great. It's obviously not too late to change my mind, so if you have any suggestions as to a better 4-week camp would be, that would be cool. Also, what are the rising junior lab leaders like this year? Thanks guys
  17. Sorry for all my questions. Thanks so much for your answers to these posts -- they've been tremendously helpful. I've been reading a lot about realism and the threat-con K recently, and I'm realizing that I don't understand what makes a critique a critique. Here's my understanding of how a threat-con K typically works: A. Link: realism bad because you create enemies when you call them enemies (self-fulfilling prophecies). E.g. moving troops near a supposed adversary turns them into an adversary even if they previously weren't because they have to act defensively. B. Impact: everyone dies. C. Alternative: stop viewing countries as categorically "good" or "bad" -- remove "ally" and "enemy" labels. Here's what I don't get... How is that not just a disadvantage or a counterplan? Can't I achieve the same thing by saying: Disad: calling X country an enemy turns them into an enemy when they're actually not one, which links to everyone dying. I read the following in William Bennett's 1996 Rostrum article "An Introduction to the 'Kritik'": But how do you divorce assumptions and policy implications? In a K, we care about the assumption only because of its impact (isn't the format of a K supposed to be link/impact/alternative?)... so how can we say that a K is only about core assumptions? And by saying that a K doesn't assume the burdens of a DA, isn't that just trying to be lazy about writing what's actually a DA? Thanks in advance for clarifying. It's a big help.
  18. These words pop up frequently in some stuff I'm reading (OOO and Race stuff)... what do they mean?
  19. Anyone willing to judge, please post paradigms, if we have only 2 judges and it becomes a 1-1 decision, the round is neg on presumption. Thanks, Payton P.S. if you're wondering why i'm running all of these rounds, its because i won't get to run it much in-state and so I need as much practice as possible running it. (Yes, even with camp.) DnG Nomads v6.docx
  20. Greetings! For my state's regional debate tournament, I plan on breaking a new AFF. This time - however, I plan on making it a kritikal version following off of the lines of anti-blackness, but more of a basis on the Asian body and how it elates to double-thinking and double consciousness... (maybe some "social death" or similar impact in there too) but how exactly do I break an aff that is critical? I understand reading will be a HUGE part of this process.
  21. [Excuse my spelling in advance, I'm really tired] Ok, so I'm a rising sophomore LDer and fell in love with the K. I've seen a lot of Psychoanalys/Lacan Ks on open ev and was trying to read through them. To be honest, I have no damn clue what they're saying. Can someone give me the gist on how Psychanalysis works (what they criticize, link, impact, alt, maybe if you're cool a file). Thanks in advance.
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