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Found 212 results

  1. Okay, so one of our teams got hit with this K off the book Shortest Shadow about suffering and it's word for word the Rowland Hall Shortest Shadow/God is Dead Kritik. It links directly to ontology so it renders ontology framework useless, how does one answer this? Cites/Cards would be helpful, if not then just an analytical explanation would be great.
  2. I've been trying to find a way to argue against teams running identity politics. My old coach told me about a new article that's on fire and DESTROYS identity politics in debate. It's brand new evidence from Ritter 2016, he kritiks identity politics under competition rules and gives five detailed reasons why teams engaging in identity politics for the ballot are actually disempowering minority and disenfranchised communities. The article is available at: http://theforensicsfiles.com/national-journal-of-speech-amp-debate.html
  3. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  4. just looking to trade files, if its useful ill take it! lots to trade for..
  5. Does anyone have any cards or know where to find cards that "prove" that the psyche exists, or that the concept of the psyche isn't bullcrap? Thanks.
  6. How is imperialism this year? Its an arg I've always wanted to run and go for, but I've never actually prepped it. I saw on open ev that frontier k is pretty much imperialism for oceans. The only thing I'm concerned about are links and relevant impacts to the aff, as the oceans seems pretty different for the lit since it usually occurred on land.
  7. I don't need pages and pages of explanation, just a brief one will do. If y'all could also explain what to say against it, that be really helpful.
  8. Does anyone have a neoliberalism k specific to identity politics? Willing to trade pretty heavily. PM me for details
  9. Catec01

    Anthro impact

    Please attach the best possible card for a terminal impact of anthro. It would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Can anybody point me in the right direction or share with me some good oppression link cards? preferably to 2015-2016 topic but generic government action will work also
  11. Does anyone know any good camps focused on kritiks? Lower price ranges would be preferred. Thanks.
  12. EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  13. So, I've been working on writing a K for a couple months now for next year. I already have the basic stuff that makes it a runnable K, a good 1NC Shell, basic AT and AT Perms, a handy-dandy framework, and block extensions. This is good, but what can I do to make it great?
  14. Any one have a full necropolitics file? willing to trade a bunch of other kritiks
  15. renaes

    Neg Strat

    Hey, I'm new to varsity, and I would appreciate any suggestions for neg strats against the following affs: - Biopower - Anti-blackness/ Black Insurgency - Racial Profiling Thank you!!
  16. Looking for the following kritiks/evidence: DnG K Legalism K Queer Theory K Islamaphobia K or K Aff Will trade heavy, pm me.
  17. So I've been thinking of a kritik that was similar to what weber used in 2008. i wanted it to follow the lines of something similar to... Link (People perceive the market to be an omnipotent being/savior). Impact (This zombifies people into blindly accepting whatever the market values at the time) Alt Generic reject the market to begin becoming independent from the market as a different person/idea from what the market holds. Does anyone have any ideas to some cards that would make sense or other things I could do to run something like this? Thanks
  18. I'm running a cap K, and I have some cards that say that the left uses dialogue as a way to prop up the upper class hegemony. I also have a CX Check and an "RVI good." I know these are spikes, but where do I put them? Are they underviews, or should I have them randomly at the bottom of the case? EDIT: I'm in LD EDIT2: K aff. Whoops
  19. I know what a juxtaposition perm is. I know how to run it, but does anyone have answers against it? If so, what's the logic behind the answers?
  20. JWang


    can someone please explain wilderson to me? i'm kind of new to this, and i want some kind of idea what his basics args are before i dive into the lit. thx
  21. I'm looking for a kritik of debating on paper. Something about how using paper instead of a computer kills trees and is bad for biodiversity. Does it even exist? I'll be willing to trade some neolib or Kappeler stuff for it. Thanks in advance.
  22. Where do I start reading queer theory? Not Edeleman/Reproductive Futurism but more of the critique of identity ptx. EDIT: Also, what about Puar?
  23. Lately, my team has been doing practice rounds to prep my partner and I for an upcoming tournament. All the varsity debaters on my team, however, don't debate in the same style that the people I hit usually do. One major difference is that 1) They run k's, and 2) They spread (irrelevant, but it helps describe what kind of people I hit.) So, most of the things I've been dropping to are K's. So how does one effectively respond to a K? How does one have offense to a K? I haven't run a K yet, but I know the parts to it; I would really like to run one (that isn't cap) at a circuit where the majority of the judges can comprehend K's (not UIL). Can someone also explain what "the story of the link" means? Also, theory. I could use some help with the gist of theory, too. Thank you in advance!
  24. EDIT: someone sent me a file, thx anyway
  25. raincan


    I've been hearing things through the grapevine about a code-switching critique. From what I can understand, it's using a combination of black vernacular and standard English to make the activity more appealing to minorities. Can anyone explain it a bit more or find a file on it?
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