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Found 28 results

  1. just looking to trade files, if its useful ill take it! lots to trade for..
  2. hey all! i've been cutting a philippines decol/identity aff, but i need a little (jk, a lot) help on it. i mainly need help with tying the aff to the topic and making it "topical" (as in, engagement with china) thank you all! : )
  3. Hi me and my partner are starting to practice for next years CX topic, domestic survellience, and we have created a k aff for Queer Theory and in the practice round I will be negating and I need help finding k's, t's, Da's, etc. to run against it
  4. Hi me and my partner are starting to practice for next years CX topic, domestic survellience, and we have created a k aff for Queer Theory and in the practice round I will be negating and I need help finding k's, t's, Da's, etc. to run against it
  5. Hey everyone, I know I've posted a topic on this before, but I'm still a bit confused. Regardless if they run it or not (don't tell me they stopped running it) I am a bit confused as to what the piratical pedagogy affirmative advocates. http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/College+Prep/Jiang-Raees+Aff ^These are the cites, I've beat the case on framework earlier this year, but I want to just prp out a neg strat. - what is the ac talking about (give me a basic summary) - what are they advocating for - were pirates oppressed? Why? Why is piratical pedagogy good?
  6. Need a homecut, uncommon/strong aff that I can break at state. I have lots to trade. pm me.
  7. I want to write a biopower K aff for this topic. I know it would have been much better last year, but how feasible is it to relate it to this year's topic? Like maybe we criticize biopower exercised by both the US and China? B/c with china's human rights issues i can see some connections. And of course the US has plenty of instances of biopower. It basically would be the reason we reject using the state and our framework is that we provide the best education. Does that all sound reasonable? (I've never written a K before) Can anyone point me to any good authors to read (besides foucault and agamben, both of whom i have read) or be willing to share cards?
  8. To sum up my case really quick, It's a softer version of a K aff (to work better in traditional states/schools/ lay judges) revolving around repealing the one child policy. The plan text is literally just asking China to abolish the policy. Again, it's like half and half on traditional case and K Aff. The impacts and advantages are more K like. All I need to seal my last argument is that worldwide discourse (or just discourse itself) solves for all problems (or just that it solves generally). I've been digging through all the files my team has and I can't find anything that says it like that. I thought that maybe someone from a more progressive district could have more K type cards like that. Any help is appreciated
  9. I was wondering what kritiks you can run against critical affirmatives. This year the only off I had was Marx, Framework, and TVA, but then I ran into Marx affirmatives. I'm specifically looking for kritik ideas to run against cap and identity affirmatives.
  10. So i was wondering if there is some sort of like CP that i could couple up with a policy FW against a K-aff claiming to solve for racism. Basically to show that a pragmatic policy approach is possible.
  11. I remember sometime this year a judge told one of my opponents who read framework against us and lost to look into this argument...what is it? I can't find the flow where I wrote about it. Thanks
  12. Just a quick question I am writing a critical aff andI was just wondering if I need a specific advocacy statement or is it enough to just say that we affirm the resolution? Any advice will be helpful as this is the first k aff I am writing and am really excited to try it out next fall! Thanks!
  13. So about a week ago I posted on this forum that I was interested in writing a biopower K aff. I've now finished the 1ac and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Can you all help me make this good? [file removed because i've gotten the feedback I need and no longer want it to be public] Here are the main things that appear to me as problems 1) The card about interdependence increasing the legitimacy of the state was ripped from a Chinese Politics DA. I did it because I had a hard time finding a good scholarly IR article to say what I wanted it to say. I think the evidence for that argument could be a lot better, so maybe i just need to spend more time looking 2) I think i need to do a better job explaining the impact of biopolitics, particularly on the Uyghur part. I also need to learn how to explain biopower more fully, instead of just repeating things like "controlling the population" or "subjugating bodies". Like I need to explain why those things are bad. Maybe throw in an impact card from one of last year's kritiks 3) The poem in the beginning doesn't serve any real purpose. I just added it because lots of K affs have poetry and I wanted to be edgy 4) I'm not sure if my arguments about American biopower serve any real purpose, especially since our advocacy is specific to china. I meant it as an illustration of legitimization, but I'm not sure if it really functions as such 5) I need a better card for framework at the end 6) a handful of cards come from people's masters theses. Im not sure how much of a problem that is Like I said on my first post, I've never written a kritik before (actually, that's not true. I did once when I was a sophomore in public forum and it was awful), so I am grateful for any and all feedback. Thanks!
  14. Hello, I was wondering what the consensus on reading a Delay CP against K-affs is. To contextualize: assume that the case flow is litered with immediate heg scenarios that result in extinction (those k-affs that kind of destroy heg). And, being a k-aff, there's no warrant as to why the advocacy needs to be immediate. I seriously feel like reading these immediate heg turns, along with a delay cp claiming that we'll peacefully transition into multipolarity in 5 years (or something like that, along those lines) so we should do the aff then, would be awesome. But I had three questions before I start cutting this (sketch) strat: 1. How sketchy is it to delay cp a K-aff (assuming that I can tie them to immediacy)? Like, I understand that it is really sketchy to delay cp a policy aff w/ a politics net-benefit, but is it more abusive and sketchy (somehow) to do it to a k-aff? And if so, why? And on a sidenote - do you think that generic delay cp theory blocks would do, or are there any tweaks that I would have to make? 2. Are there any processes that I can advocate (to delay CP a k-aff) instead of straight up saying "wait x years"? Like, I know that some college debaters, instead of explicitly delaying it, would read a process cp that had a delay as a result of the process. Are there any process CP's that would functionally create this delay to a K-AFF? (I know that this might be a little hard, given that I haven't specified the K-aff, but I can clarify if necessary) 3. Is this strat strategic? Thx a lot.
  15. I'm considering writing a critical Affirmative for the Highschool topic, but i wanted to get some feedback from you all before i started. To give you an idea of what i had in mind, there would be a performance component (it would include the song Homeland and Hip Hop by Immortal Technique), and the aff mechanics would include two parts: First a critical interrogation of Economic Engagement history with Latin America (with rhetorical emphasis on the topic countries)--this would incorporate one of two primary focuses, either: A ) Coloniality/Criticisms of the Western Episteme as it applies to our Economic Engagement with the topic countries (authors include Mignolo, Maldonado-Torress, etc) or B ) Anti-Blackness/Violence towards the Black body. For clarification, i don't intend to make this a straight-up Wilderson Aff, but could include some Wilderson evidence I'd like to hear responses from you all that indicate which literature base you would like incorporated into the affirmative Second, there would be a social activism contention that then would take the above criticism and apply it to contemporary debate norms (norms such as the backlash towards critical/performative arguments, the application of the above criticisms towards things like minority participation, accessibility of debate pedagogy, the rush towards terminal impacts to score wins, etc.). This would include some classic authors for this style of argument such as Mumia Abu Jamal, Apple & Beane, Spanos, and others. Here's what i plan to have in the file regardless of the lit base that you all would like to be included: -Comprehensive Framework/Topicality Blocks: this will include your must-have 2AC args, as well as blocks to specific arguments (SSD, State good, Roleplaying, Dissent from norms, etc). -Answers to the go-to Kritiks to be read against this aff, specifically: Marx, Cap, Neolib (these three will be similar, the primary difference will be the particular evidence used for them), Nietzsche, Schmitt, Feminism (this will be somewhat generic. if there is widespread interest in particular fem K answers, then those can be included), Boggs/Cede the political, Deleuze (Specifically the K of identity/identifying with collectives), Give Back the Land, Anthro, and the Black-White Paradigm (should the aff be more of an anti-blackness focus). -Answers to CPs/PICs/PIKs--these will depend on the discourse and the particular advocacy of the aff (that is IF the aff has an advocacy, that's something i'd be willing to negotiate), but there will for sure be answers to: Atchison & Panetta/Open Forum CP, and institutional counterplans that try to solve the aff (i.e. USfg should end the war on drugs to Solve anti-blackness b/c the war on drugs legally and economically exploits Black individuals). there won't be many of these, but these are the types that people have read against me, so that's what i'm prioritizing) -Impact Framing: i'm going to place this under the Framework header in the file, but i wanted to make sure everyone knew i was including these. nothing fancy, simply criticisms of extinction/disaster scenarios (authors include Cuomo, Kato, and Goodnight) -Case: this will be predominately two things: A ) answers to impact turns (West Best, Heg good, red spread, realism good/true, etc) and B ) answers to indictments of the theories that the aff is based on (again, this depends on the direction that you all would like the aff to go). I do not currently have a deadline, but the sooner i get feedback, the sooner i will be able to get to work on the 1AC. Additionally, this affirmative, while critical, does not necessarily have to be a "performance" aff. That is also up for negotiation. As of right now, this is very much a work in progress that will rely on your feedback for completion. This means that it could take longer than the average file, but this also means that i can better write an aff FOR YOU, the people who will be buying it. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and for giving me feedback. Feel free to PM me or post in this thread with any questions you have or suggestions that you think of!
  16. What is this argument and who do you answer it as a K Aff? EDIT: That was probably confusing. How do you answer it if you are neg, and it is ran as a K Aff.
  17. We've hit the nomadism/Deluze and Guattari aff quite a few times on our circuits; we've got some answers, but they're all really old and generic, and we've already used a majority of them. I'm willing to trade some old hand-made files which include some good theory/framework files, or I have a few new hand-cut DAs that we just made a few weeks ago. Message or respond with offers and we can negotiate for answers.
  18. I want to write a biopower K aff for this topic. I know it would have been much better last year, but how feasible is it to relate it to this year's topic? Like maybe we criticize biopower exercised by both the US and China? B/c with china's human rights issues i can see some connections. And of course the US has plenty of instances of biopower. It basically would be the reason we reject using the state and our framework is that we provide the best education. Does that all sound reasonable? (I've never written a K before) Can anyone point me to any good authors to read (besides foucault and agamben, both of whom i have read) or be willing to share cards?
  19. Hey Cross-X. I am needing help writing my first K Aff for NFA LD. I have a working draft, but am in need of a advocacy statement and "solvency". I was thinking maybe discourse or something, but I am really not too sure at the moment. Any guidance or general direction is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. *The resolution is at the top of the document that is attached. Colonialism 1AC.docx
  20. Ok, so I currently debate in a region which is not too open to progressive arguments, so I was wondering how to explain why Ks and K affs are legitimate. My reasoning for Ks is that because fiat is illusory, the judge should vote on real-world benefits first (such as educational value), and that the opponent's plan inherently contains wrong/immoral assumptions about the world which affect the real world and the views of the debaters/judges in the room and future debaters/judges that hear the aff's ideas if the aff is not shown that their ideas are wrong through a neg ballot. Is there anything else I need to explain, as it seems that if I only say what's written above, the aff can easily argue that they don't actually support the ideas/assumptions found in the resolution and are instead bound to them by the resolution? I don't understand how K affs are legitimate myself, so if someone could explain why the aff doesn't have to uphold the resolution and can kritik it, that would be much appreciated.
  21. MattYee

    Planless Aff?

    So, I compete in a primarily stock/comms area and am interested in running a K-Aff. I found one that I like but it doesn't have a plan. I'm sure this is a novice question but how would I go about running a case without a plan? Also, how do I defend T? How does the USFG substantially reduce anything?
  22. kylerbuckner


    So, I hit some affs at a tournament this weekend that I am not sure what to run against, would someone mind sharing what they have run against these so that I can prep for state. The OTEC one is what I need the most help with because we screwed up that round. If anyone has files on these affs I would gladly trade some files I have, pm me if you do. MHK's 1. Warming w/ six scenarios, didn't save the 1AC but I remember denialism and slavery were two of them. (We did not hit them, our other team did, they ran Cap - Russia - Oceans T <I think they lost>) NOPP 1. Marine Science Leadership - k2 warming 2. Maritime Conflicts - Japan v China in South China Sea 3. Stem - Econ collapse (We ran Security w/ China other link, POX, & "it's non-military" T) (picked up on K) SSD 1. Natives 2. Framing (Util Bad) (We met framing and read T on increase, and T on substantial, and anthro K) OTEC 1. Warming 2. No war (We ran Security w/ apocalyptic rhetoric link, Anthro, and T on development) *Also, if anyone has a unique aff that is this year specific that they cannot use anymore because their season is over, if you want to trade I am willing.
  23. I'm just curious as to how to run a K aff without having to impact turn all of the debate and say debate bad. Or just how to respond to fairness standards under the assumption that debate is a game as opposed to just a pedagogical activity. For example, the 1AC would be made up of queer theory. How would we say norms bad if we partake in norms such as speech time, prep time, Cross X time, etc.?
  24. Hello all, hopefully this is in the right/an adequate place I was wondering what were some nontraditional responses to critical affirmatives? I find myself persuaded by many answers to framework, truly, but in as much as my career has gone thusfar I've really only spent time with more straight up negative strategies: politics. That, combined with a small and nervous circuit in the way of critical debate that has left me only encountering two k-affs in all of my debating, has left me at a sort of loss as to what to do against them. While I ended up running and going for FW, I had a really hard time arguing for it. However, I'm not terribly well versed in many critiques, and going for FW and cap is an easy round for a team that hits it all of the time. In preparing for an aff I know someone in our circuit is about to read, I came across disads to the K aff: epistemology and science disads. I thought the idea of running multiple disads and maybe even a PEC of uncertain political action would be interesting, so I appeal to those who know more than myself with a) is that viable at all what kinds of uncommon offcase like that exist c) where would I find them d) anything else that'd be relevant based off what I've said I've heard whisperings of a Heg DA? what is that Any help is appreciated, thanks
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