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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Cross-x, I'm a JV who has been doing fairly well with the year, but would like some help getting the Aff solidified before state quals. 1) We do Harms and Inherency as a single block, but it's all stuff about drought in California. Inherency in general is confusing to me because of this, because it's apparently supposed to be about SQ barriers, which for us is upfront capital, but I'll get to that. Is it okay to not do Inherency at all and just do "Harms" or "The SQ"? If not, how do I make an I that says we just need money? If we do need I it will depend on the: 2) Plan Text. This is our current: "The United States Federal Government should substantially increase its development of the Earth’s oceans by approving a P3 for $175 billion to build seven large-scale Carocell solar desalination plants along the coast of California so as to deal with the drought in that location. The United States should purchase 350,000,000 Carocell modules from F Cubed. The P3 is between the NOAA and the private sector. The modules will be assembled into seven plants that will be placed near key coastal areas and areas of relatively intense drought. The plants will be fed by 0.5 feet per second velocity intake pipes from the Pacific Ocean. Affirmative can clarify as necessary during the CX period." The 0.5 feet per second thing is just so we can negate a intringement and entrainment bio-d DA. Spending... Woah. 175 billion. That's way to much money for this, but I did all the math for what we would need, and that's what it came out to. We can't get full solvency without it, and we kept losing on that before I did the math. The plan buys CaroCell panels from F CUBED - http://www.fcubed.com.au/aspx/carocell-panels.aspx - which is an Australian company. I would love to make our plan as simple as mostly cost free legislation like tax incentives (is that topical?) but since we're buying from Australia... we can't really let the Australian companies pay less American taxes. So that brings me to the question of funding. I like the P3 (Is it topical to use both USFG and private sector in an aff? If it is, where's a good place to find supporting ev. for P3s, solar desal related or general?) but it would be really nice if the plan was free. Is there a way to pass legislation that gives tax incentives or a monetary incentive to companies if they develop or buy this and implement it? Would it be better to focus on American solar desal like "Water FX" and change our advocacy entirely? What it all really boils down to is "What is a better plan text?" What gets full solvency and is cheaper or free? It is to be noted that we have ev. for that the U.S. will take 45 billion worth of damage if California's agricultural sector fails. We can't go to state quals and say the U.S. should spend $200,000,000,000 on water. We would get shot out of the sky *cough* Royal 10 *cough* so is there a better way to do this? 3) As for topicality, there's a couple issues. Actor is going to depend on funding/plan text, but the NOAA is our current. If we're doing anything like the P3 or private sector in any way, we need defense against T that attacks that. I know how to set up T defense - kind of - but where can i find ev. for this? We've gone against some stupid T like "Water isn't a useful resource" which was pretty easy to defend, but how do we deal with "non-topical" attacks? We have a definition of aquaculture that desalination fits - so as to abide by JV rules - but how can we defend this further. I can talk to my coach about this too, but I just wanted specific opinions and perhaps helpful resources for T in general. Are there better actors for this? How would we defend them? I know this is a lot of vague questions, but I'm fine with vague answers. Thanks, Cross - X. Sincerely, Ryan
  2. How much financial aid do they give/how much did you get? How much is it realistically possible to get off with a pretty impressive record and major financial inability to pay? Also if you went, how was it? How would you compare it to say 5 week soph Gonzaga or 4 week SDI? What did you do in the free time? How K heavy is it? How competitive are the other kids who go there (and compared to other camps as well)? Any really good teams going to it this year? Is the lab split up into sophomores and the juniors and seniors or by top lab and bottom lab?
  3. Hey so I'm going into my JV year and I need help choosing a camp: SDI 4 week or Gonzaga 5 week soph (no other suggestions please). I have been accepted into both, it's now just a matter of scheduling/paying for it. A little about me: Pretty good record this year (finals of Illinois states and 4th speaker there), I really enjoy kritiks on the neg (I am the 2N) but my partner is not comfortable with running anything but policy affs meaning we will probably be flex next year, pretty serious about doing well in debate (plan to actually pay attention in camp), UDL debater, plan to get a job to pay for a really good 6week/7 week camp next year Gonzaga 5 week soph is about 3,200 and has offered me 1,000 off - meaning I still have to pay about 2,000. I financially cannot afford this and have sent a letter with tax returns asking for more aid; my coach (Kevin Hirn) will send them a letter of rec for merit. Now, as for SDI 4 week they have not told me how much money they will be giving me but the original cost is 3900. I hope to be in the top lab. Question 1: How much does SDI give? Which camp is worth the cost more/where will I be getting a better bang for my buck? Now Gonzaga fits my schedule much better than SDI as I have something to do in August for school that's mandatory and it ends in the last days of July. SDI ends August 5th (still fine for what I have to do after). Question 2: I'm wondering if the 5 week will give me much more knowledge than the 4 week (considering lab leaders)? Now I live in Illinois meaning the cheapest round flight to Gonzaga i found is $540. I will probably hitch a ride w/ a family member to Michigan or take a bus which will most definitely be cheaper. 3: What is better for the travel? I have also heard that the content of SDI and the lab leaders is much better than Gonzaga. Final thoughts, which one do you recommend? Describe your experience if you went to either.
  4. As a rising sophomore, I'm looking into camps. I am a freshman novice right now, and I've done pretty well and somehow ended up with some trophies haha, so i'm looking to get an edge before my first year on Varsity. I'm currently looking into Georgetown, Gonzaga Sophomores, and UNTIF Sophomore Select. My concerns are 1. If Georgetown teaches kritikal topics? Like how to answers K's and how to run K's. 2. If Gonzaga 5 weeks is too long and gets boring/too tiring 3. If UNTIF's location is too hot and not enjoyable 4. If UNTIF is too critically oriented. I'm looking for a solid camp where I can learn both sides (policy and critical) and have a fun time. Thanks! P.S. I'm open to any suggestions but I'd like to not spend TOO much money.
  5. Is anyone on here going to the tournament in SF this weekend?
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