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Found 5 results

  1. Hey All, Steven Murray here, Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are about to enter our SEVENTH(!) year of camp, and while we believe our program is top notch, we are curious what you as a community are looking for in a camp. We currently offer limitless one-on-one interaction with lab leaders to discuss any subject on your mind. In addition we provide file production advice, we block out times for practice speeches/ redoes, and of course we host a large series of lectures each summer. I for one think our camp is quite good, and I wish it was around when I was in high school and couldn't afford a big 1.5K+ summer institute. That being said, what would a camp like ours need to have for you to sign up? What are you looking for in a camp like ours? If you have thought about joining the Digital Debate Camp but chose not to, why? And if you joined the camp but didn't like it very much, what did you dislike? Finally, if you joined the camp and liked it, what about it did you like and how could we improve upon that in the future? Our camp would not exist without this site and all of the wonderful feedback we have received from it. I greatly look forward to hearing your constructive advice regarding the Digital Debate Camp. Mods: this is an expressly commercial thread, but should not be pruned for 2 reasons. First, I have a standing agreement with cross-x.com which allows me to "advertise" on the site, which includes any means of mentioning or talking about the camp. Second, for every student who pays for camp we have one who doesn't, and getting feedback in threads like this is essential to make sure students who cannot otherwise afford camp are still given the best experience possible. Please PM me before deleting this thread in the event of a problem.
  2. Northwestern Debate Institute 2012 Come learn from the debaters and coaching staff of the 2011 NDT champions! July 8 to August 4, 2012 Amazing staff including Daniel Fitzmier, Chris Lundberg, Jeff Buntin, Tara Tate, Dave Arnett, Andrea Reed, John Warden, Garrett Abelkop, Stephanie Spies, Matt Fisher, Seth Gannon, Tripp Rebrovick, Layne Kirshon, Ryan Beiermeister, Peyton Lee and more. Recent Alumni Success include 2012 Harvard Round Robin Champs, Harvard Champs, MBA Champs, Blake Champs, and Greenhill finalists. Full institute information- http://www.northwestern.edu/nhsi/debate/index.html Direct link to application- https://www.communication.northwestern.edu/nhsi/application.php Have questions? Please email luke-hill at northwestern.edu Best, Luke Hill
  3. What's the caliber of the kids who attend? I'm thinking of going this summer, but don't know what level the kids who usually go are at. I know they have a lot of very good national teams who attend, but are those the only kids who go? I went to UTNIF LD last year and competed in LD at the beginning of the year on the TFA circuit, but started doing policy around December and have been pretty successful at it, but I'm not a TOC policy debater is what I'm trying to say. I do, though, have a lot of experience with progressive debate. My partner and I run Ks (successfully), I can spread, I have decent amount of experience researching/constructing arguments, etc. I'll be going into my junior year, and I just want to make sure I won't feel "left out" because I'm not a TOC/nationally qualified debater.
  4. Hi guys, This is my first post on Cross-X (yeet). I was wondering if you guys had any advice for materials, tips, and help at UMich. I'm planning to attend the 4 week camp w/ my partner Thanks a load guys.
  5. The Digital Debate Camp will be returning this summer for its 8th consecutive year. Many other digital camps have come and gone, but the Digital Debate Camp continues to provide the best possible digital alternative to pricey and cumbersome summer institutes. The Digital Debate Camp is perfect for students with difficult summer schedules, or who find the cost of a traditional institute too steep. At $400 for 8 weeks of instruction (From June 1st to August 1st), the Digital Debate Camp provides the best deal on the market. However, just because the DDC is affordable does not mean we have cut corners on the quality of instruction. We believe the staff at the DDC is comparable to that of any traditional institute. The Digital Debate Camp staff is split between three levels: primary instructors, guest instructors, and guest lecturers. Our primary instructors are who students interact with on a day to day basis and who direct educational development. All of our primary instructors have at least one advanced degree and multiple years teaching experience in real world environments (most at both the high school and college level). Our primary instructors this year: Steven Murray - PhD, MA - 10 years experience as a debate coach, championship coaching success at the state and national level. Andrew Hart - PhD, 3 MA (in communication, education/pedagogy, and earth sciences) - 12 years experience as a debate coach, 8 years experience as an instructor. Shree Asware - JD - over a decade experience as a debate coach including 6 years with the DDC, currently a full time high school debate coach. Clay Stewart - MA - recipient of multiple awards for his work with high school UDL programs. Guest instructors are highly successful college debaters with significant coaching achievements. These instructors work with students much like primary instructors, but they do not shape the overarching pedagogical arcs of the camp, instead they serve as break out instructors and skill development coaches. This years guest instructors: Katie Marshall - Tenured veteran of college debate at the University of Georgia, Katie is a paradigm of hard work and team dedication whose unique personality makes her an excellent instructor at both interpersonal and intellectual levels. Darius White - a DDC Alumni, Darius was recognized as one of the top 16 teams in the country this year, receiving an "First Round At-Large" bid to the National Debate Tournament. Nate Nys - returning to the DDC by popular demand, Nate is well regarded as one of the brightest up and coming coaches of his generation. Alyssa Hoover - rising star at the University of Georgia and research specialist, Alyssa is an incredibly flexible debate coach who can assist debaters with any type or style of argumentation. Victoria Yonter - economics expert and novice development coach, Victoria emphasizes deep engagement with topic literature at the academic level, helping debaters to develop arguments even field experts would find persuasive. Guest lecturers produce content for the camp and will be available for individual instruction, but do not hold a day to day role at the camp. Guest lecturers are hired based on their argumentative expertise, providing insight into their specialties. Past guest lecturers have included 2-time NDT finalist Alex Pappas, and award winning coach and social activist Lawrence Grandpre. We believe our excellent staff, affordable price, and uniquely accessible platform makes the Digital Debate Camp a great choice for debaters of any experience level. For more information, including frequently asked questions, please visit our website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com But don't just take our word for it, multi-year attendant and TOC quarterfinalist Sam Gustavson has this to say: "The digital debate camp is an awesome program. I have both participated at the camp as a student and staff member, and it is responsible for so much of my growth as a young high school debater, so much so that my school went on to hire multiple staff members as debate coaches/consultants. Unlike other more "traditional camps", the DDC takes place all in the comfort of your own home, and it does not just end after a few weeks. The staff members are always available to answer questions and give help all summer and during the debate season, the files and cards produced from the camp will be very useful for multiple argument positions on the topic, and the lectures and practice debates force debaters at any level to improve. The DDC is incredible, and like any other camp, you get out what you put in, but with this camp, what you put in financially makes this program one of the most cost-saving and reasonable ways to get very good at debate very quickly. The staff is always incredible, the lectures are detailed and oriented toward teaching students the art of persuasion and a work ethic that will produce debate success. The DDC is a program aimed at making students better at debate for a low cost. It has produced multiple TOC and NDT elimination round participants over the years. If you do it and are proactive about putting in the work to improve, you will enter the year more prepared for debates at all levels than your opponents."
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