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Found 16 results

  1. Hey does anyone have a discursive education impact like- "loss of education creates a devaluation of education for a society"?
  2. Catec01

    Anthro impact

    Please attach the best possible card for a terminal impact of anthro. It would be greatly appreciated.
  3. what are good economic competitiveness impact cards. Preferably just a straight impact, not a link chain. I know of Friedberg & Schoenfeld and Hubbard
  4. To sum up my case really quick, It's a softer version of a K aff (to work better in traditional states/schools/ lay judges) revolving around repealing the one child policy. The plan text is literally just asking China to abolish the policy. Again, it's like half and half on traditional case and K Aff. The impacts and advantages are more K like. All I need to seal my last argument is that worldwide discourse (or just discourse itself) solves for all problems (or just that it solves generally). I've been digging through all the files my team has and I can't find anything that says it like that. I thought that maybe someone from a more progressive district could have more K type cards like that. Any help is appreciated
  5. Not impact D, ill trade heavily pm me.
  6. im reading a policy aff with race and privacy advantages how useful is/ how much time should i spend doing impact framing in the 1ac? thanks!
  7. looking for answers to a terrorism disad that basically says education distracts from domestic terrorism; it's not about international terror, only national/domestic terror. impact framing cards would work fine; we have a total of 2 cards on it :l thanks!
  8. Hey oh! I'm currently prepping for our local circuit's first tournament. Trying to cut a Bio-D DA. Any super lay cards that don't lead to extinction that someone with the IQ of 81 could understand? Thanks! EDIT: I fixed the grammar mistake. S/O to Hannahkiin CAPITALISM IS NOT COOL and Rigbert for giving some good feedback. EDIT #2: ILY Cappy
  9. Looking for Turns to - - Heg - Cap - Biopower - Soft power - Econ (Dedev file) - Extinction (Wipeout file) - Disease
  10. How do I stick to my argument (economic collapse causes bad stuff (nuclear war, genocide, etc) ) when in CX they ask me, Ok, why didn't your impacts trigger in 08?
  11. Hey oh! I was wondering if someone could assist me in finding a card. I'm framing an argument that talks about the destructive nature of partisanship and was wondering if anyone had any sources or cards that can discuss the impact of American partisanship. Please and Thank You!
  12. I'm looking for an impact card for antibiotic resistance. I'm trying to say that antibiotic resistance leads to human extinction. I will trade for it. If you have anything on antibiotic resistance, please message me. I will trade for cards.
  13. I am a 2N and my partner is pushing us to make strong impact calc. If you have any tips on how to get better at this, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I'm relatively new to Policy Debate, and at a tournament last weekend there was this person who went Maverick and ran a thing called "whiteout" or an extinction impact turn. Their AC was a plan that baited the Negative to run a disad with an extinction impact, but then instead of refuting the disad they'd impact turn it, claiming that "extinction was good because life is suffering." Also, their NC was composed of a japan disad of the affirmative plan that yielded an extinction impact 100 or so years in the future, followed by a counterplan that would cause extinction "almost immediately." They then ran the same "extinction good because life is suffering" evidence and claimed that they outweighed on timeframe. Although this sounds odd, both the AC tactic of turning extinction and the extinction timeframe argument did well in several rounds and left my partner and I very confused. Does anybody have cards or evidence they could share regarding "extinction good" or an extinction impact turn? I also heard there's some specific philosopher associated with this idea. Thanks
  15. Hey y'all, does anyone have an impact card that says india-pakistan tensions escalate to nuke war?
  16. anyone have cards that I can trade for that say that soft left impacts (genocide) is worse than nuke war? DM me if so!
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