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Found 105 results

  1. How do we make this site better? Lets give us some ideas to push out to david and see... open to anything
  2. I started debating summer of 2018 and I only participated in one rookie and novice debate. However, due to the lack of varsity debaters on our school team and my current (and far more experienced) varsity partner's wishes of going to NAUDL, I was moved up to varsity off of 2 official debate league tournaments and one JV summer camp tournament. In December, I went to our debate league's fall championship, and I felt utterly useless because I didn't know how to properly flow, spread, understand spreading, do analytics, or answer cross x questions. I just kind of felt like dead weight for my partner -- I was only there to read cards so that she could prep during my speeches. My rebuttals were also utter garbage and at one point I needed my partner to type what I had to say on a google doc. How can I improve? I really want to do better but I don't even know how to spread or terms related to different AFFs. I'd really appreciate as much help as I can get, thank you!
  3. Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate if everyone could give me an explanation of how to answer Capitalism Good Turns. For example, Cap Solves War, Inequality, Poverty, Space, Racism, Warming. all with cards as to why citing aggregate data or whatever else. They also say that the examples of capitalism our cards mention are all pure capitalism, but the US has nuances and regulations of capitalism. How do you defend against those cap turns and other cap arguments? I feel like when I run cap, its a lost cause. Any tech arguments? Sincerely appreciate anything anyone can offer.
  4. Give it up for day 25 of the government shutdown... There is an important meet coming up this weekend, and I do not want to lose any rounds due to the shutdown. I know the government shutdown is just a partial shutdown, but does that still affect the areas dealing with immigration? In the beginning days of the shutdown, I ran a sort of made up DA saying that without government funding, no plan is able to pass. It worked for the round, but is that statement true? Thanks in advance...
  5. I want to run a plan specification argument, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing so. I know there are TSPEC and ASPEC args to make, but the one I'm looking to do deals more with the amount of immigrants being let in. Do I need cards with this spec arg?
  6. I know it's a little late in the season to be asking for help with affs, but I just need an aff topic for one week. My partner is going to be out of town, and there is not enough time to explain the depths of my regular case to a temporary partner. Really, what I'm looking for is a topic good enough to run for a week. Any little suggestion helps... 😁
  7. Aryan

    Agamben K

    Can someone explain the Agamben K? It's really intersting but hard to comprehend.
  8. What arguments go best against Topicality with Gender Asylum???
  9. Hey! My last year of high school debate was last year, but I'm really needing some help from the debate community. My friend's roommate has attempted to commit suicide and basically the university police told her that the problem wasn't that important and if she is going to harm herself to "use a clean blade." My friend and I found out that our university does not have explicit guidelines on what to do in this type of situation. Our campus police also aren't required to take a mental health training (expect for when they were in the police academy). There was a case last year during the education topic about guidance counselors only focusing on test scores rather than mental health. I could have sworn this was on open evidence, but I can't find it anywhere. We are going to propose a policy on mental health at our university. If you guys have any ideas/experiences with this feel free to send me a message! I'm trying to create the best outcome for this policy as possible. Even without the case I will be able to do adequate research, but I remembered that it had some pretty good evidence. If anyone has it/or cards that might help me pleeaaase let me know or if there is a place to purchase it! Thanks so much!
  10. I have already thought of 2 but I want to see if you guys can help me think of more.
  11. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
  12. Does anyone have any ideas on a topical version of the Virilio K aff because I am struggling to think of one?
  13. Hello cross x, I have a pretty big problem and I have tried to figure it out for a while, but I've come up with no solution. State is right around the corner and I'm having a huge partnership issue. My current partner and I are EXTREMELY close to qualifying but at the last 2 tournaments we went to, his performance as 2AC was poor and he was acting very sluggish the entire tournament. Usually Id say he was just exhausted but my team and I have reason to believe that was not the case and that this type of behavior and performance will continue. Now at this past tournament my coach set me up with someone else and we won the tournament, bringing us halfway to qualifying. Debating with him was a blast because I felt actually part of the team, and it was like we were equals, which is never the case with my current partner. Any advice would be great!
  14. Last year, I remember seing some teams make the framework argument that every case should have a "solvency advocate," or someone/piece of evidence that specifically and more-or-less explicitly says "We should do this plan." However, I've only ever seen this argument made as an analytics argument, a throwaway make-the-2AC-respond-then-promptly-drop-argument. So, my question is, is this argument ever made in a serious (round-winning) context? And, if so, what evidence and standards could teams use?
  15. Ok, so I have a ridiculous amount of word docs as I assume many debaters do. The problem is that I have no idea how to organize them to find and use cards effectively in round. Do any varsity debaters have any tips?
  16. Other post
  17. To sum up my case really quick, It's a softer version of a K aff (to work better in traditional states/schools/ lay judges) revolving around repealing the one child policy. The plan text is literally just asking China to abolish the policy. Again, it's like half and half on traditional case and K Aff. The impacts and advantages are more K like. All I need to seal my last argument is that worldwide discourse (or just discourse itself) solves for all problems (or just that it solves generally). I've been digging through all the files my team has and I can't find anything that says it like that. I thought that maybe someone from a more progressive district could have more K type cards like that. Any help is appreciated
  18. How does one go about writing a critical affirmative?
  19. Csayani


    Hello, I was cutting links for a biopower K when I came across this card. Can someone explain it to me? Nadesan 2008 (Marjia is an Associate Professor of Social and Behavioral sciences at Arizona State University “Governmentality Biopower and Everday Life” pg.5) Foucault argued that biopower involves both the life politics of population and the harnessing and disciplining of corporeal bodies. Although his later work emphasized the former expressions of biopower in order to address power’s productivity and circulation, discipline and sovereignty remain important dimensions of his approach to social anlaysis. Accordingly, it is my contention that analyses of how biopower operates must remain attuned to the systems of marginalization, exclusion, and discipline that supplement liberal technologies of the self implicated in the production of self-regulating agents. This emphasis on how biopower operates as a technology of power that both privileges and marginalizes, empowers and disciplines, sets this book apart from more optimistic formulations of biopwoer as a technology of optimization. Contemproary analyses of power and control must look beyond the disciplines and surveillance technologies of enclosed institutional spaces. Foucault (2007) argued that governmentality extends analysis beyond the inside of disciplinary insitiutions to the outside from spefiic institutional functions to dispersed, networked technologies of power that circulate across all domains of social life. Foucault’s shifted analysis to the outside because he saw historical shifts in the technologies and operations of social power. Gilles Deleuze (1992) coined the idea of “societies of control” (Deleuze, 1992, p.4) to address contemporary forms of power that circulate dynamically, producing individuals who experience themselves as internally fragmented, or dividuated, by dispersed networks (see also Hardt & Negri, 2000). Circulating networks often involve computerized strategies of surveillance, representation, and control, thereby requiring individuals to succumb to historically novel surveillance modes and disciplines while adopting new kinds of technologies of the self requiring continuous self-modulation.. Deleuze argued that market operations and logics have gained disproportionate power within contemporary societies through the iconic figure of the corporation, which encourages competition among individuals while dividing each person “within” with its imperatives for self-modulation (p.5). The corporation and financial capital circulate almost without limit, exacerbating old social divisions while also producing new forms of inclusion and exclusion. My work provides a genealogoy of the new societies of control and their attendant global market networks in order to explain the dispersion of neoliberal governmentality across social fields that older liberal governmentalities presented and constituted as distinct. Marketized neoliberal governmentalities increasingly shape the problem-solution frames and techonologies organizing conduct within state apparatuses and across everytday “private” life. Of particular interest for this project are the ways biopowers operations are transformed by market-oriented neoliberal govnernmentailiteis. Thus, this book emphasized how neoliberal market logics and technologies present particular biopolitical problematic and opportunities for state, market, and private actors while, simultaneously, shaping governmental approaches to representing and addressing these problematic. In what follows, I briefly introduce my approach to governmentality before outlining this book’s organization across chapters.
  20. I need to know more about this AFF and I'm willing to trade whatever anyone wants for a NEG file I don't have on this or how to defend against this AFF?
  21. If anybody is wants to help with with my cases for Jan/Feb that would be grealy appreciated. Any knowledge you would like to impose on me would be great (i.e. theory and K’s) seeing as I am fairly new to non-traditional/circuit LD. It would be nice no learn more about these areas.
  22. Im looking into making a case using the ideas of Quantum Physics. The basic thoughts I have right now is making a quantum network that will be connected to quantum computers specialized in running algorithms for medical research and maybe going through and using noaa for this any ideas would be great
  23. Hey everyone, I'm a 3 year debater and i had an aff case (on ocean clean up). But now, it seems that everyone can beat it. I was wondering if anyone has a good aff case that can help me make it or set it up. The thing is, i don't want to run a aff case that is on debate coaches. I want a brand new case that isn't there already. Or the other option is that if anyone is interested in making a new case with that would be great as well. If you guys want to from a group on making a new aff case or if you are interested then please contact me. If someone can help me, please do, you can email me at iram_gonzalez514@yahoo.com
  24. Hey there, So by some miracle, my partner and I qualified for NSDA nationals the other day. And after roughly 20 minutes of revelry, we realized that we had no idea how to prep for it. We are from a medium sized school with a weak policy program and don't have coaches to cut cards for us/that know too much about policy debate. So: 1) What do we need to be ready for? 2) How is NSDA different from the white, intellectual ghetto that is the West Oklahoma debate circuit? (We hit a K aff almost every round, and the negs almost invariably contain at least 1 K) 3) Is there a good way to hedge against really big/well coached/rich af teams? 4) How do judges react to performance debate? 5) Any tips to increase the chance of breaking?
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