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Found 105 results

  1. How do we make this site better? Lets give us some ideas to push out to david and see... open to anything
  2. kyunimi

    How can I improve?

    I started debating summer of 2018 and I only participated in one rookie and novice debate. However, due to the lack of varsity debaters on our school team and my current (and far more experienced) varsity partner's wishes of going to NAUDL, I was moved up to varsity off of 2 official debate league tournaments and one JV summer camp tournament. In December, I went to our debate league's fall championship, and I felt utterly useless because I didn't know how to properly flow, spread, understand spreading, do analytics, or answer cross x questions. I just kind of felt like dead weight for my partner -- I was only there to read cards so that she could prep during my speeches. My rebuttals were also utter garbage and at one point I needed my partner to type what I had to say on a google doc. How can I improve? I really want to do better but I don't even know how to spread or terms related to different AFFs. I'd really appreciate as much help as I can get, thank you!
  3. QuigleyD

    Cap Turns and General Nuances

    Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate if everyone could give me an explanation of how to answer Capitalism Good Turns. For example, Cap Solves War, Inequality, Poverty, Space, Racism, Warming. all with cards as to why citing aggregate data or whatever else. They also say that the examples of capitalism our cards mention are all pure capitalism, but the US has nuances and regulations of capitalism. How do you defend against those cap turns and other cap arguments? I feel like when I run cap, its a lost cause. Any tech arguments? Sincerely appreciate anything anyone can offer.
  4. kasn113

    (Partial) Government Shutdown

    Give it up for day 25 of the government shutdown... There is an important meet coming up this weekend, and I do not want to lose any rounds due to the shutdown. I know the government shutdown is just a partial shutdown, but does that still affect the areas dealing with immigration? In the beginning days of the shutdown, I ran a sort of made up DA saying that without government funding, no plan is able to pass. It worked for the round, but is that statement true? Thanks in advance...
  5. I want to run a plan specification argument, but I'm not really sure how to go about doing so. I know there are TSPEC and ASPEC args to make, but the one I'm looking to do deals more with the amount of immigrants being let in. Do I need cards with this spec arg?
  6. kasn113

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    I know it's a little late in the season to be asking for help with affs, but I just need an aff topic for one week. My partner is going to be out of town, and there is not enough time to explain the depths of my regular case to a temporary partner. Really, what I'm looking for is a topic good enough to run for a week. Any little suggestion helps... 😁
  7. Aryan

    Agamben K

    Can someone explain the Agamben K? It's really intersting but hard to comprehend.
  8. What arguments go best against Topicality with Gender Asylum???
  9. Hey! My last year of high school debate was last year, but I'm really needing some help from the debate community. My friend's roommate has attempted to commit suicide and basically the university police told her that the problem wasn't that important and if she is going to harm herself to "use a clean blade." My friend and I found out that our university does not have explicit guidelines on what to do in this type of situation. Our campus police also aren't required to take a mental health training (expect for when they were in the police academy). There was a case last year during the education topic about guidance counselors only focusing on test scores rather than mental health. I could have sworn this was on open evidence, but I can't find it anywhere. We are going to propose a policy on mental health at our university. If you guys have any ideas/experiences with this feel free to send me a message! I'm trying to create the best outcome for this policy as possible. Even without the case I will be able to do adequate research, but I remembered that it had some pretty good evidence. If anyone has it/or cards that might help me pleeaaase let me know or if there is a place to purchase it! Thanks so much!
  10. I have already thought of 2 but I want to see if you guys can help me think of more.
  11. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
  12. Here's the 1AC: http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/West+Bloomfield/Haran-Husic+Aff
  13. Does anyone have any ideas on a topical version of the Virilio K aff because I am struggling to think of one?
  14. magmahero

    Paperless Help

    I have been trying to install the Whitman (Verbatim) template on a Windows XP/Word 07 laptop, and have been having some technical difficulties. It would be so awesome if you guys could help. 1) The template is not my default. I have set up the template in the right folder, but when I open a new word doc, it does not open in the template. Is that supposed to happen? 2)the biggest problem I have been having is that when I open Debate.doc, some of the more basic macros work fine, but if I try send to speech or open virtual tub, I get an error message saying: "Compile error in hidden module", and then it opens a debugger. Have any of you had these problems before, or could you maybe direct me to a video of the installation process (I have read the installation instructions several times and do not see any mention of this) Thanks so much! Edit: fixed the problem with the template not always opening. the non-formatting macros still don't seem to be working.
  15. KenIsSwift

    Top 5 Affs from other workshops?

    Hey everyone, new to Cross-X.com, but I'd like some help finding the Best Affs from other Workshops (Camps). I have a google form survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco_3FLIxPbLm-6t8cEWx1_pqoxCOVXPfEgjUhZNXTkgdQtLw/viewform I'd appreciate if you guys helped me out. If anyone has any of their own affs that they want to add, that's fine by me. Thanks
  16. FlashJ596

    Partner Problem

    Hello cross x, I have a pretty big problem and I have tried to figure it out for a while, but I've come up with no solution. State is right around the corner and I'm having a huge partnership issue. My current partner and I are EXTREMELY close to qualifying but at the last 2 tournaments we went to, his performance as 2AC was poor and he was acting very sluggish the entire tournament. Usually Id say he was just exhausted but my team and I have reason to believe that was not the case and that this type of behavior and performance will continue. Now at this past tournament my coach set me up with someone else and we won the tournament, bringing us halfway to qualifying. Debating with him was a blast because I felt actually part of the team, and it was like we were equals, which is never the case with my current partner. Any advice would be great!
  17. SurelyYouJest

    What to do with the K

    So one question that I had when I watched an out-round involved a team reading a K of proliferation, and the aff conceding no impact / no internal link to prolif and then acted as though it no linked out of it. Is that a legit thing to do? It sounds sketchy
  18. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?
  19. TheNextBHAVdawg

    Links to Bernie Sanders bad DA

    I am cutting a Bernie Sanders election da and im trying to think of links to how bernie sanders could win. i have already thought of drones and racism as a link and that is the only one i have. also would this work as a performance solvency deficit?
  20. MarekIntan

    Solvency Advocate Framework

    Last year, I remember seing some teams make the framework argument that every case should have a "solvency advocate," or someone/piece of evidence that specifically and more-or-less explicitly says "We should do this plan." However, I've only ever seen this argument made as an analytics argument, a throwaway make-the-2AC-respond-then-promptly-drop-argument. So, my question is, is this argument ever made in a serious (round-winning) context? And, if so, what evidence and standards could teams use?
  21. TheBigDA

    Ridiculous Affs & Ks help

    How do you make arguments against things such as the "Aquaman" k or things like "the whole world is a dream so the harms of the case will not happen."?
  22. cantrell4

    Anthro Advantage Cards?

    I'm cutting an advantage that says plan isn't anthro, or is anti anthro. Otherwords, plan is best for animals and biodiversity. Any ideas?
  23. PHop1

    Thursday Files 14/15?

    Hello, so I am trying to purchase this weeks Thursday file but I can't find where it is posted to buy. I have already purchased the subscription. Please help!
  24. DrakeOlson

    Verbatim for Mac Help

    I'm trying to use verbatim on my mac to work with some files I downloaded from the Open Evidence Project but I am hopeless. I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure it out on my own and have resorted to asking the masses. Pls help