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Found 8 results

  1. Hey, Is there a k that deals with reincarnation? For example, it could say that death is inevitable, but reincarnation would bring us back to life through another form of being. The alternative could be to embrace the status quo This kind of relates to Hinduism/Buddhism. Is it possible to find literature like this? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if there will be any obscure, or if you are breaking a new aff at the Round up?
  3. So as this debate season is coming to an end, prepping for next year begins. What Ks, DAs, CPs, affs, and other arguments do you expect to hit and run next year?
  4. Hi member of the debate community! Please help me, my school very suddenly decided to cancel policy debate and I desperately need any form of debate getting back. We are constantly one of the most successful teams at our school, and the most successful within policy debate. Here are their arguments for ending policy 1. There is not enough money (this is only a small issue): We have offered to fund raise or pay out of pocket every bit of money they need. 2. Our success makes other students feel bad: This argument is simply ridiculous 3. There is not enough competition in our district: The number of teams in our district is only growing with plenty in our state. We also compete in a couple national circuit tournaments and plenty in the states surrounding us. If driving this far is an issue our parents have offered to drive as far as they need to. 4. Our coach is leaving: Our coach found a new coach who would work for free, and we have had five others offer. Including the most successful debater in our schools history. They expect us to switch to PF, LD, or a schools new congress team beginning next year, while there are many benefits of those forms of debates, we really would prefer not to switch with only a year or two left in our debate careers. Especially when we are relatively successful in policy and have dedicated so much time to finally be competitive teams. Our school decided this months ago, but told us last week. They have decided we do not work hard and do not deserve our success (I truly wish I was making this up), when all we do is work as hard as we can to become the best we possible can at policy. Please, any help you can possibly give or any suggestions you have, please send help!
  5. skyeleis

    Taoism K

    I need help trying to do a Taoism K. I don't have any idea how to start, and can't really find a pre-made one, or the resources to make one. Any ideas?
  6. hey all! other than using the good ol' handy dandy open evidence, how does one make a case neg? where do i start? what do i do? should i make case negs or case frontlines? thanks!!
  7. Long story short, my partner failed his french class with a 0 because he didn't do any work and now he's not eligible for Texas TFA state competition. I'm considering to maverick there and I'm wondering if there are any tricks and tips on mavericking. I'm also wondering if mavericking is an option or not for Texas TFA state because it didn't specify on the website.
  8. I'm somewhat new to Debate (Novice going Open). I ran into a SIV Visa case that I have no idea how to debate against. I can't find a way to really argue against the US Moral Obligation. The SIV Aff I went against only had 1 Advantage: US Obligation argues that US has yet to fulfill their end of the bargain for Iraqi & Afghanistan Translators under threat of Taliban Terrorism. 50,000 of them are backlogged & desperately need to come to the US (1 killed every 36 hrs) <-- 2015 card ! is a structural Violence (Ppl dying is bad Plan was vague Eliminates the Cap for SIV Translators One line of text that says would reduce applicant requirements Their solvency card also said that if the cap were be lowered than the Department of State would expedite visa processing. Framing Basically ignore any Large Impacts due to lower probability -i.e People dying now so, don't listen to Trump's Base US has a obligation to uphold their side With the Advantage only being about fulfilling obligations. I have little idea on how to convince a lay judge not to vote for this plan. In terms on Neg On-Case: I could only find arguments that there were process delays which was negated by their solvency I couldn't see a way to win an argument that when the translators went to the US they had borderline poverty because the Aff simply said working a low wage job is better than being dead Also the card that claims a language barrier in the process of applying for visa doesn't convince me since they are bilingual in English which would mean they probably could comprehend the application. So any of you give me ideas on what to run? If the aff is an entire moral obligation/structural Violence Impact. How can I garner offence against the case? Foreign Cps don't seem to work because the Aff has a clear US obligation DAs don't seemed to be very effective as people's lies at stake outweigh any potential large scale impact in most lay judges minds. (I also live in a quite conservative state that hardcore supports the military & its supporters). Can you even argue T? (I can see T-reduce doesn't mean eliminate but i've yet to see a judge vote T on nit picky differences) What On-Case could even work? Articles seem only to emphasize that we should do the plan and don't really list any cons except that the US processing is very slow (again solvency apparently ans. this + plan text). Thanks in advance!
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