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Found 14 results

  1. Hola, So I've recently been judged and gone against many people that have flowed on their computers rather than flowing traditionally on paper, many people have scolded me for using a computer for flowing, but really have had no reasons for why or why not you should use it. I am pretty fast at typing and can definitely type faster than I can write, so I don't really see a reason for why I shouldn't be flowing on a computer. What is your opinion?
  2. Hello, I need to improve my flowing speed, so I'm interested in knowing what unique shorthand and abbreviations you all use while flowing, past the basics (UQ, L, mpt/mpx/!, ptx, S, I, T, FW, ROB, arrows). Also, any other general flowing tips are appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Recently, I've been having some confusion over whether I should be flowing some arguments on framework or on case against planless K affs. Here's some questions I have: 1) Should the "reps don't shape reality" argument be flowed on case, or on framework? In recent memory, I have been flowing it on case because I consider it part of the solvency mechanism of the aff. 2) How about "discourse doesn't affect social change" (which is kinda the same thing) or "discourse cedes the political to the elites"? Should these be flowed on case or on framework? 3) This is only tangentially related, but does framework need independent voters? I have never seen a 1NC framework block that says "D. Vote negative because" but I'm thinking about including it in my own framework frontlines anyway. My reasoning is as follows: (a) Standards are usually voters in themselves, i.e. vote neg to preserve discussion of topic literature - best education. So I should not have a section devoted to explaining my voters, but ( Framework impacts are usually distinct from standards ("no switch side debate -> dogmatism") and framework impacts can usually be grouped under traditional Topicality voters, like fairness and education. Any insight on the matter would be most helpful.
  4. What is the most beautiful flow you have ever seen? Could you describe how it made you feel? In detail? but srsly, i low key feel like im flowing wrong, okay maybe not wrong but my flows definitely aren't ideal, could some post a picture of a flow so glorious and perfect it could put a man[person] to tears, just so I could grasp the absolute ideal. Edit: Excusme, im so gendered 2ND Edit: actually I want to make this thread about what symbols they use. Specifically, the short hand that people have adopted to make the flow more beautiful. Photo's are good still
  5. So I've been watching and (trying) flowing college rounds and I'm having a hard time flowing theory. I can get tags and stuff down without a problem, but when they get to Condo my flow just disappears. I usually can't get all of the standards down and I don't know where to put the theory on the flow, whether it be on the CP, K flow or on a separate piece of paper. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. danhep

    LD advice

    Ok so I'm an LDer and fell in love with the K at camp. However, I'm essentially a lone wolf and don't have much resources, so I'm deciding to invest my time in working on one solid K file. Which do you think is the most strategic to read - in terms of how many people prep it, how easy it is for opponents to understand, how many generic links there are, and how I can preclude the AC. Right now, I'm think of starting an OOO file, but feel free to change my mind.
  7. I've been flowing on paper for the past two years, and recently have had an urge to switch to flowing on my laptop. I have a template and all, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or pointers to flowing electronically? Also, is it worth the switch to begin flowing on a laptop, or is good old fashion legal paper and pens the way to go?
  8. Something I've seen a lot during K-heavy (often 1-off (especially college)) rounds is that my flow ends up being really messy - 1. there's huge overviews and little signposting. How does one even keep a coherent flow without having to constantly guess where arguments are located? 2. Oftentimes there's no roadmap at the beginning of the aff speeches? So what is the best way to keep a clean flow?
  9. Hi! I want to practice flowing more since im still a little subpar at it. Who are some fast spreaders to listen to? I'd preferably like more LD debaters to flow. I'd appreciate any help I can get
  10. Sometimes it feels as if there is too much evidence the other side reads and nuanced positions they take, and it gets too hard to read through all of it, indict the parts we can indict, and not just resort to prewritten blocks. For example, a 1ar can extend 2ac arguments on a disad without really addressing answers to that argument, or without comparing warrants and evidence quality, etc., or we debate case, but don't answer the aff's answer to case answers, etc. How can we process more information using less prep time? I'm looking for things like flowing methods that capture the nuance of the other side's argument but also don't waste time writing stuff down, or ways to write down answers to argument that allow for sufficient articulation but don't take a long to time to prepare, or drills.
  11. For going into the start of the incoming year, I was trying to find a format or template for flowing a policy round on the computer. Does anyone have any templates for how to do this? Or does anyone have any thoughts on if flowing on the computer is easier than flowing on multiple pieces of paper?
  12. dubnation82


    Hi, I have a couple of questions about flowing. 1) When my partner is the 1NC, I will be flowing his speech. After the 1NC, should we share flows considering that he hasn't flowed the 1NC, since he is the one who gave the speech? (i.e. he didn't write down cards or anything that he read on his flow, but I did) 2) When my partner is covering the 1NR and I'm the 2NC, should I be flowing my partner's 1NR? I have this question because if my partner is using my flow for the positions I didn't take in the 2nc, I won't have the args of the 2ac on those positions, because we shared flows. 3) When I am the 2ac, after the 2ac, should I use my partner's flow for the 2ar. This is because I can't flow the cards that I use during my 2ac, because I gave the speech. If I do use my partner's flow for the 2ar, how should I flow the cards that my partner reads in the 1ar, if he reads some? 4) Essentially, I just want clarification on how to flow with your partner during the round, as it is hard to flow the cards that you read during your speech (i.e it is hard to flow the cards I read in the 2ac, because I am the 2ac. Meanwhile, my partner can flow the cards I read.) Thanks!
  13. volchitsa


    I've been wondering if y'all have any tips on how to organize a flow. I can usually hear and write down the arguments, however, my flow is usually just a column of text. I do indent between arguments, of course. However, I've yet to find a way to delineate clearly between arguments so I know where one argument starts and another begins. I want advice on how to label or delineate between arguments on the flow in such a way that my eyes would immediately find it if I were to be trying to give a speech and needed to reference my flow. The current way I flow, It is very hard for me to give speeches off my flow because I can't find where the arguments are on the paper.
  14. Okay so I was wondering if there are any good computer programs out there that can be used for flowing on the computer? Something that I can use quickly and will keep the arguments easy to get to and organized
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