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Found 9 results

  1. what role does fiat play in a ptx debate? any info is appreciated
  2. So I was wondering if anyone has like a great alternative for a Baudrillard kritik of simulation (fiat) or what is the best alt to run with Baudrillard on the oceans topic this year. Also can I get some ideas for impacts because I have only 1 root cause arg in my file and need more. thanks
  3. AmAsKh

    Fiat Bad

    Hi All, I was looking for a fiat bad card and couldn't find one. Could anyone tell me where I could find a fiat bad card? Thanks, AmAsKh
  4. I understand the argument, but I feel like a "Fiat Good" argument is easy to prepare for. Any creative ways to answer this?
  5. CoachMel


    Hi, How much does an aff need to specify funding before becoming extra topical? How much can an aff fiat? Can an aff specify the amount of funding increase and fiat mechanisms to make that funding happen. It seems like affs are in a double bind between FSPEC and Extra-T. What is the balance between specifications, and what role does fiat play? What theory supports the idea that affirmatives can fiat the mechanisms of their funding? Thanks, Coach Mel
  6. So the Iron Fertilization Affirmative proposes the USFG to perform cutting-edge research in order to have a Geo-Engineering ban lifted that was put in place by the UN. Furthermore, allowing the USFG to fertilize the ocean with iron. There is literature that states that the UN will lift the ban when research is provided, consequently allowing iron fertilization to be a normal process in subduing the effects of climate change. Now, I find the solvency a little poopy with this plan text due to the fact that there is no "gaurantee" that the UN will lift the ban, or that the research will suffice for the UN to do so. My question being; Could I change the plan text to include the actual implementation of Iron Fertilization which would include the needed research? I was wondering if i could use Fiat to do so and claim in the second plank of my plan that "All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void". I was just curious if it is possible to fiat the UN and say that the international laws are declared null and void. If I could do this, the Aff would be more than decent and would suffice to the scenarios that I have cut. Please leave your opinions and answers, thank you! -Allen
  7. aff


    What does "Fiat" mean and how can you use that in a debate round? What about "Try or Die"? Whats the best way of answering the spending DA? It is a good idea to have a global warming impact? and if so how do you answer it?
  8. I understand that Fiat is basicly, let it be done, and ultimately says that congress will pass the bill and funding is not a problem. is there anything else fiat does?
  9. Hi, I'm looking for direction regarding using framework as a tool against kritiks read by the negative team in the 1NC. Sometimes, I find they preempt framework by reading a card along the lines of "your notion of fiat papers over important issues" or something like that in the 1NC. Most of the time though, their is no specific FW found in their 1NC, and they use the 2NC to finally develop FW, if it is to make an appearance in the debate. I'm getting sick of hearing, "they conceded our framework so that means you evaluate this round under the scope of [THEIR AUTHOR] and prioritize our impacts," when we both know they articulated only a semblance of framework in the 1NC. So, I'm here seeking guidance on how to write 2AC blocks that provide an interp and defend policy action under the resolution. Again, I'm not 100% sure of what this would look like. Are their any camp files that have pre-made blocks for this sort of thing? Do framework arguments against kritiks just devolve down to "reps don't shape reality"?
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