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Found 50 results

  1. I'm looking for useful blocks appropriate to the Nov/Dec LD topic. I have some already prepared that I can/ am willing to trade. Blocks with evidence are preffered (always) but will take/trade with what's offered. I compete this week, the next, and the 12/13 of december (I think.) Just shoot me a message and I'll respond!
  2. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  3. Last year, I remember seing some teams make the framework argument that every case should have a "solvency advocate," or someone/piece of evidence that specifically and more-or-less explicitly says "We should do this plan." However, I've only ever seen this argument made as an analytics argument, a throwaway make-the-2AC-respond-then-promptly-drop-argument. So, my question is, is this argument ever made in a serious (round-winning) context? And, if so, what evidence and standards could teams use?
  4. Any one have a full necropolitics file? willing to trade a bunch of other kritiks
  5. Hey all, I'm starting a V Debate Tourney, pm me if you're in.
  6. Why don't debaters give away free files? I understand that many people want something in return for their hard work, but why don't cards circulate for free all that often? Why is trading seen as a necessity?
  7. Not impact D, ill trade heavily pm me.
  8. What should you run when you're neg and someone runs erpa. Also if anyone has any negative evidence for erpa that they would like to share that would be much appreciated.
  9. I don't know if anyone here has posted this yet but recently U of Oregon just published ALL of their parli backfiles on net-benefits. I decided to post it here and spread the information . (Even though it's parli backfiles, you can apply it to any type of debate really. The knowledge within is pretty vast) Here's the message enclosed by the original poster from U of Oregon: We don’t know how other teams organize their files or research, but at Oregon we have playbooks. This is a compilation of several years worth of work for FV's shells, front lines, second lines, impact framing, theory, kritiks etc. Selfishly, we’d like to know that all that effort wasn’t just for us and that it doesn’t just evaporate now that we’re no longer competing. We know that we’re incredibly privileged to have had the outrageously good coaching that we’ve had, and few other programs can boast that kind of talent helping them. We sincerely believe the framework argument we read at nationals that says status quo debate privileges the resource rich and disadvantages the resource poor. We think this is a step towards redistributing the wealth (still going for Marx; always going for Marx). I don’t for a second believe that I won top speaker at the NPTE and Mile High purely on talent and pulling up my bootstraps. I’ve worked hard, yes, but I also systematically benefited from the context I found myself in and did nothing to earn. If this can help one less privileged program or one less experienced debater feel like they can get ahead and get one over on someone they’re not ‘supposed’ to beat, then posting this is a huge success. These aren’t our secret, special, amazingly unique answers to text comp. Use as much or as little of this as you want. Please send this to teams you think could get something out of it. We should also note that we can’t claim credit for writing 100% of everything in here. Yes, some of it is shamelessly ripped from backfiles or was written by former or present coaches and teammates. Some of it is also arguments that we heard older debaters from other programs reading when we went to watch their debates and wanted to emulate how they did things, because we looked up to them and liked how they were explaining arguments. In addition, we want to say that we consulted our teammates – especially and particularly those who will be returning to parli next year – before posting this. They deserve credit for supporting us in this effort. As a final thought, this year our team went through some very dark times. Just showing up to tournaments was hard. We often listened to music while traveling and doing debate work, so we leave you with this thought from the Blue Scholars’ "Yuri Kochiyama" that really kept us going during some of the hardest moments, “You coulda said it quits many times/ever since and you find/there will always be a reason for the fist/The last one to hold him coulda been somebody else/you’d still be remembered for the people that you helped/ they said keep tryin’/but never losin’ hope/revolutionaries die, but the revolution don’t/and it won’t”. Keep fightin’ the good fight. Be the change you want to see. Your comrades, Liz & Kehl Oregon FM (Fetherwinkle/ Marineau). U of Oregon Playbook PDF.pdf U of Oregon Playbook Word.docx
  10. Ok, I have a full aff case that I am retiring, its a turn on the NDCA NAFTA case, fully cut with lots of extra ev all found by me and homecut, I really need some original case to run at state and a couple of other tourneys. So if anyone wants to trade a good Aff case or ev, or even have an idea for as case I'm up for trade. NOTE: The case has been run in about 22 rounds and never been beat.
  11. Hey all, when can we do an online tourney? I will start a bracket, PM me if you want to register. - Jake
  12. hey everyone, my partner and I are the first policy debaters ever from our school, and we seriously lack resources. outside of all the financial burdens associated with running a new debate program, between the two of us and our volunteer coach who has a life outside of debate, we do not have time to cut and highlight enough stuff to be adequately prepared for everything we might hit on our circuit. as such, we rely pretty heavily on publicly available evidence from schools like MBA, LASA, and Shawnee Mission East that put all their stuff on the wiki, in full, highlighted and everything and it makes a huge difference for us, particularly in the areas of offcase blocks and case negs. I was wondering if anyone here knew any other good schools that publish full opensource documents? The more evidence we can get, the better We do cut our own aff and our own offcase (which are as generic as generic can be), so we engage in the research/prep aspect of debate as much as we can, but there is a disparity between the ground we're capable of covering and what it takes to be set up for success. So any help would be much appreciated
  13. Hello All, My team is interested in buying evidence in the following year from the sites below. We have never done this before, and would like to hear your reviews on the evidence provided by the sites. Also, please note that we are a pretty small team with a cap of spending at $300 - $400. Any reviews will help! 1.TheForensicsFiles - http://www.theforensicsfiles.com/china.html 2. BigSkyDebate - http://bigskydebate.com/collections/2016-2017-debate-packages/products/2016-2017-complete-policy-package 3.West Coast Publishing Policy Evidence Set - http://www.wcdebate.storebuilderplus.com/catalog/item/4466113/4473864.htm 4.Paradigm Debate - http://oneparadigm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Catalogue_Color-2016.pdf 5.National Debate Handbook 2016-2017 - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html 6.The Negative Casebooks 2016-2017 on CD - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html 7. Kritik Killer CD 2016-2017 - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html - $30.00 Thanks, AmAsKh
  14. Interested in trading for cases, briefs, blocks for the March April LD Topic Message me if interested Thanks
  15. Hello, so I am trying to purchase this weeks Thursday file but I can't find where it is posted to buy. I have already purchased the subscription. Please help!
  16. looking for answers to a terrorism disad that basically says education distracts from domestic terrorism; it's not about international terror, only national/domestic terror. impact framing cards would work fine; we have a total of 2 cards on it :l thanks!
  17. I have a lot of logical answers to the K, but I was looking for something more along the lines of "Fatalism is bad." Do y'all have cards like this?
  18. The Public Forum is a community service project that provides free evidence to PF debaters. We will be posting links to our free files throughout the year on Facebook and Twitter, so follow us on social media to receive instant updates. If you have any questions about the project or want to request evidence for a specific argument please comment on our Facebook page or tweet at us @thepublicforum. You can also contact us at freepfevidence@gmail.com
  19. In case anyone needs some help finding things to use for the September-October Lincoln-Douglas debate topic for 2014, I have made a file containing links to sources that could be helpful for your cases on both Affirmative and Negative. Anyone with this link can access the file on my Google Drive, so feel free to check them out! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i43DBv51MZeO04Xo63wRLxtf1pEr_Z9lU7W4IbA_fik/edit?usp=sharing
  20. I got a 1NC K shell based off of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and discusses how diplomatic endeavors shouldn't be prioritized but rather we can't reach that stage without solving for poverty. Needs extension. Willing to trade for anything to do w/ china.
  21. I can't find this card. I need it for a victimization k I'm writing. I've been unable to get a copy of the book or find a file with it. If anyone has it could they post it or email it to me? joshsmithld@gmail.com Thanks, the cite is below. Victimization turns and outweighs the case it causes oppression and denies agency Kappeller 95 (Susanne, Associate Prof @ Al-Akhawayn University, The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behavior, pg. 18) There cannot therefore…….. on account of oppression.
  22. Hey y'all, I was wondering if anyone had the Hudson '13 card I can get, willing to trade for it if need be. I need to be ready for blackness rounds for nats! Thanks!
  23. Anyone have a card that might indicate the severity of STDS. I'm thinking of it more as a counter to a nuclear war disad?
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