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Found 49 results

  1. Hey! My last year of high school debate was last year, but I'm really needing some help from the debate community. My friend's roommate has attempted to commit suicide and basically the university police told her that the problem wasn't that important and if she is going to harm herself to "use a clean blade." My friend and I found out that our university does not have explicit guidelines on what to do in this type of situation. Our campus police also aren't required to take a mental health training (expect for when they were in the police academy). There was a case last year during the education topic about guidance counselors only focusing on test scores rather than mental health. I could have sworn this was on open evidence, but I can't find it anywhere. We are going to propose a policy on mental health at our university. If you guys have any ideas/experiences with this feel free to send me a message! I'm trying to create the best outcome for this policy as possible. Even without the case I will be able to do adequate research, but I remembered that it had some pretty good evidence. If anyone has it/or cards that might help me pleeaaase let me know or if there is a place to purchase it! Thanks so much!
  2. fuckyadebate

    Non-Topical Perfomance Teams

    Who are some good performance teams who are non-topical (specifically on neg) who I can look at their wiki for ideas on what to include in my future performances?
  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2018 Camp Files

    does anyone know if any camps have released their files yet? If you can find any please link them. Thanks.
  4. coyotedb8

    Starter Packs - Immigration Topic

    Starter packs, anyone? TIA
  5. Jullianv1

    Card on STD impact

    Anyone have a card that might indicate the severity of STDS. I'm thinking of it more as a counter to a nuclear war disad?
  6. EndlessFacepalm

    Probably a Novice Question...

    Why don't debaters give away free files? I understand that many people want something in return for their hard work, but why don't cards circulate for free all that often? Why is trading seen as a necessity?
  7. vpandey


    Any one have a full necropolitics file? willing to trade a bunch of other kritiks
  8. Hello All, My team is interested in buying evidence in the following year from the sites below. We have never done this before, and would like to hear your reviews on the evidence provided by the sites. Also, please note that we are a pretty small team with a cap of spending at $300 - $400. Any reviews will help! 1.TheForensicsFiles - http://www.theforensicsfiles.com/china.html 2. BigSkyDebate - http://bigskydebate.com/collections/2016-2017-debate-packages/products/2016-2017-complete-policy-package 3.West Coast Publishing Policy Evidence Set - http://www.wcdebate.storebuilderplus.com/catalog/item/4466113/4473864.htm 4.Paradigm Debate - http://oneparadigm.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Catalogue_Color-2016.pdf 5.National Debate Handbook 2016-2017 - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html 6.The Negative Casebooks 2016-2017 on CD - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html 7. Kritik Killer CD 2016-2017 - http://www.baylorbriefs.com/Site_2/Policy_Debate.html - $30.00 Thanks, AmAsKh
  9. Thrillh0

    comprehensive impact file

    Not impact D, ill trade heavily pm me.
  10. cmeyer73


    Does anyone have back or masterfiles for the reparations topic? Pm me
  11. I can't find this card. I need it for a victimization k I'm writing. I've been unable to get a copy of the book or find a file with it. If anyone has it could they post it or email it to me? joshsmithld@gmail.com Thanks, the cite is below. Victimization turns and outweighs the case it causes oppression and denies agency Kappeller 95 (Susanne, Associate Prof @ Al-Akhawayn University, The Will to Violence: The Politics of Personal Behavior, pg. 18) There cannot therefore…….. on account of oppression.
  12. Does anyone have a fully blocked out Race/Wilderson K? Willing to trade heavily, PM me for a trade.
  13. ConsultVerminSupreme

    "Queer Race" by Ian Barnard

    http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/10350339909360432#preview If anyone has a pdf I'd really appreciate it, I really don't have the money to be buying it ... I'd be willing to consider a trade for it.
  14. Comrod

    Aquaculture Cost Card

    Hi I'm writing an aquaculture aff to use this year and I'm wondering if there are any cards that specifically state how expensive an aquaculture farm would be (for instance, 1 hectare). I'm on a pretty lay circuit, so knowing the cost is pretty significant (neg teams claim ambiguity is abusive because they like spending DAs a lot). All help is appreciated.
  15. My partner and I have been hitting a lot of NAD Bank and just overall Mexico cases. We were wondering if anyone had some DA's or Counterplans that are effective against them. We have a few but need some more to stay competitive. We are willing to do a trade for some of the stuff we have written.
  16. Adidas06

    Legendary Evidence

    What are cards that make you say "oh shit" when you here them.
  17. In case anyone needs some help finding things to use for the September-October Lincoln-Douglas debate topic for 2014, I have made a file containing links to sources that could be helpful for your cases on both Affirmative and Negative. Anyone with this link can access the file on my Google Drive, so feel free to check them out! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i43DBv51MZeO04Xo63wRLxtf1pEr_Z9lU7W4IbA_fik/edit?usp=sharing
  18. dayahdover

    Negative Affirmatives

    I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about when I say negative affirmatives, as I've coined the term myself. I was thinking of writing a case that's nearly the opposite of a typical affirmative, such as one using my negative evidence to make the affirmative. An example would be banning seismic testing in the ocean, lengthening the drill ban, etc. Does anybody have any ideas for this? We did one last year strengthening the embargo.
  19. Nonegfiat

    opensource cards from the wiki

    hey everyone, my partner and I are the first policy debaters ever from our school, and we seriously lack resources. outside of all the financial burdens associated with running a new debate program, between the two of us and our volunteer coach who has a life outside of debate, we do not have time to cut and highlight enough stuff to be adequately prepared for everything we might hit on our circuit. as such, we rely pretty heavily on publicly available evidence from schools like MBA, LASA, and Shawnee Mission East that put all their stuff on the wiki, in full, highlighted and everything and it makes a huge difference for us, particularly in the areas of offcase blocks and case negs. I was wondering if anyone here knew any other good schools that publish full opensource documents? The more evidence we can get, the better We do cut our own aff and our own offcase (which are as generic as generic can be), so we engage in the research/prep aspect of debate as much as we can, but there is a disparity between the ground we're capable of covering and what it takes to be set up for success. So any help would be much appreciated
  20. LuciferLovesLD

    Lincoln Douglas Collaboration

    Hi everyone. I started a massive online shared google drive for lincoln douglas evidence sharing. we have tens of thousands of pages of information, the only thing you need to do to access it is upload your contributions to the drive. this can be cases, a few cards, a brief we don't have yet (i think we have them all for this topic besides tff) or backfiles on just about anything. If you want to join you can contact me at Bocajrelznuk@gmail.com or you can PM me here but I do check my email more often. Good luck this season! - LuciferLovesLD
  21. PHop1

    Thursday Files 14/15?

    Hello, so I am trying to purchase this weeks Thursday file but I can't find where it is posted to buy. I have already purchased the subscription. Please help!
  22. KritikallySound

    V Debate Tourney

    Hey all, I'm starting a V Debate Tourney, pm me if you're in.
  23. dayahdover

    Negative Affirmatives

    I'm not sure if you know what I'm talking about when I say negative affirmatives, as I've coined the term myself. I was thinking of writing a case that's nearly the opposite of a typical affirmative, such as one using my negative evidence to make the affirmative. An example would be banning seismic testing in the ocean, lengthening the drill ban, etc. Does anybody have any ideas for this? We did one last year strengthening the embargo.
  24. JolenMartinez

    Frontier Kritik

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone could explain the frontier kritik for me, and if someone would be willing to trade for it. Thank you.
  25. debait

    Processing information

    Sometimes it feels as if there is too much evidence the other side reads and nuanced positions they take, and it gets too hard to read through all of it, indict the parts we can indict, and not just resort to prewritten blocks. For example, a 1ar can extend 2ac arguments on a disad without really addressing answers to that argument, or without comparing warrants and evidence quality, etc., or we debate case, but don't answer the aff's answer to case answers, etc. How can we process more information using less prep time? I'm looking for things like flowing methods that capture the nuance of the other side's argument but also don't waste time writing stuff down, or ways to write down answers to argument that allow for sufficient articulation but don't take a long to time to prepare, or drills.