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Found 17 results

  1. I have a good Hillary Good-PLTX Disad with a lot of extensions, and the impact scenario is really interchangeable with any impacts you might already have. I'll take any decent home written disad, and I am willing to edit the deal (add on, take something else in return, etc.) to make it work.
  2. ok, so this is probably a supes stupid question, but would a non-unique da with an alternative (framed like a K) be legit? Or would you just have to concede presumption, lay out impacts of the squo and plan, and run a cp?
  3. hey, I was just wondering if there were any generic DA's that any of you ran for cases you don't have specific evidence on
  4. I have a 1Nc Shell along with several other cards. The 1NC has internal links, impacts, and December 2013 Uniquness. The other cards include extra solvency and answers to ocean acidification the 1NC has an LD link but can easily be reworded to fit any policy case with global warming impacts. All I want is an AT File for Foucault or AT Deep Ecology. Thanks and PM me.
  5. Can someone explain this disad to me?
  6. I would like to run a DA and a CP combination in the future when I am off-packet. Do you have any recommendations on what DAs and CPs are good to run with each other? Thanks!
  7. I've been having a hard time looking for a DA that isn't pres. powers or terror. It would be nice if they were easy enough to understand so that a novice could understand it, but if they aren't that easy to understand, that's okay, too, as long as somebody explains it well enough. Thank you so much in advance!
  8. so this year's topic seems really filled with trump-esque DA's (for good reason) but they are getting a little bit boring imo. Was wondering if ya'll are running anything remotely interesting that you'd like to share or if anyone would like to brainstorm some new stuff.
  9. looking for answers to a terrorism disad that basically says education distracts from domestic terrorism; it's not about international terror, only national/domestic terror. impact framing cards would work fine; we have a total of 2 cards on it :l thanks!
  10. What is the riders da? I've heard it's one of the most hated arguments, like kind of on the same level as aspec. I've never seen it before. Can someone explain what is? I'm just curious EDIT: i figured it out. I see why it's hated so much. But is it really that different from agenda politics in terms of what it does? I guess agenda politics is a lot more debatable on the uq and link questions
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a card that says plan is a win for dems. Anyone willing to point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  12. Whenever I read online about Politics DAs, I always find that people bash on them for some reason, and from what I understand, Politics DAs are somehow different than other DAs. How are Poltics DAs different from "regular" DAs, and why are they sometimes looked down upon? Also, I came across this page, and I don't understand the rationale behind these reasons: http://learnpolicydebate.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/reasons-why-the-politics-disadvantage-is-the-worst-disadvantage-in-policy-debate/ If anybody could help me understand, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. I have a handwritten 1NC Shell, it would just be in case you ever get in a pinch.. It has a K I handwrote, w/ updated cards. I'm not sure what to call it but it's combinations of Dodds and Zizek. I have a CP, DA The DA is critical and has an impact of racism and the cp solves for it. There are a few answers to perm on the cp and an alt impact for the DA in the file. Its a total of about 45 pages. Pm for more detailed descriptions. Open for really anything trading wise. Just trying to expand all of my files. ***Also have a good file of zizek evidence
  14. I'm putting together a perception DA(about Rio Earth Summit) which is not on open ev. I wouldn't say it's ideal to go for in the 2NR but it's fun watching the 2ac freak out about it. I'm willing to trade it for a Baudrillard file or any other da's y'all have that aren't on open ev.
  15. Do you think its one of the NSA affs, or the TSA affs? Or is it something else entirely? I feel like this is definitely the best (and maybe only) generic DA this year, but it feels like there's a major stretch for the link in some debates.
  16. I'm a first year LD debater, going to CLD/VLD in three weeks. CPs, Disads, and Ks, are to be expected at this tournament. We haven't learned how to write nor answer any of these. Not looking to write any currently but I have no clue how to answer them. Or what to expect with them. I'm really freaking out for this tournament.. Any help appreciated.
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