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Found 38 results

  1. I'll trade HEAVILY - I has Black Fem K, Fem Intersectionality K, Taoism K, DnG Ks, Death Cult K, OOO K, Queer Privacy K, Speed K, and a few others.
  2. I have already thought of 2 but I want to see if you guys can help me think of more.
  3. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
  4. danhep

    Black Fem Help

    I cut a bunch of cards for intersectionality/black feminism (Crenshaw, Broeck, hooks, etc.), and I'm not sure what is necessary for the K. Is feminist intersectionality and black fem 2 different Ks? What card should I use as an alt for Black Fem?
  5. Looking for Turns to - - Heg - Cap - Biopower - Soft power - Econ (Dedev file) - Extinction (Wipeout file) - Disease
  6. Jullianv1

    International law card

    Does anyone have a card or source that justifies the importance of international law? Like, how undermining the law or international treaties would lead to a collapse of it & global instability,- or something of that nature? Im trying to use this for the new cx topic- anyone have anything?
  7. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  8. courageous

    The novice LD or CX choice

    I am bringing a girl into my school's debate program and I'm trying to decide which event will suit her best. What qualities make up a good CX or LD debater? What are some factors to consider when choosing?
  9. chair

    Writing a PTX DA

    trying to write a good politics da, but trying for something not generic and updated. ideas?
  10. darthbob56

    Weird and squirrely Ks

    Hello everyone I a pretty new coach in the area I'm in ,and I have an interest in weird and squirrely ks. If you have any links for any arguments that are pretty squirrely id appreciate it and or files that you could give me. Thank you again
  11. Jullianv1

    Complexity K

    I have seen this term/k brought up a lot, and what I understand from it is that: "Policy making & our world is too complex for crazy link chains to be probable or waste time on." It seems to make sense to me, and looks like a good way to reject crazy disads. But, I dont understand its operation as a K?
  12. darthbob56

    UIL CX State preditions

    Post your predictions on state winners in cx 1a-Lometa 2a-Cross roads 3a-Whitesboro 4a-(?) 5a- Lindale 6a-Hendrickson
  13. CXthulhu

    Ks with a vote aft/neg to reject

    I am trying to figure out if people win with an alternative along the lines of "Vote affirmative to show you support the K, therefore solving it in the real world." If you've won with a K with a similar alternative, please tell me what K it was and what the alternative text stated.
  14. Jullianv1

    wtf is the guam aff

    sos whats the guam aff- how do I respond to it?
  15. Jullianv1

    Security K construction

    I want to construct my first Kritik 100% from my own cuts and whatnot. Does anyone know anything good authors/sources to start on the construction of a security kritk (AC portrays china as more of a threat than it realistically is in order to justify almost limitless action + need to reevaluate how we understand politics and threats to prevent actual actual escalation). Do I have a proper conception of the kritik? Also- I have heard that Zizek is a fun/interesting kritik to make- would this 1) Be easier and 2) be more competitive as a K?
  16. Hello everyone, Exodus Files here with an important announcement. As our company grows, we are investing our resources in growing debate, one way that we are doing that is publishing online debate materials to help you become the debater you want to be. Latoya Green, the Director of Debate at California State Univeristy- Fullerton, has offered her expertise in this video lecture and we couldn't be more excited to share this awesome video with you! Rounds are won and lost in cross-examination, and believe it or not, the 3 minute period is a lot more than just asking questions. If you're wanting to step your debating up to the next level check out the video link below to watch the awesome lecture. If you want to see more material like this, let us know and feel free to give topic ideas for other lectures in the comments below. https://exodusfiles.org/blogs/cross-examination-strategy/latoya-greens-cross-examination-tips
  17. WeAffirmFilm

    Be a part new debate documentary!

    Hi, this is the director and producer of the film We Affirm! We Affirm is a new and upcoming documentary about the world of high school debate. We created this film with the intention to educate those not in the debate community about what exactly it is that we do and why we are so passionate about it. We also want this to be a film for debaters by debaters, which is where you guys come in! We want to be able to have debaters from all across the nation and globe to a part of this film. One of the biggest aspects of this film is focusing on the voice of debaters and letting them share how debate has affected their lives. If you would like to be a part of this, then just create a video and send it to weaffirmdoc@gmail.com . The video does not have to be anything fancy and can really just be shot on your webcam. All you need to do is say your name and where you are from and then answer the following questions: Why did you join debate? After joining, why have you chosen to stick around? How has debate impacted or changed your life? We look forward to working with all of you and hope to hear back from you all soon! If you would like to learn more about us you can check out our Indie Go Go page, too. igg.me/at/we-affirm-debate-documentary
  18. Jullianv1

    wtf is the guam aff

    sos whats the guam aff- how do I respond to it?
  19. MrRipstein15

    Looking to Hire Berkeley Judges 2015

    Logan High Schoo (Utah) l is looking to hire judges in for the Berkeley tournament in CX, LD and PF. Pay per round negotiable. Let me know if you are interested. Can just message me on here. Thanks!
  20. Hey, I am a Novice LDer and am going to a big tournament soon, which I heard is pretty progressive. Can someone help me out with progressive LD, I come from one of the most traditional circuits.
  21. Jullianv1

    A good strat against nano?

    What is a good neg strat against a nano aff? I heard something about heidaggar?
  22. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  23. queenofdisaster

    the education topic

    what are y'all planning to do for it? i have a few aff ideas, but i've done very little research on the topic. edit: yikes i accidentally made two threads??
  24. queenofdisaster

    the education topic

    what are y'all planning to do for it? i have a few aff ideas, but i've done very little research on the topic
  25. Jullianv1

    i need disclosure cards

    does anyone have the Torvalds/Linux or antonio* cards on disclosure- or anyhting else