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Found 4 results

  1. So I've been having a lot of... debate... with my family over the activity. I do LD, and love it. I've learned so much from it in the year I've done it - how to research, about current events, and - now that I'm focusing on K debate - critical issues like capitalism, racism, sexism, and homophobia that are all very real in our society. The people in the community are wonderful, and I've made most of my friends through it. However, my parents are less happy about it, and I can see where they're coming from. I think that last year could have gone worse grade-wise (I ended with just one B out of As in my classes), but I was always thinking about debate one way or another, and when I got my laptop, I would do a little Spanish work, switch to Word to work on a spike, do a little English HW, go back to reading Giroux for half an hour. My parents also noticed that I was more stressed out - especially before tournaments. They also start to lose faith in debate as public speaking when they see TOC finals where people are talking at 8453 wpm. I'm taking AP Biology this coming year, along with Honors Chemistry and other Honors courses. I'm a little worried that I might be able to keep up with the curriculum, from what I gather from my textbooks, and I'll definitely have to study the material at home. My family and I had a long discussion, and we came up with a some options: 1. I continue with the activity as before, and may or may not keep up my grades. 2. I stop going to local tourneys. Allows me to still do tech debate, which I love (but my parents hate), but will require a lot of preparation beforehand that might conflict with me studying at home. 3. I quit Forensics entirely. Solves all academic impacts but links to an Extreme Sadness DA. 4. I stay in the Forensics community and do OO or another activity that more visibly perfects public-speaking skills. Maybe I'll go to a local tourney or two for old times' sake. Are there any other alternatives possible in my situation? I really want to debate, but I don't want to sacrifice my grades, for a "game", as much as it hurts to say it. Can someone also hmu with a "benefits of debate" backfile or something because I wanna prep out the usual responses ("tech debate is stupid" "how is radical anarcho-super-destructionist theory going to help you become a doctor" "you haven't become a better speaker, just able to talk really fast and argue with me better")
  2. Hello y'all, I am researching academic publications that study policy debate, and specifically I am looking for any sort of data/research/empirics on marginalized group's participation/success in policy debate (eg. my ideal article would be a somewhat recent survey of the structural trends preventing lower income/disabled/black/queer/female from the same kind of participation/success affluent white males enjoy in the activity with data and context on that situation) that I can use for evidence. In fact, it doesn't necessarily have to be a peer reviewed source, but then it ought to come from a qualified source. I noticed that community familiar Dr. Shanara Reid-Brinkley has been published in a journal called Argumentation and Advocacy by the American Forensics Association, which does contain some useful articles, but are either a.) not in the context of competitive debate or b.) decades old and not relevant to the changing culture of debate. Also note that my argument is less interested in explicit theory (eg. Wilderson/Black Ontology applied to Debate) and more interested in actual data/experience. I apologize if this question has already been properly addressed on Cross-x, however I could not find it. Best and appreciate the help, Lolwut5
  3. As the new debate season kicks off and teams around the country prep for tournaments, I hope you all remember why Whitman debate ceases to exist. This is a reminder that the Whitman team was not simply defunded-- it was shut down because of repeated instances of sexual misconduct and gender based discrimination. While the school's official statement may have glazed over the severity of the situation, this is nonetheless the case. I sincerely hope you all take the time to really inform yourselves about the situation surrounding the suspension before supporting Whitman debate or debaters, which inevitably ensures the existence of the debate culture that has hurt so many. http://whitmanpioneer.com/opinion/2015/05/07/guest-column-womens-victories-do-not-erase-systemic-debate-sexism/
  4. This kritik could work on any aff willing to change the way ISIS is acting now. The kritik would express the American people viewing themselves as the best country in the world and how we would want to convert ISIS, or any other power we try to influence, to our American standards. This is bad because we view ourselves as the perfect country which could lead to the destruction of a culture if the aff is pushed through. If ISIS were to convert, America would be not only destroying a culture and interfering with religious views, but, also, convert more people to the view of a "perfect" country leading to more conversion and the destruction of more cultures and so on. I dont know. Just suggesting ideas. Could this work?
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