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Found 18 results

  1. Looking for a normativity Kritik for my team. Anyone know where I could find one? Thanks in advance.
  2. Looking for a normativity Kritik for my team. Anyone know where I could find one? Thanks in advance.
  3. So maybe I have just the wrong idea of how a Security K works, but I do not understand how to run this type of K with a topic that requires negative action, like curtailing of surveillance, and still be able to link to an aff. Do I just have to go strictly advantage/impact based links? Or am I missing something? If it's advantaged based, how do I go about doing that?
  4. What do yall's 2ac's to K's look like? I remember hearing some acronym, it was like soapt, or poats, or something... Specifically, how do your blocks differ when running policy affs vs k affs? And what are your most common 1ar/2ar strats you go for against the K? I'm aware that your A2's change depending on the K, but, you know, in general...
  5. So my partner and I have started cutting a sec K, mostly from Dawkins. The only trouble we've had so far is finding specific links. We've been cutting state links (USFG is inherently religious, etc.) but I don't think very many judges would love to vote on that. Any suggestions?
  6. I am interested in the Complexity/Predictions K. The alt for the one I'm looking at is moving towards the complexity theory from the linear system which is being used in the status quo. I don't really understand what the complexity theory is. Im guessing the linear system is based upon links? Im not sure about that. Can someone explain this? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I've been hearing about security ks a lot recently but, what are they actually? What's the general gist of the argument? Whats the alt? What authors should I read up on? Any help would be awesome
  8. Hey I'm not really into performance nor do I really pursue it as a very competitive debate experience, but I do want to try and have the experience of running one even if its just in a mock. My main motivation is to run this against a couple of ppl on our squad that don't really flow and get lazy when cutting evidence, especially before state tournaments. I want to freak them out and scare them straight while having a little fun in the process. My idea for the performance would be that I would either create large cards in big text that would say what the card tags and authors are, or learn sign language or something in order to show how our team is making debate accessible to everyone. Feedback?
  9. Hello I am a novice looking to learn how to run K's and better understand them. I know the basic structure well. Where can I find info on how to run one or if anyone has any advice on where to start with getting to know K's. Also if you recommend any books or philosophers to read that would be very helpful!
  10. Alrighty, so I come from a very non-critical 4A circuit in OK... But starting last year, K's have found their way creeping into our debate, and my partner and I have decided to embrace them wholeheartedly. I learned the basics on debating against a K last year, and this year, we've run a K almost every round. My personal favourites are Cap and Colonialism/Settlerism. Which brings me to the first part of my question... What is some good literature for colonialism? I had a very K-Based debater help me (and by that, I mean he practically cut all of it while I smiled and nodded) with writing this settlerism K, and it's all based around the colonization of indigenous lands and peoples (because, you know, Cherokee land). What is some good literature/authors to read to get a better understanding/more cards for this? Also, what are some plans/ways I can link plans into this K? Now, onto the second part... I feel that I want to take on the challenge of cutting my own K. I've had my mind set on Statism/Anarchism, but honestly it's not set in stone. What is a good beginning K to write? What is another one for my partner to start on? What are some authors to go along with them?
  11. What K's or K authors do you really believe when you read? But not just general concepts like "antiblackness bad" with wilderson, but stuff like "the black body is ontologically dead" etc? What concepts behind K's do you think are legit?
  12. Hi, i'm a first year debater, and I was wondering if anyone could explain the Cap K? Thanks
  13. I'm still very confused on how to answer a k, which is bad because where i'm from, I'll most likely have many ks read against me next year. Can someone please explain unique ways to respond to a k, or how i'd even respond to a k in the first place? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Does anyone by any chance have a necropolitics file that they could kindly share?
  15. 8off

    K BEFORE Theory?

    I've heard a lot of "K outweighs theory" and "Theory bad" arguments, e.g. stopping oppression, the theory links into the K, etc., but not many "K comes first" args. I want to be able to run a K and also layer the debate with some theory, but I don't want someone saying "he conflicts" or "his theory links into the K", so could someone point me in the right direction for arguments saying the K actually comes before theory (i.e. operates on a higher level)? I do LD.
  16. Hello, So basically my partner an I don't eat animals and have similar interests in animal rights. We were thinking of cutting an anthro K both for fun but also to be competitive as it will not be expected and it's actually very similar to other solid ks like wilderson etc. I have seen two problems to begin with: A- most have a link of omission and B- because of this perm is extra easy. Any ideas on how I can avoid/answer these? I'm working on it and any ideas would be appreciated
  17. Can someone explain afro-optimism and just what's its general message? Is it the opposite of afro-pessismism? Any authors/books I should read to learn more on the literature? Is it relatively common? Sorry about all these questions, i'm still relatively new to ks. Any help would be appreciated
  18. I've been looking a lot into kritiks and was curious how they would do in PF. I know for sure that I want to run a Patriarch or Fem IR K and Freire one on a different case. I've already found previously made Ks for each one, but I'm not exactly sure to cut them and make them effective for PF.
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