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Found 12 results

  1. Hey all, I'm starting a V Debate Tourney, pm me if you're in.
  2. I made a bet with someone on my squad that there was not a chance in hell that they could legitimately win a round where they could only go for a states cp/federalism da combo. Will I lose my money? why?
  3. I would like to run a DA and a CP combination in the future when I am off-packet. Do you have any recommendations on what DAs and CPs are good to run with each other? Thanks!
  4. Last weekend I went to my 2nd tournament. (First novice tournament, I went to my first tournament open). My partner and I got 3rd place. We won our first four rounds easily, but the 5th round was a little more difficult. To add on to our arguments, I decided to run a conditional counterplan. I explained to the judge and opposing team how a counterplan worked as did my partner at the beginning of every one of our speeches. (Long explanation first speech, couple sentences every speech after). I thought we had it in the bag. Then I shook the affirmative team's hand and went to go shake the hand of the judge. He said to me "This was my first time judging and I really didn't know what was going on." At that point my heart sank. We ended up losing the round. He put two reason on the ballot. a) Because in their last rebuttal, the aff team said that our counterplan wasn't a legitimate counterplan because it was nontopical and because of an argument about China (which was a new argument that they brought up in their last rebuttal). I really enjoy kritiks and counterplans. I have been told numerous times by my debate coach to never run a kritik in a novice tournament. She also told me if I ran a counterplan I would have to explain it in a way that would make sense to the judge. Basically, my question is this: Is there anyway I can run a kritik or counterplan at a novice tournament that would make sense to a lay judge? (College judges are a little different). Also, would a judge find it offensive if I asked them their paradigm or if they liked kritiks/counterplans? I ask this question because one of our teams at that tournament because a judge felt insulted by them.
  5. As soon as I heard the candidate "Deez Nuts" was running for president under the independent party, I immediately thought of running a Consult Deez Nuts CP. It would basically say how corrupt the current two-party system we live under is, and how we need a new refreshing view on the world. Thus, the independent party would be the perfect solution. And who better to ask than Deez Nuts, who clearly has the right way of thinking. So, consult the independent party, specifically Deez Nuts, before running your AFF. Then we found out he was actually some 15 year old Iowa kid and it crumbled Still, judges are people just like anyone else. They'd enjoy a bit of humor like that.
  6. I have a handwritten 1NC Shell, it would just be in case you ever get in a pinch.. It has a K I handwrote, w/ updated cards. I'm not sure what to call it but it's combinations of Dodds and Zizek. I have a CP, DA The DA is critical and has an impact of racism and the cp solves for it. There are a few answers to perm on the cp and an alt impact for the DA in the file. Its a total of about 45 pages. Pm for more detailed descriptions. Open for really anything trading wise. Just trying to expand all of my files. ***Also have a good file of zizek evidence
  7. Hello folks, I am thinking of combining the State Citizenship CP made by HSS and the State Sponsored-VIsa CP cut by Mich. Basically my idea is that states should be allowed to establish their own citizenships while also sponsor their own visa that directly connects to the naturalization for their state citizenship. Side note the state citizenship visa offers a second option for immigrants who can't get Federal citizenship. My question is like is there any theory arguments on these type of CP and is it strategic to run the two CPs as one or run them separately? Also just some common strategies flaw with this CP Thank you
  8. Sorry for all my questions. Thanks so much for your answers to these posts -- they've been tremendously helpful. I've been reading a lot about realism and the threat-con K recently, and I'm realizing that I don't understand what makes a critique a critique. Here's my understanding of how a threat-con K typically works: A. Link: realism bad because you create enemies when you call them enemies (self-fulfilling prophecies). E.g. moving troops near a supposed adversary turns them into an adversary even if they previously weren't because they have to act defensively. B. Impact: everyone dies. C. Alternative: stop viewing countries as categorically "good" or "bad" -- remove "ally" and "enemy" labels. Here's what I don't get... How is that not just a disadvantage or a counterplan? Can't I achieve the same thing by saying: Disad: calling X country an enemy turns them into an enemy when they're actually not one, which links to everyone dying. I read the following in William Bennett's 1996 Rostrum article "An Introduction to the 'Kritik'": But how do you divorce assumptions and policy implications? In a K, we care about the assumption only because of its impact (isn't the format of a K supposed to be link/impact/alternative?)... so how can we say that a K is only about core assumptions? And by saying that a K doesn't assume the burdens of a DA, isn't that just trying to be lazy about writing what's actually a DA? Thanks in advance for clarifying. It's a big help.
  9. Before I post this counterplan I just wanna say this is my first one I have written, and I have almost 0 experience with any counterplans. I'm looking for What needs to be changed Will it work What should be added Any formatting changes maybe that list is pretty repetitive but yeah advice tips comments revisions is greatly appreciated thanks SUPER AWESOME COUNTERPLAN INTRODUCTION: Even though quantum physics is still full of surprises, researchers are using some of its concepts to create new technologies that can be used to better the world. That "fasten your seatbelt" light on airplanes may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to quantum turbulence experiments conducted by researchers in Brazil [source: American Institute of Physics]. As we've discussed, quantum cryptography can safeguard data on computers, while quantum computing will help those computers run faster [source: University of California - Santa Barbara]. An aspect of quantum physics called entanglement -- the quantum interconnection of atoms separated by distance -- may help make solar energy more accessible [source: American Institute of Physics]. Scientists have also discovered that algae may use quantum mechanics to store energy in two places at once, perhaps setting an example for how we can use quantum principles even if we don't understand them [source: University of Toronto]. The field of medicine, both traditional and alternative, offers many possibilities for the use of quantum physics concepts, from the identification of cancer cells to promoting r.(DONT READ THIS All above is direct quote from from DISCOVERY.COM) In the scientific community breakthroughs are made by applying theoretical ideas to real world problems and making solutions out of these problems.When we apply the quantum mechanics to our real world problems we open up a vast new field of opportunities that will forever leave a mark to its impacts on humanity. New ideas towards, medicine, computation, and multiple dimensions can be explored by looking at our oceans. Not only will problems currently going on in our world be solved but all problems can be solved in our world with the Multi World Theory or MWT PLAN The US Federal Government should take 20% of all congressmen ($174,000) and senators ($223,500) salaries which equates to 27,394,500 $. This money will be used to start the federal agency QPRD Quantum Physics research development This process goes through Fiat. 40% of all resources be used towards MWT(Multi world theory) Contention I : This research could help us gain more access to multiple dimensions which would ultimately end to all death and problems in the world A: “In 1954, a young student at Princeton University named Hugh Everett proposed a radical supposition that differed from the popular models of quantum mechanics. Everett did not believe that observation causes quantum matter to stop behaving in multiple forms Instead, he argued that observation of quantum matter creates a split in the universe. In other words, the universe makes copies of itself to account for all the possibilities and these duplicates will proceed independently. Every time a photon is measured, for instance, a scientist in one universe will analyze it in waveform and the same scientist in another universe will analyze it in particle form. Each of these universes offers a unique and independent reality that coexists with other parallel universes. If Everett’s Many-Worlds Theory (MWT) is true, it holds many ramifications that completely transform our perceptions on life. Any action that has more than one possible result produces a split in the universe. Thus, there are an infinite number of parallel universes and infinite copies of each person.” Universetoday.com Jason Chu B: “some version of that person in a parallel universe – has done or will do everything” “Moreover, the MWT implies that everybody is immortal. Old age will no longer be a surefire killer, as some alternate realities could be so scientifically and technologically advanced that they have developed an anti-aging medicine. If you do die in one world, another version of you in another world will survive.” Universetoday.com Jason Chu The study of Quantum Physics leads to more advancements towards MWT which can for example. stop the death of everyone in the world open up opportunities towards much more advanced technologies a world where the wrong decisions we have made does not exist In laymans terms the MWT theory can help us find a world where there is no death, and no more problems through the idea that there are infinite possibilities for any choice we make. We have the opportunity to fund something that can end any possible problem ever encountered by the human race through the theory that every choice ever made exists in a different reality. Contention II:Quantum Computing used towards our problems will result in advancements in the fields of medicine, data computation, and encryption. A:”quantum computing is “essentially harnessing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process information.”” Quantum mechanics, in turn, encompasses the mechanics of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles.”A quantum computer is different from a traditional computer in the way that it processes information. A traditional computer uses strings of “bits,” which encode information in zeroes and ones. A quantum computer uses qubits, or quantum bits, units of a quantum system that encodes the zeroes and ones into two distinguishable quantum states. A qubit can represent a zero, a one, or both values simultaneously. But because qubits behave “quantumly,” it’s subject to quantum effects like superposition and entanglement.”Wallstreetcheatsheet.com Jess Bolluyt B: “Cryptography is a tool that enables the secure transmission of a secret message between a sender and a recipient from any potential eavesdropper. Traditionally the sender is called Alice, the recipient Bob, and the eavesdropper Eve. Quantum cryptography is a particular form of cryptography that relies on the laws of quantum mechanics in order to ensure unconditional security. Traditional forms of cryptography, which are of everyday use, either rely on a public key that everybody can access or on a private key.” “Public key cryptography is widely used for example by banks to perform secure money transfer, or over the Internet for securing websites access. The security of public key cryptography relies on the difficulty to realise an efficient algorithm to “crack” the communication. However these protocols are not unconditionally secure because no mathematical theorem forbids Eve to build a clever revolutionary algorithm, or a quantum computer, that will allow her to crack such codes. On the other hand, private key cryptography can be unconditionally secure if encryption techniques such as the ‘one time pad’ are performed. The weakness of these techniques is that the key has to be securely transmitted by Alice to Bob, whilst at the same time they are using cryptography because they cannot rely on their classical transmission channels.Quantum cryptography elegantly solves this dilemma by enabling the unconditionally secure transmission of a random binary key between Alice and Bob, and hence is very often referenced as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). Basically, the security of the transmission is ensured by the no-cloning theorem that forbids the perfect reproduction, or cloning, of a quantum system without disturbing it, therefore enabling you to detect the presence of a potential eavesdropper. cqc2t.org Australian Government research council C: “Nuclear winter, but don’t count on that happening. In a 2009 paper for the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, cybersecurity analyst Jason Fritz described how computer hackers could trigger a nuclear war. Hackers would infiltrate the detection systems of a nuclear state, he wrote, and fool its military into believing a nuclear strike was already underway. Officials would have 15 minutes, at most, to decide whether the alarm was genuine and how to respond. The hackers could create confusion during that brief period by shutting down communications systems with a denial-of-service attack—an event that would mimic the electrical disruptions that might occur if a nuclear weapon were to detonate in the atmosphere above the country. Ultimately, the panicked leaders might order a counterstrike, leading to an all-out nuclear war. Most cybersecurity experts regard this scenario as exceedingly far-fetched, though. There are too many encryption points, and too much human involvement, in nuclear launch systems for this to happen.” slate.com Brian Palmer D:”The human genome program is important because it uses information from DNA to develop new ways to treat, cure, or even prevent the thousands of diseases that afflict humankind.” Serend.brynmawr.edu “Computers are responsible for the DNA searching, alignment, and sequence reassembly; their involvement has greatly improved genome identification results in terms of speed, efficiency, and accuracy.In the realm of database searching, computers take scanned data and use one of the specified algorithms to search the target database for the query sequence. This is not as simple as it sounds, and was vital to the sequencing of the genome. BLAST, FastA, and Smith-Waterman are all examples of such algorithms.” cs.standford.edu There were 2,515,458 deaths in 2010 from disease in the US alone E: “Quantum computers use subtle physical behaviors of quantum mechanical systems for computing. Such computers may solve some problems, such as integer factoring, dramatically faster than conventional machines” demonstrations.wolfram.com Tad Hogg Quantum computation can lead to advancements in the research of cures for disease, advancements in our understanding of the human body, and medicine . Aswell as stopping a potential nuclear war through a new innovative unbreakable encryption method to stop hackers from causing nuclear wars among other things. F:Nuclear war can be prevented by this plan causing the huge impact of lives not ending “On the morning of 6 August 1945 an American B-29 bomber, the 'Enola Gay', dropped the first atomic bomb used in warfare on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The bomb was dropped by parachute and exploded 580m (1,900ft) above the ground. Between 60,000 and 80,000 people were killed instantly.” bbc.co.uk “A war using even a small percentage of the world's nuclear weapons threatens the lives of two billion people, a new report warns.” "The prospect of a decade of widespread hunger and intense social and economic instability in the world’s largest country has immense implications for the entire global community, as does the possibility that the huge declines in Chinese wheat production will be matched by similar declines in other wheat producing countries," commondreams.org Andrea Germanos, and ippnw.org Significance of whole plan: Our plan would stop nuclear war in the long term and short term, help create cures, and advance our knowledge of the human body and the way we think of medicine thus helping with curing diseases by using quantum computation and preventing disease and alignments of the body. There have been 50,451,402 deaths as of november 16 2014(worldmeter.info) All of these deaths could have possibly been stopped with the MWT if our plan was implemented earlier. Our plan will lead to the end of all problems and deaths in the long term with the Multi World Theory. The AFF does not have a large enough impact compared to ours for we have any problem they could possibly be solving for solved by our plan. They are only taking resources from the federal government that could be used towards our research and thus hindering the prevention of all deaths in our world. Made by Riley Mccarn
  10. What ground will the neg have for next year's education resolution? I know that there's a lot of ground for kritiks, but what about regular impacts, disadvantages, and counterplans? Is next year's topic debatable in an area that has mainly stock issues judges?
  11. Samferd

    LD jargon

    There are multitude of term in LD that get me caught off guard, and with no clear understanding of many of the terms it is difficult to participate in a theory/kritick debate. I have heard terms such as COI, RVI, FIAT, and ROB; without the understanding of these terms it is near impossible to combat them while not looking like a fool. Thus, it would be complementary if someone could provide as many terms and analysis of these terms as possible. Also, Im well familiar with terms in substance (traditional) debate so you can steer clear of them if you want. Thanks before hand .
  12. Also, if anyone happens to have a pretty good file on it that's not the one on open ev, that would be excellent.
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