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Found 16 results

  1. I'm looking for useful blocks appropriate to the Nov/Dec LD topic. I have some already prepared that I can/ am willing to trade. Blocks with evidence are preffered (always) but will take/trade with what's offered. I compete this week, the next, and the 12/13 of december (I think.) Just shoot me a message and I'll respond!
  2. I'm thinking of writing a Marxism aff for this years topic, education. The plan text would be that the USFG should increase funding towards programs that teach Marxist thought in High School. What I specifically want some help with is how should I look for articles to create cards from. I've done some googling and I can't find any articles saying the US should teach Marxism.
  3. Why don't debaters give away free files? I understand that many people want something in return for their hard work, but why don't cards circulate for free all that often? Why is trading seen as a necessity?
  4. Hello, I just started policy debate and the problem is my spreading is really bad. I came here from another country and started learning english at around 7 so I still carry an accent and when I spread it sounds really unclear. But a second problem is also that I keep getting stumped on words, I get what they mean and I can read it perfectly in my head but when its time to spread the cards I keep pausing and stuttering :[ This is preventing me from reading more cards and bringing in more arguments in my speeches, any tips to help me fix this? Thank you.
  5. hey everyone, my partner and I are the first policy debaters ever from our school, and we seriously lack resources. outside of all the financial burdens associated with running a new debate program, between the two of us and our volunteer coach who has a life outside of debate, we do not have time to cut and highlight enough stuff to be adequately prepared for everything we might hit on our circuit. as such, we rely pretty heavily on publicly available evidence from schools like MBA, LASA, and Shawnee Mission East that put all their stuff on the wiki, in full, highlighted and everything and it makes a huge difference for us, particularly in the areas of offcase blocks and case negs. I was wondering if anyone here knew any other good schools that publish full opensource documents? The more evidence we can get, the better We do cut our own aff and our own offcase (which are as generic as generic can be), so we engage in the research/prep aspect of debate as much as we can, but there is a disparity between the ground we're capable of covering and what it takes to be set up for success. So any help would be much appreciated
  6. Does anyone have any good cards for energy/military/econ is key to getting off the rock or any getting off the rock impact cards? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have a lot of logical answers to the K, but I was looking for something more along the lines of "Fatalism is bad." Do y'all have cards like this?
  8. I will not be competing for the rest of this month so have some files: Included is a development K with FIve Impacts (Why Five Impacts? Cuz Yolo) 2 Affs 1 Neg 1 DA Anti-Capitalism Aff.docx Conseq Aff.docx Mikey Neg.docx Dutch Disease DA.docx All countries are developing T.docx On Case Development K.docx
  9. Straight up cards that say something along the lines of "We live in a corporate surveillance state" and "Corporations have a tight grip on government" I mean, I would think they'd be easier to find, but I've looked off for some, but then, I suck at evidence searching. I can't promise anything spectacular in return, but I'll do my best.
  10. Hello, Ive been debating for a year in the Oregon/ a little Washington circuit. A lot of the people who win the Washington bid tourney's run Util stuff, so I'm planning on joining the party. I was wondering if people had some solid Util justification, evidence, and tips on how to respond to the common Util refutations. I don't have much of value to give back to you, I'm sorry, I'm kinda new in the progressive theme. Anyways, pm me or post it here, thank you and have a nice day.
  11. I'm cutting an advantage that says plan isn't anthro, or is anti anthro. Otherwords, plan is best for animals and biodiversity. Any ideas?
  12. does anyone have a card that says this? or just an author? specifically preventing nuke war.
  13. Does anybody have performance bad cards or blocks? I am willing to trade.
  14. It can be for any reason, be it applicability to real life, a strategic move, or anything else. Mine is the role of Gender Identity in International Relations, mostly because it matters, but also because it matters. (Thanks for this Snarf!) My second are ballot commodification Kritiks, because it keeps people from abusing debate as a society.
  15. I am in emergency need of biotech bad cards. Specifically Biotech is bad with regards to disease and agriculture. I need these as soon as possible and will offer a Leviathan K, an Ivory Tower K, and a Baudrillard Paradox to anyone who can provide cards for this. Please message me if you are willing to make this trade.
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