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Found 44 results

  1. misrap354

    2018-2019 AFF list

    Has anyone starting a running list off known camp affs on this topic?it would gladly help if you could share im kinda out of the loop rn
  2. Hi Everyone! If you've seen much of my content you might know that I am the owner and Director of Debate at the Digital Debate Camp. We are an online camp that aims to replace the pedagogical function of the traditional camp structure by utilizing online education strategies. We function the same as a regular normal camp in theory - there are lectures, practice speeches, and tons of 1-on-1 instruction (but more on that later). While we can't quite recreate the special feeling of a summer immersed in debate surrounded by peers, we also know that access to a traditional camp is often far outside the means of most debaters. Because we can sidestep the fixed costs of housing etc. the Digital Debate Camp is priced at a modest $400. When I was in high school my family couldn't come close to affording a top camp without significant financial aid, and because we heavily privilege accessibility, we maintain an aggressive aid program with an enormous success rate. We don't think we can eclipse the formal camp structure, but we have a lot to offer. Our camp is quite long - we run from June 1st to August 1st. Second, we offer more 1-on-1 instruction than any other camp I know. Our instructors offer dozens of office hours a piece each week, ensuring someone will always be available when you are for practice speeches, argument development, file critique, or whatever else you may want out of an instructor. We instruct LD, PF, and Policy debate. We are also specially attuned to novice debate, from middle school on up. You can find out more at our new, updated website: www.digitaldebatecamp.com If you have any questions, I'd love to take them here, or you can contact me directly through our website. Note to mods: I've paid to advertise on the site every time I've been prompted. The website owner can feel free to take advertising fees for this summer from my residual evazon balance.
  3. dante111

    UTNIF 2018

    Anyone going? If you are, pm me so we can hang
  4. Hi, I went to UTNIF last year and it really boosted my debte career. Next year I will be a junior and aiming for Nats and going to the TOC. Which debate camps do you guys recommend?
  5. im a rising junior looking to go to debate camp this summer and was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions. i run policy affs but lots of ks on the neg and i think i might want to try running a k aff for the 2015-16 season. i need a camp that starts around july 11-13 at earliest. additionally does anyone know if wake earliest bird is the only 1 week intensive out there thanks a lot!!
  6. JolenMartinez

    Debate Camps (UT?)

    Hello everyone! I I signed up for UTNIF in Austin, and was wondering if anyone else was going to this and if they have in past years. If not to UT, then where is everyone else going across the nation? This is my first time attending any debate camp and I was interested in knowing the run down of how they proceed, and what was your experience in one. Thank you! Respectfully, JM
  7. DongerLord420

    Best Camps

    Which of the camps are best for a debater going into their junior year - U Mich 7 week K lab, UTNIF 6 week survivors, or Gonzaga 6 Week. Or are there any others that are super good?
  8. Just want to know who will be attending the 2014 MNDI??? I'm going.
  9. I posted about this before but there have been major updates. So basically GDI 5 week soph is going to cost me 2,000 (that is without the plane ride from Illinois to Spokane but the plane ride will cost about 400). MSU 4 week will cost me 2400 and I will drive there. Which camp is better and which is a better bang for the buck?
  10. kylerbuckner

    Best K Camp

    What's the best K camp that isn't Michigan 7 and reasonably priced?
  11. KenIsSwift

    Top 5 Affs from other workshops?

    Hey everyone, new to Cross-X.com, but I'd like some help finding the Best Affs from other Workshops (Camps). I have a google form survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco_3FLIxPbLm-6t8cEWx1_pqoxCOVXPfEgjUhZNXTkgdQtLw/viewform I'd appreciate if you guys helped me out. If anyone has any of their own affs that they want to add, that's fine by me. Thanks
  12. I will be a rising senior this summer and want to go to the best camp possible. The cost doesn't matter and I'm down for a 7 week program. Right now I'm looking at Hoya spartan scholars as my top choice, but I went to northwestern last year and might want to attend their 6 week seniors program. Any advice on which would be better for me? (And my partner has already decided on definitely attending northwestern 6 week. He is also a rising senior and we've never gone to camp without each other, but we don't debate together at the camp tournament)
  13. Hey yall, My parents an unwilling to put down more than 2000 for debate camp, which really limits my options. I am a rising senior, and my partner is going to a pretty good camp, and I'm looking for the best camp that I could go to in this situation that could increase our chances of making it to some bid rounds next year. I am willing to work extensively, regardless of where I end up. Right now, I am considering the 4 week K lab at the GDI as I know I can get enough of a scholarship there to reach the 2000 range, but if anyone as any other suggestions or feedback, that would be very helpful! thank you(: Also, to advance this question, is the week GDI K lab sufficient to set somebody up for reaching bid rounds?
  14. I am a a novice from Idaho who is going to move to the open level next year. Should I go to the UTNIF skills intensiveor the 2 week Gonzaga program. Money is not an isue I just want to go to the camp that will help me the best.
  15. What's the caliber of the kids who attend? I'm thinking of going this summer, but don't know what level the kids who usually go are at. I know they have a lot of very good national teams who attend, but are those the only kids who go? I went to UTNIF LD last year and competed in LD at the beginning of the year on the TFA circuit, but started doing policy around December and have been pretty successful at it, but I'm not a TOC policy debater is what I'm trying to say. I do, though, have a lot of experience with progressive debate. My partner and I run Ks (successfully), I can spread, I have decent amount of experience researching/constructing arguments, etc. I'll be going into my junior year, and I just want to make sure I won't feel "left out" because I'm not a TOC/nationally qualified debater.
  16. ItAintRalphTho

    Indiana University?

    Any of you ever been to the Hoosier Debate Camp? If so was it worth it and how's the coaching? Trying to find myself an inexpensive 2 or 3 week any time this summer. also if any of you have been to either wyoming or MSDI feel free to tell me about them. Just trying to find a good 2 or 3 week deal
  17. Keagan


    http://caldebatecamp.com/7-week-policy/ so ive been looking into this debate camp and I think it looks pretty good. It has some pretty qualified lab leaders so it might be a promising camp for this summer although it is relatively new. Can anyone look into this (who has more knowledge in the college debate community) and tell me what their predictions for how it is going to be for this year. thanks
  18. I'm a freshman, to be sophomore, and am looking into camp for this summer. My partner and I have run USFG plan text policy affs all season, in JV/Novice, since this is our first year in policy, but we are hoping to run a K Aff next year and we do currently run Ks on the neg. So, I've been hearing a lot of mixed opinions on this, and am curious as to which one is better: GDI 5 week sophomores or 4 week varsity? Better as in lab leaders, content, expectations, lectures, competition, etc. My partner is going to 4 week, and I'll most likely go to that one as well since 5 week is probably filled up, but I'd still love to hear everyone's opinions. Thanks!!
  19. Do you guys know any good scholarships specifically awarded for debate camps? I'm not afraid about being applicable to their financial aid/scholarship criteria? What are some ways to get to camp besides relying on my parents, getting a job, or waiting for donations from peers?
  20. I'm a rising junior and recently found out I got accepted into GDI Scholars. For any of you who have gone in the past, could you all answer some of these questions? I just want to make the most out of my camp experience and i'm super excited to go. Thanks What should i expect about the camp? Should I sign up for the extension week? Full meal plan or partial? Any other tips?
  21. Any supplies besides the obvious (clothes labtop etc) that you regret not taking with you to Debate Camp? I leave Sunday morning at 3 AM for Weber State and am curious as to any last minute things I should buy.
  22. longhornsdp

    Camp Files

    Has anyone found camps that have released their starter pack yet?
  23. As a rising sophomore, I'm looking into camps. I am a freshman novice right now, and I've done pretty well and somehow ended up with some trophies haha, so i'm looking to get an edge before my first year on Varsity. I'm currently looking into Georgetown, Gonzaga Sophomores, and UNTIF Sophomore Select. My concerns are 1. If Georgetown teaches kritikal topics? Like how to answers K's and how to run K's. 2. If Gonzaga 5 weeks is too long and gets boring/too tiring 3. If UNTIF's location is too hot and not enjoyable 4. If UNTIF is too critically oriented. I'm looking for a solid camp where I can learn both sides (policy and critical) and have a fun time. Thanks! P.S. I'm open to any suggestions but I'd like to not spend TOO much money.
  24. So what's the day like at the classic? Is it cutting cards all day or lectures or what? Also how much free time do you have, what's campus like, etcetera? Thanks in advance!
  25. Keagan

    7 week debate camps

    So this year I attended UTNIF 3 Weeks Skills Intensive and I really enjoyed it. From the people I met to how much better I got at debate. From my great experience and success in this season so far, I was wondering and already planning to attend a 7 week debate camp. The questions that I am most concerned with at the moment are: 1) What are the best 7 week debate camps and why? 2) What was your experience (if you went to it) and do you think it was worth it/how much better did you become? P.S. I already know that how much better you become is dependent on how seriously you take the camp as well as how much you actually work.