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Found 22 results

  1. Does anybody have a copy of The Ecstasy of Communication by Baudrillard? If anybody does much appreciated.
  2. Does anyone have a suffering olympics Baudrillard card? I think its like "saying one ethical issue takes precedence over another is bad." or something. It might not be baudrillard. Posting the card would help.
  3. Does anyone have a suffering olympics Baudrillard card? I think its like "saying one ethical issue takes precedence over another is bad." or something. It might not be baudrillard. Posting the card would help.
  4. I was wondering if there is currently a K that combines the ideas of both Baudrillard and Zizek since they speak of hyperreality and fantasy respectively. Pretty much what I want the K to be is that we can't solve anything because of the whole hyperreality bs AND that we are trapped in a fantasy of sorts.
  5. Is there an argument that our simulated weighing of the potential for peoples' deaths against each other is bad? I feel like this might be something up Baudrillard's alley, but I'm not well-versed in him enough to be sure.
  6. I have been studying up on baudrillard literature and noticed that he talks about a lot. And the question that I would pose is that what critique would be the best for the purposes of winning a round. I really like the idea of the catastrophe fix and the whole terrorism performance thing. But i'm not sure how they hold up in round. Any advice would be helpful.
  7. When reading postmodern/higher theory K's like Baudrillard or Deleuze how have you all answered the "Materiality DA's/Links" that identity teams read against you. For example, if you were reading a Puar aff that defended fluidity, how would you answer things like "x bodies are still marked as abject, no racist white dude is gonna be the queer suicide terrorist/let go of entrenched identity categories". Typically, my answers have just been "we solve broader aspects of violence b/c staticness is the root cause of all impacts" and stuff like try-or-die, but I'm in desperate need of better responses to this, thanks.
  8. So I was wondering if anyone has like a great alternative for a Baudrillard kritik of simulation (fiat) or what is the best alt to run with Baudrillard on the oceans topic this year. Also can I get some ideas for impacts because I have only 1 root cause arg in my file and need more. thanks
  9. i'm looking for this writing, and whenever i search for it, all i get is debate wikis. maybe i just suck at finding cards, but if someone could get me a link to this piece i would greatly appreciate it. Ryan bishop, Professor at the National University of Singapore, “Baudrillard Now: Baudrillard, Death and Cold War Theoryâ€
  10. Will trade heavy for this K. As well as Fearism.
  11. I will trade heavily for either of these! Preferably with overviews and such, PM me!
  12. Hey Guys, I have a tournament coming up soon where I am running a Bifo K. I would love for some advice from. people who are experienced in this area of lit of postmodernism. If anyone would be able to work with me, I am looking to cut down on highlighting, help answering some on case args, what to prep on top of current block file, and where I should direct the round as the 2AC. PM me if you would be able to help, give advice, or have any questions. Anything would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!!!!
  13. I have a decent understanding of Baudrillard, but I can't find books/articles where he (or other people) write about the seduction of war (which I understand is an explanation of how semiocapitalism causes war). Could someone send links/files/article names that I can read to learn more/cut cards about the seduction of war?
  14. Can someone explain this to me? I'm quite confused on how this operates. I've read the transperancy of evil, granted I was very tired when I did, but he's kind of ambiguous on what his understanding of difference is. Is it like hegelian self-other identification, or is it closer to DnG's conceptualization of difference and virtuality. Thanks.
  15. For next year my partner and I are planning on running a baudrillard kaff and I was wondering if anyone had specific tips for a baudrillard aff as well as tips for running a kaff in general. Also if anyone has tips for answering framework that would be dope.
  16. So earlier in the year a friend of mine ran Baudrillard on me with the Speak Evil alt. I didn't know what the alt was. He didn't know what the alt was. Our judge didn't know what the alt was. Does anyone know what this alt is?
  17. If you'd like to better understand the transition from Marx's critique of capitalism to Baudrillard's, watch these two comedy sketches respectively: Mr. Show's "The Fairsley Difference" (https://youtu.be/tP4yX2rkpBc) and Tim & Eric Awesome Show's "Prices" (https://youtu.be/hJ9yBgTp9UQ). Mr. Show relies on classically anti-capitalist themes: monopoly, false advertising, how small firms are driven out-of-business by corporate chain-stores; prices are still based here on real production and real competition. (There's even a Foucauldian angle to the adoption of surveillance security.) In Tim & Eric's postmodern capitalism, however, prices become pure simulacra entirely disconnected from the real economy. (There's even a Nietzschean angle to accelerating the system to its own destruction.)
  18. I've created a Baudrillard negative for Big Questions (not that I'll ever find a judge who can understand it), and since I'm pretty new to Baudrillard in general I'm wondering whether it would work. Keep in mind that I'm a policy debater and that it's structured much like a policy neg would be structured, and since BQ is basically just the antithesis of policy, this probably isn't a great neg to run. I decided to write it because I'm interested in Baudrillard and I really want to understand his arguments so I can run and beat Baudrillard args in policy. Basically, I cut the Animals, an entire chapter of Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulations. What he says (or what I think he says rather) is humans consider animals to be inferior and different to humans because of their endorsement of the hyperreality. More specifically, they use the fact that animals are unconscious as a reason that humans are better than animals, when in fact we used to be unconscious too. He cites the Levi-Strauss experiment, which had the result of pointing out human and animal brain structures are remarkably similar, if not almost the exact same. How I'd use Baudrillard's arguments is as both a critique and an actual case neg. It basically just shits on the sample affirmative given, which literally just cites a bunch of arguments centered around human reasoning. I'm gonna write a role of the ballot argument in the constructive which says that BQ is inherently pointless and the ballot has only ever been used to quench the debaters' thirst for the ballot. I say that the the role of the judge is to use the ballot as a catalyst for change. So, instead of saying we have any hope of solving the real world impacts of hyperreality, going for the impact that we can at least influence the minds of the debaters and the judge in the round, and the ballot should be used as a sort of endorsement for change, and that the judge should use the ballot to say "Fuck the evils of the affirmative, the negative is right and the aff logic is racist (animalist?) as shit." In the BQ tournament im going to there will be a few policy/circuit LD debaters that can understand Baudrillard, so I didn't just write this case for my own satisfaction. Yeah, I 100 percent wrote it for my own satisfaction. If you want the negative, just dm me and I'll link it to you. Keep in mind that my wording is probably trash and probably doesn't work, and the 1 card in the neg is most likely cut terribly.
  19. When Baudrillard began to seperate with Marxism, he looked at pre-capitalist societies and developed his theory of symbolic exchange. This entire history, however, is just an attempt to find the best way to reject cap. So, why does Baudrillard think cap is bad in the first place? Does he think alienation is bad? Exclusion? Objectification? I know Baudrillard highly plays off of Marcuse, but does he just accept Marcuse's theory? What does Baudrillard think is normatively bad, and why?
  20. Looking for a goofy Baudrillard indict! I do not remember the tag or author, however in the card it talks about how in the middle of the night they were high and reading baudrillard. Just looking for it for fun, willing to like give people stuff for it or something! Thanks
  21. I am in emergency need of biotech bad cards. Specifically Biotech is bad with regards to disease and agriculture. I need these as soon as possible and will offer a Leviathan K, an Ivory Tower K, and a Baudrillard Paradox to anyone who can provide cards for this. Please message me if you are willing to make this trade.
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