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Found 11 results

  1. Catec01

    Anthro impact

    Please attach the best possible card for a terminal impact of anthro. It would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Everyone is talking about running DnG (nomadic args), anthro, and Heideggarian tech bad ev Ks next year. Is the generic answer file to using tools to advance the capabilities to the human race just going to be Baudy prioritizing self to self reels over self to nature? Can people just throw out some new ideas for answers to these individually? *Disclaimer: I know these Ks aren't carbon-copies of each other
  3. Does anyone have a card or know where I can cut a card that talks about how authenticity can only occur through true Being? And non-heidegger related as well.
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to learn how to write kritiks as I'm from a pretty progressive area for LD. I know how to do plans, disads, and tradition LD cases, but I have zero experience with kritiks. Can someone explain the format of a kritik, how to debate for and against it, and explain some generic type of k's like cap, anthro, antiwhiteness? Thanks!
  5. Basically the title... non-genocide, non-biodiversity (leads to extinction) etc. etc. PM me about what files you need... i don't have giant amounts but I'm going to camp this summer where i should get some, plus, I already have some decent stuffs.
  6. I've been tirelessly looking for an anthro k for this years' topic but can't find one on open evidence. Does anyone have an anthro kritik they'd be willing to share, if not, what are some good links to an aff case?
  7. ktg

    anthro k aff?

    this coming season, we decided to write an anthro aff... do you all have any tips in structure of the aff or anything like that? (we have never run a k aff before)
  8. I'm cutting an advantage that says plan isn't anthro, or is anti anthro. Otherwords, plan is best for animals and biodiversity. Any ideas?
  9. I'm looking for a Anthro K. I'll trade for one! PM me,
  10. ace007dm

    Anthro K

    I'm a novice and I'm pretty comfortable with the thesis of the anthro kritik. This is the first kritik I'm comfortable going for in the 2NR. I've never gone for a kritik before in the 2NR so I'm not exactly sure how to properly extend the framework and the alternative and the shell and how to allocate the 2NR properly. Could anyone help explain how my 2NR should be structured? Thanks!
  11. I'm supposed to run anthro k with my partner this friday, and I only have a basic idea of what it is. Can someone help me out and really explain this to me?
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