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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, My team recently faced a team which ran a K Aff, and after the round, the judge said that we should have run a counter-methodology. I was wondering what a counter-methodology is, and how I can make/find one. Also, are there any other generic ways to respond to K affs? Thanks, AmAsKh
  2. What do you all think? In my personal opinion it's Islamic Charitable Giving. Nile North runs it, but I'll post the 1AC if anyone wants it.
  3. Just a quick question I am writing a critical aff andI was just wondering if I need a specific advocacy statement or is it enough to just say that we affirm the resolution? Any advice will be helpful as this is the first k aff I am writing and am really excited to try it out next fall! Thanks!
  4. Hi All, Two questions: 1. How do you respond to kritiks when you are running a kritikal aff? I can't use generic responses like framework or cedes the political anymore, so for kritiks not on openevidence, is a perm my only option? 2. How many teams at varsity tournaments create kritiks which are not on openevidence? (Like just a generic response -- many teams or few teams) How do you respond to kritiks when they are not on openevidence? Thanks, AmAsKh
  5. Does anybody have some good ideas for Heidegger affs next year? Like possible plan texts?
  6. I know it's a little late in the season to be asking for help with affs, but I just need an aff topic for one week. My partner is going to be out of town, and there is not enough time to explain the depths of my regular case to a temporary partner. Really, what I'm looking for is a topic good enough to run for a week. Any little suggestion helps... 😁
  7. What are some good responses to a K aff- in specific, a psychoanalysis k aff (ive never even seen this K)
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