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Found 22 results

  1. I'm thinking of writing a Marxism aff for this years topic, education. The plan text would be that the USFG should increase funding towards programs that teach Marxist thought in High School. What I specifically want some help with is how should I look for articles to create cards from. I've done some googling and I can't find any articles saying the US should teach Marxism.
  2. What should you run when you're neg and someone runs erpa. Also if anyone has any negative evidence for erpa that they would like to share that would be much appreciated.
  3. So, there is a pirates AFF that's run by a few teams on the West Coast circuit that talks about Somalian Pirates, and a method of studious play to break down "the marketplace". If your really curious, College Prep has there AFF on the Wiki about it. Does anyone have any cites or evidence against Studious play? Please and thank you.
  4. So, a couple of days ago (the 10th) my partner and I went to a tournament that we went 3-0 in prelims and were one of the two teams with enough speaker points to break to finals. In finals we were aff. Which I am really confident in, I thought going in we had a really good case and would probably win, because we had already gone up against one of the Austin Peace Academy's teams, and we destroyed their T's on development, exploration, and or. We also destroyed their DA on China that had a spending link. The team we ran up against in finals ran all of this, and on the ballot in finals the judge specifically wrote "T's flow AFF" "DA flows AFF". But, because of a really odd argument about using taxes a funding mechanism in our case we ending up losing the round. Their argument was that using a tax (which we use a 64 cent tax that raises 74.22 million dollars in one tax year to fund the plan) to defeat their spending DA which was linked with something about spending from normal budgetary means, would cause them to forfeit Neg ground and impinge their "debate educational rights." We said we weren't using these means because our bill specifically includes the tax provision. They went on to run an arg that said it is illegal to attach any tax to a bill that passes through Congress. The judge bought that arg as well. So, the help I really need is in relation to these odd tax args, I've never seen them, so I didn't know exactly how to defend other than saying we didn't use the means that linked to their DA, but they used that against me and said it abused their "debate educational rights." So, can someone give me some help with these tax args? An example of a bill that lawfully passed through Congress with a tax attached would really help. And anything saying that its ok to put a tax on a bill would help. Anything at all helps, Thanks in Advance! Also, please excuse the horrid grammar it is late and I just remembered to post this before I was almost asleep.
  5. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  6. Ok, I have a full aff case that I am retiring, its a turn on the NDCA NAFTA case, fully cut with lots of extra ev all found by me and homecut, I really need some original case to run at state and a couple of other tourneys. So if anyone wants to trade a good Aff case or ev, or even have an idea for as case I'm up for trade. NOTE: The case has been run in about 22 rounds and never been beat.
  7. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  8. Hello, I have been running a human trafficking affirmative throughout the year and have had a stable amount of success, however i'm looking to make changes to my plan to improve it. The current plan is The United States federal government should substantially increase economic engagement toward Mexico by providing 4 million$ of funding to the Mexican Government’s Anti-Trafficking budget, along with necessary defense and security support to better Mexico’s efforts and assist them in the fight to mitigate human trafficking. Wondering if I should put in the Palermo Protocol, PROTECT, or the Merida Initiative to use as a solvency mechanism Also looking for any other advice or criticisms to create a better plan Thank you
  9. Alright guys, so UIL districts is coming up soon and I'm pretty strong in affirmative but have about 45 seconds left I can fill in my 1AC. I HATE kritiks, and I want to discourage the neg running them against me. So my plan is to write a framework contention in to my case to at least make it difficult for them. Problem being, I don't know how to set that part of a case up (placement in case, ev, or lingo). So what do you say guys, can you give me a hand?
  10. Kojin24

    K aff help

    What is the best way to structure a K aff? I've seen many, but I'm not sure how to fully create one from scratch for myself. I'm unsure of what ideology/philosophy to use, or even how to pick what to use. Any help in how to make one would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. I've ran Ks before, so I'm familiar with how the idea of a K works.
  11. CoachMel


    Hi, How much does an aff need to specify funding before becoming extra topical? How much can an aff fiat? Can an aff specify the amount of funding increase and fiat mechanisms to make that funding happen. It seems like affs are in a double bind between FSPEC and Extra-T. What is the balance between specifications, and what role does fiat play? What theory supports the idea that affirmatives can fiat the mechanisms of their funding? Thanks, Coach Mel
  12. So, there is a pirates AFF that's run by a few teams on the West Coast circuit that talks about Somalian Pirates, and a method of studious play to break down "the marketplace". If your really curious, College Prep has there AFF on the Wiki about it. Does anyone have any cites or evidence against Studious play? Please and thank you.
  13. So this summer I need to help some people who won't be able to go to camp. I know I could just wait for all the camp files to come out, but I don't want to lose any valuable time this summer. Does anyone have any ideas for a decently solid novice aff that could be used to help novices get better this summer before all the camp files are released and more interesting affs are uploaded to the wiki? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. For next year my partner and I are planning on running a baudrillard kaff and I was wondering if anyone had specific tips for a baudrillard aff as well as tips for running a kaff in general. Also if anyone has tips for answering framework that would be dope.
  15. Hey everyone, new to Cross-X.com, but I'd like some help finding the Best Affs from other Workshops (Camps). I have a google form survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSco_3FLIxPbLm-6t8cEWx1_pqoxCOVXPfEgjUhZNXTkgdQtLw/viewform I'd appreciate if you guys helped me out. If anyone has any of their own affs that they want to add, that's fine by me. Thanks
  16. So I was looking into the Guantanamo Bay affs. Does anyone have any idea how solvency works out? Or where the current prisoners would go once it was closed?
  17. r1t1k

    Kritikal Aff

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on how to answer to theory by the negative when reading a kritikal aff. The only thing I can really think of is fairness, regarding the ability of the aff to access the kritik. Any ideas help!
  18. I've been told that the best 2AC FW to read is "evaluate the consequences of the plan against the institutional adoption/enactment of the competitive alternative." Is this the best aff framework? What is the best wording of this FW? How exactly does this framework make sure that they have no access to K tricks, ensure fairness, or education? Or Reciprocity?
  19. With districts coming up I wish to call on the community for help. I would like to know what you would run against it, how I could better it, or anything else you believe would be helpful. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Fukushima Case Updated.docx
  20. What is the best articulation of the terrorism aff for the domestic surveillance topic? Can someone give me some level of evidence for terrorism, and impacts?
  21. jj7687

    new aff

    Can yall check out this aff plan I put together and tell me how it is? SSRA 2.0 HYBRID.docx
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