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Found 100 results

  1. misrap354

    2018-2019 AFF list

    Has anyone starting a running list off known camp affs on this topic?it would gladly help if you could share im kinda out of the loop rn
  2. MattYee

    wtf is Quantum Life

    therin lies my question. the case is incredibly verbose to the point that it is difficult to comprehend.
  3. Ktyler

    Affirmatives Worth Trying?

    I’ve gone through the squirrel cases, like anarchy in America, America annexes the world, open borders with a communism adv, the list goes on. Does anyone have an aff that might be worth running?
  4. XrossEcramination

    Affs For Next Year(Immigration)

    What affs do y'all think people will run next year. K and Policy.
  5. nuuttisaward

    Kritikal affs for new topic

    I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for any obscure kritikal affs, right now I am trying to come up with something along the lines of lgbtq+ migrants.
  6. Masterdebater3000

    Baudrillard kaff

    For next year my partner and I are planning on running a baudrillard kaff and I was wondering if anyone had specific tips for a baudrillard aff as well as tips for running a kaff in general. Also if anyone has tips for answering framework that would be dope.
  7. radicalsubjectivity

    most common affs this year?

    context - i used to do policy at my school, but now I'm doing LD. i now have a novice team that is going to Harvard, and would love for them to do awesome to restart my school's policy team, but I can't help them all that much because I haven't been competing this year. it would be awesome if someone could post like the top/most common 20/30 affs this year so we know where to focus our prep, thanks in advance!!
  8. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?
  9. chsdebater5

    Title IX

    My team is going to a tournament where one of the affs is Title IX amendment. Any suggestions for neg answers?
  10. Hello all, hopefully this is in the right/an adequate place I was wondering what were some nontraditional responses to critical affirmatives? I find myself persuaded by many answers to framework, truly, but in as much as my career has gone thusfar I've really only spent time with more straight up negative strategies: politics. That, combined with a small and nervous circuit in the way of critical debate that has left me only encountering two k-affs in all of my debating, has left me at a sort of loss as to what to do against them. While I ended up running and going for FW, I had a really hard time arguing for it. However, I'm not terribly well versed in many critiques, and going for FW and cap is an easy round for a team that hits it all of the time. In preparing for an aff I know someone in our circuit is about to read, I came across disads to the K aff: epistemology and science disads. I thought the idea of running multiple disads and maybe even a PEC of uncertain political action would be interesting, so I appeal to those who know more than myself with a) is that viable at all what kinds of uncommon offcase like that exist c) where would I find them d) anything else that'd be relevant based off what I've said I've heard whisperings of a Heg DA? what is that Any help is appreciated, thanks
  11. The plan: The United States federal government should curtail its domestic surveillance of stored electronic communication that is warrantless and unbound by mutual legal assistance treaties signed by the United States. The plan strengthens warrant requirements and prevents domestic warrants from forcing companies to breach foreign law.
  12. Awesomepants3

    Bioprospecting AFF

    I will trade heavily for this AFF. I have A Lacan, Baudrillard, Friere, Anthro, and Heidegger that I'll trade. PM me! ASAP!
  13. TheBigDA

    Ridiculous Affs & Ks help

    How do you make arguments against things such as the "Aquaman" k or things like "the whole world is a dream so the harms of the case will not happen."?
  14. Does anyone know what arguments to make when reading framework against Wilderson? Thanks!
  15. renaes

    How to construct an Aff

    Hi, I'm quite new to debate. I have only competed at one tournament at our local league, but after winning the Novice division with my partner and getting 2nd place speaker, our coach thought it would be right to move us up to JV for this upcoming tournament (which is next friday). We got two new affs that we could run (immigration & nsa prism) and a lot of off case (sec K, T, econ DA, terror DA, aerospace DA, nat. internet DA, guest worker visa DA, data erasure CP, whistleblower CP & dream act CP) but after talking a little bit, we decided to stick with our Drones Aff. However, we thought that it would make it so much easier for us to turn the Terror DA & the Sec K if we restructure our Aff in a way that would make our 1AC as a stance against security. The rules for JV in our league is that we could change tags and rearrange the order and change the contentions and all that, but we can't add new evidence. My problem is that I don't know how to arrange it in a way that it's not messy & all over the place. Attached below is a really really rough draft of our aff and I would appreciate any advice on how to make it more organized/ make the tags stronger or even what cards to just downright get rid off. Thank you so much!! Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-F0b-LnUab4U5sjg1tv9rz7z0vCr-5ewdqt2F9yTI-g/edit?usp=docslist_api
  16. Awesomepants3

    Cloud Seeders AFF

    Will trade for neg file against Cloud Seeders. I have multiple Ks, including Baudrillard, Anthro Ks, Enviornmental dualism, Lacan, and more. PM me ASAP
  17. ConsultVerminSupreme

    OFRANEH Human Rights Aff

    Willing to trade heavily for neg file cites are here : http://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Nevada+Union/Scanlon-Meckler+Aff Message for trades
  18. ConsultVerminSupreme

    Quantum Mechanics Aff

    So Loyola has this interestingly weird affirmative (I've never hit it) the "Quantum mechanics Aff" They have it publicly listed and attached on the wiki, so I'm attaching it here. How would you go about responding to this aff. Teams that I know have competed against this aff have gone with the boring Cap + Framework strategy but not too thrilled about that.... Loyola-Gray-Nelson-Aff-Fullerton-Octas.docx
  19. FlashJ596

    Monologue Structure?

    Hey Forum! So my partner and I competed in a tournament, and we had a judge who recommended we ditch one of our advantages and put a monologue in the aff instead. My partner and I would like to try it but do not know how to structure a monologue, how to debate it or how one monologue would take up the time it took me to read one of the advantages. Any help on where to find monologue for human trafficking, how to tag it or debate would be great!!!!
  20. Level1Bulbasaur

    Quantum Physics AFF

    Im looking into making a case using the ideas of Quantum Physics. The basic thoughts I have right now is making a quantum network that will be connected to quantum computers specialized in running algorithms for medical research and maybe going through and using noaa for this any ideas would be great
  21. idontlikepie

    Levinas Aff?

    Can someone explain the Levinas affirmative to me? Much appreciated.
  22. queenofdisaster

    framework cards

    hey all! i need help looking for carded answers to framework-- as in counter interps and usfg= the people (really need this fam pls). ive looked through all of the fw camp files and t camp files and cant find anything. where can i find some?
  23. permthedisad

    Silence debate?

    how would a debate play out if the 1ac stands up and says nothing? this happened last year during semis at a tournament in Chicago; the aff said nothing for their 1ac, the neg replied by saying nothing in their 1nc, the aff then read cards in their 2ac saying "silence good," and neg still stayed silent; the 1ar read more silence good cards and the rest of the speeches were silent. the neg won because they were more silent. in the situation above, would the best method of action for the aff be to turn their case and say silence bad? is that even possible? how would you be able to win aff on this strategy? my partner and i are considering this at a scrimmage, but we don't know how we would possibly win with this strategy or what to do if the same situation played out. if we stay silent for the entire debate the judge would vote neg on presumption, right? are there any cards/case files somebody could link me to? we are very interested in this. thanks!
  24. DisBoiuLIfe


    Hey, I'm looking for affs, CP's, or DA's, I'm not really into running fancy K's (*gasp*), but I do have a pretty big collection of weird K's, (Tao, Astropol, Buddhism , etc.) PM me if you are willing to trade.
  25. CaptainDebate

    Ocean Baylor Briefs

    Okay, so in my area there is a specific collection of teams who are consistently running AFFs from Baylor Briefs. Does anyone have any information on those? Perhaps a table of contents of some sort. I really just need to know what AFFs are discussed so I can prep them. Thanks, yo.