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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All, I have noticed that on some case negative files, there are CPs at the bottom. Some of these CPs, though, are not on openevidence. I recently faced a team which used these "hidden" CPs, and we did not know how to respond to the argument. (In fact, we did a bad perm without any warrants to not drop the argument). Is there a good way to search the internet/document where I can find all these "hidden" CPs just in case I run into a team who runs them in the future? Thanks, AmAsKh
  2. amalbpie


    How are some ways to improve the 2AC? What should be in the 2AC? How should the 2AC be structured?
  3. Okay so I've been thinking about this a lot but I still haven't arrived at an answer. It seems most people in the community think it either the 2NR or 1AR but few think it to be the 2AC. Here's why 1AR - time skew: block vs the 1ar, very few blocks, reactive 2nr. 2NR - last speech requires in depth analysis, reactive 2ar requires covering your ass: no 3nr 2AC - have to guess the block strat, answering more than 9 off, answering new neg strats these are all i can think of at the moment, I hope we can agree that it isn't the 1AC, 1NC, 1NR, and 2AR. Perhaps we could agree that the 2AC is harder than the 2NC. Your reply is very much appreciated.
  4. I very recently went up against a fairness argument that I hadn't seen before while I was the AFF. I read a new advantage in my 2ac, and we haven't had a team question that all year, yet we were at district and in semis a team said that our new advantage should be tossed. Due to the fact that it was read in the 2ac. We didn't have a single thing to refute this with, so I just got up in my rebuttal and said "they have the negative block and 1 other rebuttal to address that advantage, they have a total of 18 min. worth of speeches to answer and they fail to answer." The judge liked that and allowed our advantage, but told us to cover ourselves further on the fairness aspect of the argument. Does anyone have any literature that says its fair to read a new advantage in the 2ac? Or anything from a debate expert who says its ok? Even a link to a pdf rulebook that specifically says it is within the rules to read new advantages would be a ton of help. Thanks for your help!
  5. I live in missouri or lay judge central if you are close this framework is a good idea if you want to bring a new aspect into how you debate in lay areas. This is an evolving file meaning I take requests and will keep making cuts and expanding when I learn more about what I'm actually looking to do for strategy.
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