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Found 9 results

  1. Hey homies, I recently upgraded to Word 2016 on Windows 10 and reinstalled Verbatim, but for some reason the debate template is not working any more?? Whenever I try to click within the window, the entire word doc freezes up and I have to close it and open it up again in order to get it to work. Regular word works perfectly, without an issue. Is this a known issue or is there anything else I can do to make it work again? I'm considering returning to Word 2013 if this issue persists.
  2. I was thinking of cutting my own orientalism K for next year's topic, any recommendations on what books to start with?
  3. The NYU CEDA team is very interested in identifying incoming first-years with extensive experience in public forum debate and policy debate. If you are a debater and wish to join an award-winning team with over 20 returning members, an extensive travel schedule and unique on-campus opportunities, contact us ASAP. We can be reached by FB message at https://www.facebook.com/nyuceda/ or you can email the PR Officer, Erin, at ems721@nyu.edu. We have 16 students in the Big Apple this summer already cutting cards, holding practice rounds, working with coaches and generating args on the new topic. Our first fall recruitment meeting will be Wednesday, September 7th, the same day as the NYU Club Fair, but we'd like to be in touch with promising stars beforehand, if possible.
  4. Hey guys! Here is a list of all the DAs on Open Evidence for community reference. If you have more or one I forgot let me know and I'll add it. Also, in the spirit of community, it'd be super chill if we could start a discussion about what some of the less obvious DAs are all about, some strategies to run against them, and maybe what our favorites are (Maybe that should be a separate poll)? I know that this will really help the novices, and it really is a useful resource to return to as the season kicks off. Cheers! o Africa Diplomatic Capital o Agenda Politics o Iran Sanctions o Allied Prolif o Appeasement o Assurances o Blackout o CCP o China Dedev. o China Espionage o China Politics o China Internal Politics o China Rise o China Economy o Congressional Elections o Containment o Dedev o Deterrence o Dip Cap o Elections o Illinois Senate Elections o India Alliance/Relations o Iran Dip Cap o Japan Alliance/Prolif/Rearm/Relations o North Korea o Philippines o Rare Elements o Russia Alliance/Relations o Russia-China Alliance/Relations o State Dept. Tradeoff o Syria Dip Cap o TPP o Taiwan o US-China o Uyghurs o Xi Politics o Zika Politics Edit – This should be moved to the Spec Args > DA/CP section
  5. So I know that state is a ways off, but I'd be interested to hear which teams are going from y'all's districts. E-mo qualifiers are as follows: Parkway Central FM Ladue MD Jeff City CL Marquette BJ LNHS VW LNHS RS PHHS LY I'll update this post with qualifiers from other districts as y'all report them.
  6. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/onpolitics/2016/02/29/bernie-sanders-raises-38-million-february/81117908/ "He started his last-minute fundraising drive Monday morning, having already collected $36 million. By 7:58 p.m. Monday night, he had raised $40.7 million — meaning donors had showered him with more than $4 million in a single day." He has a chance!
  7. Best meme team: Best meme in round: Nicest to women: Best sophomore: Most elitist: Least offensive squad: Greatest k debater in history: Prettiest smile: Best anthro debater: Best debater named Patrick: Best shoes to debate in: Best sock/shoe game: Best partnership shoe game: Best crocs: Best Sweaters (Hint, it's Will Bledsoe's Australian sweaters): Most humiliating loss: Team most convinced heg is good: Most likely to be elected president: Most likely to have a scandal in office: Biggest SJW: Biggest ego: Best tournament jpresch made cookies at: Best hair: Best laptop stickers: Mac or PC: Most fun to spend New Years with: Best at keeping prep time: Best human ever: Best non-human ever: Biggest slayer:
  8. Hopefully this thread will be a tad less catastrophic than the Oregon drama going on, but hey - it's late in the year, the TOC's gonna finish off our hs careers (except peninsula and julia's), so let's have some fun lol Senior you will miss most: Ryan Powell Best judge: GOLDBERG REP IT Best coach: Scott Wheeler Best squad/school: Peninsula Best team: Peninsula TW Best novice team: idk lol Best aff team: Peninsula TW Best neg team: SVDP HM Best 1a: Adam Martin Best 2a: Raam Tambe Best 1n: Julia Hunter Best 2n: Jerry Wang Best kritik debater: Adam Martin Best straight-up policy debater: Ryan Powell Best negative position: Indeterminacy/LIGOTTEM Best aff: Veteran Health Most untopical aff: Preciado Funniest offcase argument you heard: Terror DA Funniest/worst Judge RFD: "They dropped the perm in the block along with several impact turns, yet you give a 1 minute 1ar on vague alts bad...quickest 30 I've ever given in my life". Most persuasive speaker: Raam Tambe/Max Li/Christine Most helpful person: June/Tony/Eric n Nate Most hardworking debater: Raam Tambe Fastest debater: something between Michael Gray/Julia Hunter/Ryan Powell Best debater overall: Julia Hunter The best team next year: Peninsula TW Squad to watch out for next year: Whatever team Julia is on Funniest debater: June Most fun debater to judge/watch: Ryan Powell Most improved debater: Julia Hunter Most improved team: Peninsula TW Most Underrated team: Notre Dame CP hands down...I know a lot of people give Peninsula and SVDP mad cred, which I totally agree with, but ma boy Ryan has been quietly holding it down for the past three years june is dec (:
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