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Found 8 results

  1. im a rising junior looking to go to debate camp this summer and was wondering if anyone could give any suggestions. i run policy affs but lots of ks on the neg and i think i might want to try running a k aff for the 2015-16 season. i need a camp that starts around july 11-13 at earliest. additionally does anyone know if wake earliest bird is the only 1 week intensive out there thanks a lot!!
  2. hey guys, I'm fairly new to policy but i've been doing some research and I stumbled across something that may work for a counter-plan to and offshore drilling for energy aff. Apparently there is an element called Thorium that could potentially power the United States for 1,000 years using just one deposit in Salmon, Idaho. here's the link, http://www.resourceinvestor.com/2009/02/04/is-this-the-dawning-of-the-age-of-thorium. This is just one of the articles i've found. Long story short (too late) do you think this could be a passable counter-plan?
  3. Hello, Here are some cards that I cut when I was doing this January/February topic. Hope these help any of you still competing with this topic! Good luck to everyone Living Wage Countries.docx
  4. I feel like this will have the same advantages as the standard offshore drilling aff but it (sort of) solves for global warming instead of making it worse. Its easy to find lit for it but i feel like its easy to write a cp against it...
  5. I'm looking to trade for a massive politics links file for this years rez, mostly to fully highlighted. I have tons to trade, pm me. I'd also collab, if anybody wants to.
  6. This could actually happen. I apologize in advance. "Development and/or Exploration" implies you have to at least explore. You either explore or you Develop AND Explore Earth is One Ocean, the resolution says oceans, the resolution is flawed. USFG is Military. Resolution is flawed. The Earth does not own the oceans, people do Resolution is flawed. Consult Poseidon CP Please Add to this list. And Please never run these arguments.
  7. This morning the new LD topic for September/October 2015 was released: "Resolved: Adolescents ought to have the right to make autonomous medical choices." I was wondering what all of your thoughts on the topic were. My thoughts: This debate heavily leans toward the negative side from what research I have done so far. Some questions to be considered: What is the exact age of an adolescent? ("Adolescence begins with the onset of physiologically normal puberty, and ends when an adult identity and behavior are accepted." - NCBI) This age will vary due to when the specific child hits puberty, and depending on whatever country they are in that chooses when an "adult identity" is accepted. Also, this would mean women would achieve this right earlier on the aff side, due to women hitting puberty earlier (Is it fair for women to achieve rights earlier than men?). Who is paying for the child's medical choices/What if they make a choice their parents can't afford? (Of course, that wouldn't apply in countries with free healthcare, but this appears to be an international topic.) What are the positives of allowing adolescents to make autonomous medical choices? (Emergency situations can be treated without a parental figure's approval, potentially saving lives. A child's privacy can be secured.) Would it be a good idea to go towards a human rights/morality angle on the aff side? Or would it be more valuable to point towards the positives of affirming the resolution? (I guess that still falls under the morality of consequentialism, thus applying to the 'ought' of the resolution. So it is still applicable.) As for the negative side, I would go for the angle that medical choices require money, and rights that are still out of the reach of a child limit the child from truly being able to have the full right to make autonomous medical choices (So the aff either can't reach the goal of achieving the full right to make autonomous medical choices, or the aff goes down a slippery slope that violates many existing laws concerning children and adults, and gives children adult identities that set them up for abuse through child labor, unjust criminal charges, etc.) But anyways, I am so excited to hear what everyone thinks about the topic!
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