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Found 11 results

  1. reptece


    Hello people, I'm the 1AR this year and I'm having a little trouble doing 1ARs. I tend to always run out of time when giving a 1AR and I don't answer the NEG block sufficiently. I always tend to group args really badly and do too much individual arguments. I was wondering if any of you can give me some tips on how to give a better 1AR. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone know what arguments to make/how to explain them? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what arguments to make when reading framework against Wilderson? Thanks!
  4. I apologize if I've been posting a lot of threads! I'm still brooding over a tournament from the weekend, and several of my judges (and even my sibling oh my goodness) have been telling me that I need to organize my rebuttals. (in fact i think that's why i lost my last round-- even if i won in my heart lmao,, :'(( ) So how does one have more organized rebuttals? Does it come with practice and with better flows? Thank you in advance!
  5. Okay so I've been thinking about this a lot but I still haven't arrived at an answer. It seems most people in the community think it either the 2NR or 1AR but few think it to be the 2AC. Here's why 1AR - time skew: block vs the 1ar, very few blocks, reactive 2nr. 2NR - last speech requires in depth analysis, reactive 2ar requires covering your ass: no 3nr 2AC - have to guess the block strat, answering more than 9 off, answering new neg strats these are all i can think of at the moment, I hope we can agree that it isn't the 1AC, 1NC, 1NR, and 2AR. Perhaps we could agree that the 2AC is harder than the 2NC. Your reply is very much appreciated.
  6. Only my partner was able to go to camp this year, so we decided to switch positions. Now I'm the 1a and I frankly don't know exactly how to be a 1a. What should I do specifically in the 1AR when rebutting? Is there a recommended order that I should follow? I usually put topicality on the top and follow that up with framework/K and other offcase (not in any specific order) and leave case at the end. 2NC--I know that's part of the neg block. What should the 2nc usually take? And then 2nr, do I go for 1-2 things? Thanks :3
  7. Sometimes it feels as if there is too much evidence the other side reads and nuanced positions they take, and it gets too hard to read through all of it, indict the parts we can indict, and not just resort to prewritten blocks. For example, a 1ar can extend 2ac arguments on a disad without really addressing answers to that argument, or without comparing warrants and evidence quality, etc., or we debate case, but don't answer the aff's answer to case answers, etc. How can we process more information using less prep time? I'm looking for things like flowing methods that capture the nuance of the other side's argument but also don't waste time writing stuff down, or ways to write down answers to argument that allow for sufficient articulation but don't take a long to time to prepare, or drills.
  8. So recently I have noticed that I have a weak point in my 1AR and I really need to improve it before this upcoming season. Can anyone suggest how I can become better at this speech or give any drill that they use to improve. It would be greatly appreciated. I am decent at flowing and do not believe this is the problem that I am facing, but more organization and time prioritizing of arguments. thanks,
  9. volchitsa

    1AR Drills

    Hey, I'm looking for drills that will help me give better 1ARs. So drills that can help improve clarity/diction, efficiency, and speed. Specifically, drills that could help me learn to spread analytics faster would be great. I can read pretty fast already, but I'm a bit slow when I have to spread analytics.
  10. Nonegfiat

    the 1ar

    So the 1ar is consistently my weakness as a debater. And I always feel really bad for putting my partner in a tough spot for the 2ar. I just get overwhelmed really easily by the block just loading up the flow with tons of arguments that i can't think of answers to all of. How do i strike the balance between effectively answering everything but also not getting bogged down in the nitty gritty. Because i've found that trying to answer directly every block argument in 5 minutes just doesn't work. And if i pull it off, the overviews end up being really weak, so there's no clear direction for the 2ar. Plus the responses on the line by line are always weaker than they were in the block because timeskew. How should I be approaching the 1ar? Are there tangible ways to make this easier or is the answer just practice? thanks!
  11. there are hundreds of condo threads, but not a whole ton regarding how a 1ar - extending condo - ought allocate its time obviously it's partially contingent on the round - i've heard of twenty second 1ar's blossoming into five min 2ar's, one minute, hail mary five mins - but what do y'all think is a general rule of thumb? it seems difficult to develop sufficient off/defense in a one min 1ar, but there are obviously benefits to not revealing your hand to the 2nr
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