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Found 7 results

  1. im reading a policy aff with race and privacy advantages how useful is/ how much time should i spend doing impact framing in the 1ac? thanks!
  2. Awesomepants3

    2 Free 1ACs

    Here is a link to get 2 1ACs. Good luck in Debate Ya'll! http://www.weberdebatecamp.com/
  3. So about a week ago I posted on this forum that I was interested in writing a biopower K aff. I've now finished the 1ac and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Can you all help me make this good? [file removed because i've gotten the feedback I need and no longer want it to be public] Here are the main things that appear to me as problems 1) The card about interdependence increasing the legitimacy of the state was ripped from a Chinese Politics DA. I did it because I had a hard time finding a good scholarly IR article to say what I wanted it to say. I think the evidence for that argument could be a lot better, so maybe i just need to spend more time looking 2) I think i need to do a better job explaining the impact of biopolitics, particularly on the Uyghur part. I also need to learn how to explain biopower more fully, instead of just repeating things like "controlling the population" or "subjugating bodies". Like I need to explain why those things are bad. Maybe throw in an impact card from one of last year's kritiks 3) The poem in the beginning doesn't serve any real purpose. I just added it because lots of K affs have poetry and I wanted to be edgy 4) I'm not sure if my arguments about American biopower serve any real purpose, especially since our advocacy is specific to china. I meant it as an illustration of legitimization, but I'm not sure if it really functions as such 5) I need a better card for framework at the end 6) a handful of cards come from people's masters theses. Im not sure how much of a problem that is Like I said on my first post, I've never written a kritik before (actually, that's not true. I did once when I was a sophomore in public forum and it was awful), so I am grateful for any and all feedback. Thanks!
  4. Hi! We're trying to develop a case of our own for nationals, and we were wondering if we could find a solvency link for an embargo aff that says that the embargo cuts technical resources (hardware/software alike) from Cuba. Preferably reverse causal, but anything related to Cuban access to tech is good. A tech leadership card would also be great. Thanks!
  5. I'm running aquaculture and I'm not sure whether it would be a better idea to run IMTA as our solvency mechanism or NOAA implementing better regulations. What do you guys think would be the better option? Also, our modeling advantage states that China is going to model the US if it implements the plan--should we mention international fiat? Or should we simply add more cards about China going to model US?
  6. - Looking for judges, but they are optional (We'll both debate if nobody can judge) - This is a (progressive) LD debate - Speech Word Counts (400wpm) - AC = 2400 - 1NC = 2800 - 1AR = 1600 - 2NR = 2400 - 2AR = 1200 - CX after AC and 1NC - I will post AC after my opponent replies
  7. I'm a novice and I'm looking to break this new aff I wrote for an important tournament. Check it out and poke holes in it please, but tell me how to fix the problems, don't just be mean. Thanks FRT Aff Lay.docx
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