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Found 88 results

  1. Any supplies besides the obvious (clothes labtop etc) that you regret not taking with you to Debate Camp? I leave Sunday morning at 3 AM for Weber State and am curious as to any last minute things I should buy.
  2. My alt is essentially an argument that the opponent is engaging in a bad act, and we need to do "X," I know its pretty straightforward, but I know people who add more nuance to this form of a K. Ive heard of justifications for why it needs to start in round, or maybe some ROB argument. Anyone have any ideas or braod cards that go with this type of alt?
  3. I'm a novice debater who's trying to prep for districts and I'm in desperate need of making a framework argument for a racism advantage based on border drones. please help me! all help is welcome due to the fact that I barely run framework so it'd be nice and stuff, thank you!
  4. http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/07/politics/nsa-telephone-metadata-illegal-court/ Just throwin it out there for those who don't already know
  5. r1t1k

    Cross X

    Hey guys. What is open cross x? I kind of get it, but I just wanted to know like when people do it, when it is allowed, who can ask, who can answer, etc.
  6. I want to construct my first Kritik 100% from my own cuts and whatnot. Does anyone know anything good authors/sources to start on the construction of a security kritk (AC portrays china as more of a threat than it realistically is in order to justify almost limitless action + need to reevaluate how we understand politics and threats to prevent actual actual escalation). Do I have a proper conception of the kritik? Also- I have heard that Zizek is a fun/interesting kritik to make- would this 1) Be easier and 2) be more competitive as a K?
  7. Awesomepants3

    2 Free 1ACs

    Here is a link to get 2 1ACs. Good luck in Debate Ya'll! http://www.weberdebatecamp.com/
  8. So i was wondering if there is some sort of like CP that i could couple up with a policy FW against a K-aff claiming to solve for racism. Basically to show that a pragmatic policy approach is possible.
  9. Rogers/Stockard Rogers/West
  10. I remember sometime this year a judge told one of my opponents who read framework against us and lost to look into this argument...what is it? I can't find the flow where I wrote about it. Thanks
  11. Hey, does anyone else feel that the need to be in a full suit for 2 days is about much. Not that I don't (at times) mind doing it, but rather that it requires so much maintenance. Is there a way that we can slowly start becoming more casual like Nat Circuits?
  12. So im on the waitlist for the Golden Desert Debate Invitational and if i get off of the waiting list i have to supply my own judge. So I was wondering whether anyone in the Nevada area would be interested in judging policy debate at the invitational. If so, please contact me at haran.kushal@gmail.com and we can discuss the price over email.
  13. sfrpeterm


    Hey Cross-X community, how many of you are running midterms and what are your thoughts on it? Also, what are your thoughts on the specific links? I think the best internal link is preventing a GOP super majority, but I'm not sure how strong the link chain is.
  14. Seems like the majority of local tournaments are continuing to be anti-kritik based, yet there is an abundant amount of college and alumni judges who can flow these arguments versus parents who have no idea what is going on. It's a little tiring when CEDA and all the colleges in in this area are so K orientated, as well as the national circuit as a whole is. Starting to feel like this circuit is lagging behind the rest of the nation in terms of effective debating (not the competitors faults, coaches and tournament chair faults). Then even if you have the correct conditions for a K orientated debate, half the teams on our circuit aren't prepped for it and it's just a slaughter. A competitive debate = a fun debate.
  15. This year I've only competed at two tournaments, and while I won both of them, they were both locals. I will be doing policy at NFL districts in April, and I'm in a pretty progressive area of Texas. Other than open evidence and a unique Aff, I don't have any prep. Between now and then I want to establish a good, regular work ethic that'll get me to competition level. I will be along side schools like Greenhill. Not easy competition. So I have a few requests. 1. Could I get some recommended AFFs I should write case NEGs for? 2. What is the best way to organize evidence (really, everything)? 3. What are the best sources to consistently get good evidence? Thank y'all so much in advance.
  16. Does anyone have any good cards for energy/military/econ is key to getting off the rock or any getting off the rock impact cards? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hey everyone, I've got a tournament tomorrow and was so busy cutting stuff for a bunch of K Affs, I didn't get around to these policy affs. I haven't really hit any of these affs this year surprisingly, so I would appreciate if anyone could hook me up with 1n/2n shells with either purely case or DA's K links whatev. Anything is appreciated, I have lots to trade. Message moi: Alaskan Natural Gas (v1) - Adv 1: Hydrates - Adv 2: Biodiversity - Impact Framing : No War Alaskan Natural Gas (v2) - Adv 1: Japanese Senkuku Conflict - Adv 2: Alaskan Economy Arctic Hydrographic Mapping - Adv 1: Russia - Adv 2: Shippig Offshore Drilling (OCS) -Adv 1: Price Stability/Econ - Adv 2: Hegemony
  18. Does anyone have a card or source that justifies the importance of international law? Like, how undermining the law or international treaties would lead to a collapse of it & global instability,- or something of that nature? Im trying to use this for the new cx topic- anyone have anything?
  19. Hey, what teams are going to this tourney? Liberty North VW Liberty North RS
  20. I will not be competing for the rest of this month so have some files: Included is a development K with FIve Impacts (Why Five Impacts? Cuz Yolo) 2 Affs 1 Neg 1 DA Anti-Capitalism Aff.docx Conseq Aff.docx Mikey Neg.docx Dutch Disease DA.docx All countries are developing T.docx On Case Development K.docx
  21. What is the riders da? I've heard it's one of the most hated arguments, like kind of on the same level as aspec. I've never seen it before. Can someone explain what is? I'm just curious EDIT: i figured it out. I see why it's hated so much. But is it really that different from agenda politics in terms of what it does? I guess agenda politics is a lot more debatable on the uq and link questions
  22. I need serious help for some DA Ground. All i need is an Idea for a DA for the topic: Placing Political Conditions on Humanitarian Aid to Foreign Countries Unjust
  23. Looking for Turns to - - Heg - Cap - Biopower - Soft power - Econ (Dedev file) - Extinction (Wipeout file) - Disease
  24. Any videos of MBA a team debating settlers colonialism on the aff at green hill
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