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Found 54 results

  1. context - i used to do policy at my school, but now I'm doing LD. i now have a novice team that is going to Harvard, and would love for them to do awesome to restart my school's policy team, but I can't help them all that much because I haven't been competing this year. it would be awesome if someone could post like the top/most common 20/30 affs this year so we know where to focus our prep, thanks in advance!!
  2. Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and I'm doing a presentation on the strategic application of accelerationism as a K. However, I'm very confused on the parts of the K and just the debate strategy in general. I'm kind of unclear on the four parts. Our novice teams are only running one K, and that's the cap k. Most of my knowledge is based on that (and a couple other varsity K rounds I flowed). My current understanding of accelerationism is mostly based on the accelerationist manifesto, and it's that capitalism should be accelerated for the late benefits of technological evolution in order to create a future for a world threatened by the deterimental effects of capitalism, such as climate change and governmental problems. I think I understand the philosophy but I have no idea how it's run as a K. So here goes: 1. Link In the cap k the aff links to capitalism which links to the impacts by supporting capitalist ideas, for example trade. However, accelerationism is about accelerating capitalism for the late BENEFITS. Isn't this good? Does that mean affs who don't support accelerationism are bad because they doom the world by not creating a new future? Idk. 2. Impact The impact is good, right? Technological evolution to save a future. I don't really understand this part because the impact should be the undesirable effects. 3. Alternative I guess this part is pretty clear, that the alternative is to accelerate capitalism in order to technologically evolve and save a world in danger. 4. Framework Framework is how the judge should evaluate the round in my understanding, so in this case a possible fw could be the judge should vote for the team that creates a world post-capitalism. This is all my understanding of accelerationism thus far. We aren't expected to run it or master it, but have a general understanding. It would be greatly GREATLY appreciated if someone could look over and help me in understanding the link and impact! Thank you very much!
  3. Anyone have a card that might indicate the severity of STDS. I'm thinking of it more as a counter to a nuclear war disad?
  4. Im sure this has been asked before- bur does anyone have anything on the western savior k? Like a structure or author?
  5. I feel like this will have the same advantages as the standard offshore drilling aff but it (sort of) solves for global warming instead of making it worse. Its easy to find lit for it but i feel like its easy to write a cp against it...
  6. Hello I am a novice looking to learn how to run K's and better understand them. I know the basic structure well. Where can I find info on how to run one or if anyone has any advice on where to start with getting to know K's. Also if you recommend any books or philosophers to read that would be very helpful!
  7. So this summer I need to help some people who won't be able to go to camp. I know I could just wait for all the camp files to come out, but I don't want to lose any valuable time this summer. Does anyone have any ideas for a decently solid novice aff that could be used to help novices get better this summer before all the camp files are released and more interesting affs are uploaded to the wiki? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm new to policy, and I'm wondering what is functionally different between a plan-inclusive counterplan made in the 1NC and a perm do both to the CP made in the 2AC. For example, if the Aff plan is arguing for the plan to be enacted by the federal government and the CP is that it should be enacted by the private sector, then, if the Aff runs a perm do both in the 2AC, how would that be different from a PIC in the 1NC that says that both the private sector and federal government should enact it? I guess I'm asking what makes a PIC competitive.
  9. I'm a first year LD debater, going to CLD/VLD in three weeks. CPs, Disads, and Ks, are to be expected at this tournament. We haven't learned how to write nor answer any of these. Not looking to write any currently but I have no clue how to answer them. Or what to expect with them. I'm really freaking out for this tournament.. Any help appreciated.
  10. I am a 2N and my partner is pushing us to make strong impact calc. If you have any tips on how to get better at this, any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. hey y'all, I'm a sophomore at riverfield, never heard of right, well we have a graduating class of 34 so not a lot of resources, however our team consistently takes state, and would like to continue to grow, we have 6 teams right now and are for the first time moving out of region to debate, i would like tips, as our local circuit is mainly a stock issues circut
  12. Hello everyone! I have a debate meet in a few days and I do not understand the topic for policy debate at all. Please someone help me and my partner!!!
  13. I have seen a lot of people running disclosure theory in my circuit. I don't think my partner and I are going to disclose our Aff on the wiki, but we would be willing to tell our opponents what we are running before round. How do we get around that we should've disclosed on the wiki. P.S. We use paperless debate, so we have access to laptops
  14. Hi, i'm a first year debater, and I was wondering if anyone could explain the Cap K? Thanks
  15. Hello, I am a teacher in training, and will be doing my student teaching semester next year, split between social studies and debate classes. I want to start planning my curriculum and lesson plans, and was hoping to go some advice, and maybe eventually feedback, from the community here. I didn't find any other forum threads that seemed extremely relevant, but please let me know if some of this has already been discussed. I am most curious about what resources are out there for coaches, in regards to lesson examples, articles, suggested activities, forums on the subject, etc. This is what I am aware of already: Cross-X's Novice center NDCA's Open Evidence Project, Coaching/Teaching Resources, and Wiki Planet Debate Georgetown Debate Seminar 2011 NFL and NFL Resources Debatepedia! I am a former Debater, who had several coaching switches and ineffective classroom environments. As a Teacher and Coach myself, I want to create an effective, organized, and enjoyable classroom experience. The current Debate teacher is a contract employee, with a legal background, but no teaching experience/training. I find his approach too dictatorial, disorganized, and generally ineffective. I find this depressing and often frustrating, but as least I have a clear example of what I do not want to replicate. Therefore, please share any other resources you may have and I would be very grateful. If anyone wants to share examples of lesson plans, I also would be very interested in seeing these. Over the next few months as I start writing my own, I will post them here and would appreciate any feedback! Thanks, and best of luck this semester to your teams. Ben
  16. I have a pretty abusive aff (polls), and I haven't lost a single round with it so far in novice but I'm going varsity soon at a tournament and I figured I need to prepare for theory being read against it. I have a drop args on T/theory spike already (see below) and I was wondering what I can do to pre-empt theory. I quite literally learned theory yesterday (I knew the basics before that, but I actually legitamately learned it yesterday). First piece of theory I've ever written: Drop the arg on theory and T because the timeskew in the 1AR makes it impossible for me to cover both theory/T and substance, its key to fairness since substance is the only way for me to win this debate. It’s unreciprocal and unfair if the neg can win the round by mooting my only advocacy with theory/T or on any of their advocacies. Even if I’m being unfair, the fact that I can’t fully cover in the 1AR the multiple independent places the neg could have for you to vote outweighs any advantage I may or may not have. I do LD by the way.
  17. I have seen this term/k brought up a lot, and what I understand from it is that: "Policy making & our world is too complex for crazy link chains to be probable or waste time on." It seems to make sense to me, and looks like a good way to reject crazy disads. But, I dont understand its operation as a K?
  18. So I'm a bit new to policy debate and my partner and I are thinking of running a Thera poetry (Bifo Semiocap) K aff that we have been working on. We have the shell done, but what does the block file look like. What extensions do we need, what do we need to prep to hit? I think the biggest worry is we don't know what framework args we are going to hit and how to respond to them. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Samferd

    LD jargon

    There are multitude of term in LD that get me caught off guard, and with no clear understanding of many of the terms it is difficult to participate in a theory/kritick debate. I have heard terms such as COI, RVI, FIAT, and ROB; without the understanding of these terms it is near impossible to combat them while not looking like a fool. Thus, it would be complementary if someone could provide as many terms and analysis of these terms as possible. Also, Im well familiar with terms in substance (traditional) debate so you can steer clear of them if you want. Thanks before hand .
  20. Hey, all! So I'm a novice...a policy novice...whoop. Saturday we had a debate tournament. It was my team's first time breaking, and we made it past semi-finals, to finals! My partner didn't think we would break, so they were already set to leave before semi's. My partner got permission from their parents to stay one more round, but REALLY needed to leave after that. They convinced me it was fine, though, because we wouldn't make it to finals anyway. You know where this is going...we made it to finals. So not only was it my first time mavericking, but it was also my first time in finals...yay. It ended up going really well, though. I went against a team known for making their opponents cry during cross-ex, so I actually feel like it went well! My 2AR was probably the best I've ever given (I usually give that speech, anyway) and all of the viewers said I won. I was able to prove that there was no link to their disadvantage or counterplan, and won on topicality for both. Which, brings me to the point of this insanely long post...can I still win a finals round if I maverick? Because my team (ME) ended up taking second, but most people thought I should have won. One of my judges shook my hand after awards and said "I'm sorry. You would have won, but..." in reference to my lack of a partner. Is this debate-legal, to make someone lose strictly because they mavericked?
  21. StormA03

    Cap K

    Can someone explain the gist of the Capitalism Kritik/How to run it as neg? Thanks!
  22. I'm a novice LD debater this year and have a significantly better chance of doing well at districts in policy rather than LD (trust me, I don't really need to worry about the experience gap in my state). I know a lot about policy through what applies from LD and I also competed in policy at an earlier tournament. So, I was just curious as to what arguments have been the most prominent with the current HS resolution that I should prepare to see. Also, are there any rounds with good sound quality online that I could use for flowing practice?
  23. Im doing policy for the first time next year- and despite all my reading- I don't get inherency that much. Why do I need to show why the policy has some kind of barrier? And, why do I need to show why it wouldn't be passed now? I also am confused on what "Scenarios" are- I've seen them in some cases and I'm wondering what they mean (I understand advantages but not scenarios). For the neg I have a specific question- for counterplans can your actor be different? Like instead of the U.S increasing engagement, could I argue that maybe Mexico should? Also a broader question- im scared ill face cases I have nothing prepped for/no idea how to respond to. How would I deal with this? Sorry for the novicey questions, and thanks!
  24. I've been worried about my upcoming part in a debate, specifically Cross-X. The topic in title is - Resvoled: In the United States criminal justice system, truth seeking ought to take precedence over attorney client privilege. We're the negative. I can honestly find no evidence that would be able to be used for us that suggests the right to counsel is flawed, and what I can find seems to be the ramblings of sovereign citizens thinking they've found out why every lawyer ever is a liar. I have no idea how to Cross-X for this kind of topic though, what kind of questions should I be asking, and what flaws should I be looking for in my opponent's constructive? Thanks guys (and gals)!
  25. Is anyone on here going to the tournament in SF this weekend?
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